I have no heir, only my Allah is my heir — Best Story– Inshallah we will meet again

 I have no heir, only my Allah is my heir — Best Story– Inshallah we will meet again

So that she would not feel sad she asked for food in the name of Allah Almighty.

 I gave it to her now it was my routine I would have taken out the best weed and the dough and kept it separate. As soon as the woman came and spread her hand in the name of my creator, I would have fed her the best food.
Once she had eaten and came out of my shop, she fell down after hitting a high-speed rickshaw. His leg was broken, I took him to the hospital, became his heir, got him treated, got discharged from the hospital and asked him about his heir, he said that I have no heir, only my Allah is my heir. 

 I brought a woman to my home by serving her,

 I fulfilled all the deficiencies I had in serving my mother. My financial condition was fine, but then because of being in this woman’s house, any girl could not help me. I was not ready for marriage. I was offered a relationship on the condition of kicking this woman out of the house. 

I refused. Seeing my business growing, another family accepted me with this old woman. 

So I got married. After I made hotel in Dubai together with my friend Allah Almighty blessed my business from there and I progressed day double night quadruple today I have my own car house wife children everything I already from Dubai two days ago Came from me, this old mother expressed her desire to go to this hotel and eat food, so I sent her here with my wife and got off some work myself and reached here after feeding her. 

I have given you time, now let’s both go, God willing, we will meet again.

At the end of the meeting, me, my friend and that shopkeeper, all three had tears in their eyes, while the customers who came to the shop were looking at us with surprise. I wanted to pay the bill for the breakfast but Faheem refused to take it. Even after my insistence, he didn’t. Agreed, I extended my hand to shake hands. As soon as Faheem shook my hand, I kissed Faheem’s hand and said goodbye and walked away.

After this incident,

 I have stopped looking at people with negativity. This incident has changed my thinking and I wish that the negativity of my readers will also change. You also start looking for the good in everything. “

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