The story of Baghdad’s famous bar, and famous saint of ALLAH Bashar bin Haris’s

The story of Baghdad’s famous bar, and famous saint of ALLAH Bashar bin Haris’s

There was a knock on the door of Baghdad’s famous bar, the owner of the bar opened the door stumbling barefoot while drunk. And he saw a dignified man in simple clothes standing in front of him, the owner said in an annoyed tone. “Sorry all the employees have gone it’s time to close the bar you will come tomorrow”

Before the owner returned, 

the stranger put his hand on his shoulder and said,  
“I want to meet Bashar bin Haris. There is a very important message to him.”  The owner of the bar said shockingly Speak up! My name is Bashar Bin Haris. The stranger saw the man from head to toe in front of him with great surprise and said.

Are you Bashar bin Haris? 

The owner said in an annoyed tone. Why any doubt? The stranger went ahead and kissed her hands and said,

 Sunu Bashar bin Haris!

The Creator of the earth and the sky has a message for me that
Offer my greetings to my friend Bashar bin Haris and tell him that the respect you gave my name will be given to your name till the end of the world.
It was just to hear that Bashar bin Haris’s eyes were filled with such a scene turned. When one day, as usual, he was drunken, and his eyes fell on a paper lying on a pile of shit, on which the name “Allah” was written.
Kissed the paper with great respect, cleaned it and kept it in a holy place, and said,
“O Lord of the Great Throne, this place is the place of mankind Bashar bin Haris, not yours” Only this act made Bashar bin Haris “Bashar Hafie” The same Bashar Hafie about whom Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal used to say.


 The Allah that Ahmed bin Hanbal believes.
Bashar Hafie has recognized My Allah” 


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