She put her head in her arms and started crying. There are angels like you in this world

She put her head in her arms and started crying. There are angels like you in this world

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I also got very sad. A close friend of mine had a wedding. I was also invited. I didn’t want to go. But they insisted. I had to go. He was in another city.

I went there. I was sad in the memory of her, that where did she disappear suddenly?

 I Was sitting around with friends. The program started, all whistles started blowing, there was a noise music started. Some girls came on stage dancing. The music started playing.

Again a day of judgement happened to me. What my eyes saw killed me. I saw her in front of me, she was dancing. She was a prostitute. I suffered the eyes of fell on me, her steps stopped.

I looked at her my body started shivering.

 I lost my power. 

So I started salah and myself. I became mad with anger. She came down from the stage and came to me and said something. I slapped her like an adulterer. She Something says I slapped another one.

She got her eyes down.

I pushed her away. Everyone was looking at us. Everyone was surprised. What happened? She sat there. She put her head in her arms and started crying. I ignored her and walked away. I Went home. I was very very upset, had started hating her. I was very angry with her. Friends were surprised what happened.

I didn’t go to duty for two days then when I went to hospital. I was checking the patients. A girl came to me. Doctor I need to talk to you. I shook my head yes. Doctor, I heard the name of her. I started running. You don’t say her name.

The girl spoke softly. 

Doctor just listen once. She is defeated by the circumstances. She is not a dirty girl, she is helpless. Just come to her house and see everything will be understood.

She loves u so much but she didn’t consider herself worthy of you .She always talking about you and always mentioning you.

Tell me one thing. She is very good. Please take care of her. She is tired of fighting with life. Her mother is a cancer patient. Her sisters are young. She goes to school. She wanted to live with dignity but. The world wanted to scratch her.

 Nothing more I will speak.

I won’t say anything forgive him. I was quiet came home at night and i was very sad. .The address of her house was told by that girl. I went to her house with my parents the next day. Knock on the door. Her little sister opened the door. We entered the house. Her mother was lying on the bed. We sat pass the Mom. She woke up coughing guys. I introduced myself, I’m a doctor.

Mom and dad started talking.

 We have come to take your daughter’s marriage. She came after offering Namaz. I was surprised to see you here doctor. I smiled a little. I did not tell anyone anything. She forbade me a lot. I am not a good girl. I smiled and said, because of which I became a Namazi five times a day. How can she not be good? 

Situations are a spectacle of compulsion. You started dancing for the sake of livelihood. Now I am here. Forget everything… From now on you are my respect. She started crying a lot.

Every one was happy.

 We getting  married it was impossible but a true man always protect a woman’s honor maybe I did the same. I never told anyone she was a dancer her circumstances and time made.why should I sling her feet.

She hugged me and started crying. 

There are angels like you in this world. Bad men snatch honor, but you became the guard of my honor. A man can be so beautiful. First time i realize she say. I kissed on the forehead. A man is not the one who turns a veiled princess into a prostitute, but a man who makes a prostitute into a veiled princess .

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