Be a man. go ahead. do it all yourself. and have four marriages Reading definitely, to improve your generation || اپنی نسل کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے ضرور پڑھیں

Be a man. go ahead. do it all yourself. and have four marriages 

Reading definitely,  to improve your generation

 اپنی نسل کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے ضرور پڑھیں

Let’s Start ;

Be a man. go ahead. do it all yourself. and have four marriages 

Reading definitely,  to improve your generation. Dowry of one million. Five lakh food. Put on a watch. Wearing a ring. Breakfast on William’s Day . I’ll give you some foodExpenses on childbirth. Is there a daughter or is there a punishment for someone ?

Be a man . go ahead . do it all yourself . and have four marriages .!

Does the Sunnah remember only four marriages?

Does the intellect stop working on other saints? 

She often did not ask her father because her father was already going to be in debt while making her wedding expenses and dowry .!

After the engagement, most of the boys used to come and while entertaining, his mother was tired.

Sometimes Nand, sometimes Jethani, sometimes aunty mother-in-law, sometimes aunty mother-in-law. they used to come in different groups to give equal respect to every relationship .!

In such a situation, when his father came home in the evening, he would sit quietly next to him and start pressing his head, as if encouraging his father or saying that sorry Baba, you are forced to take a loan because of me .!

Fixing the wedding date has become a festival, the girls don’t know how many people will come, they have to buy clothes for everyone except food and drink, whether it is 5 people or 50 .!

Then at the barat, the girl’s father is surrounded by 10 servants and asked, how many servants should come ?

What will he say ?

If you say 100, the answer is 200. Then we have our own relatives, then friends of the boy in the neighborhood .! If nothing else, then 400 people will have to be brought along .!

Now what will the girl’s father say ? 

Don’t bring I have no money ?

Then in the outdated system you have to send 2 pots of food with the girl on the rainy day, you have to make the dowry yourself and leave .!

Lo Muslim Pakistani  .! 

This is how a daughter leaves home .!

 What will be the value and weight of this in-laws? 

We often hear this .! I beg with folded hands; do not do this, break these rituals by which a father repents so that he does not have a daughter . Let go of these Hindu rituals that daughters, seeing the poverty of their parents, take the idea of ​​their marriage out of their hearts .! For your son, simply marry and bring a daughter-in-law, see your daughter leave with the same simplicity, you will find peace .!

And for your information, these daughters are not as lovable as Hazrat Fatima (RA), nor are these sons as respected as Hazrat Ali (RA) .!

Make life easier for the next generation .! 

I tell the boys, don’t take dowry .! Feeling sorry for your future daughter who may be as upset with your bad situation tomorrow as your future wife is today .!

Allah has created you male,

Earn and buy happiness for your wife .! One second is your way of sharing this post with other groups. Share in 10 or 15 groups. I humbly appeal to you that we all share or copy useless and pointless posts .!

 Why not share this bitter aspect of your society today ? 

Let’s do our part by sharing one by one .! Does this thing sink into anyone’s heart?

Thank you

May Allah guide us all. Amen

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