Once upon a time, there was a thief. He went into a king’s palace intending to steal.

Once upon a time, there was a thief. He went into a king’s palace intending to steal. 

Once upon a time, there was a thief. He went into a king’s palace intending to steal. It was nighttime. The sound of the king and his wife’s conversation was coming from a room. He stood up and listened, though it is wrong to listen, It’s illegal, it’s theft, but the thief came to steal. After all, he was a thief. The thief heard the king say to his wife, “I will marry my daughter to a man who is very Pious and devout.”

When the thief was listening, his heart felt a thought.

Aya why not I become something that the king marry the princess with me? Got agreed in heart, Now he forgot to steal but got down to cheat. Went home and spent too long thinking about how I can succeed at this. Then a plan came to his mind that there is a mosque near the king’s palace. And if I go there and dressed in the clothes of the elders and decided to sit there engaged in worship day and night. perhaps this thing would reach the king. If there is a pious man here, who is busy worshipping Allah day and night, the eyes of the king may fall upon me and I be chosen to marry the princess. This was a very despicable and worldly aim of this thief, For whom he intended it. Then according to his program, he decided to dress up the elders, and went to this mosque and started prayers, recitation, meditation, and all. Days went by. It became famous among the people that a great saint has come here by ALLAH.

Who worship day and night.

Until it reached the king that there is a man of the servants of Allah sitting there. Who is also young. Unanswerable in piety. When the king found out about this. He began to think according to his intention. That is why not choose his for what he thought of the princess. The king sent his minister to discuss this regard. The minister went to the mosque and politely told him. I am at your service. I brought a message from the King.

He asked what’s the message?

The minister said that the king had decided several years ago that he would marry his daughter to a man who is very Pious and devout and Allah-wala. They were searching for him. Therefore the King has sent me to speak to you in this regard. This man had come here with the same desire. kept listening to the minister for a long time. Then tears rolled down his eyes, and the minister asked,

what’s the matter?

So he said I do not accept the message you have brought today, the minister said why not? The man said let me tell you. I was a thief and once went into the king’s palace intending to steal. Then I narrate whatever happened. Then this thief said I took this position out of greed and I sat here and my God made me his.

Now I don’t need anyone else after that my ALLAH is enough for me.

Indeed! When worship becomes worship, prayer becomes prayer, zikr becomes zikr and our other worships become worships. Then indeed these prayers and worships prevent man from doing evil.


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