Those were the days of my youth, I too believed in love. | وہ میری جوانی کے دن تھے میں بھی محبت پر یقین رکھتا تھا۔

 Those were the days of my youth, I too believed in love. | وہ میری جوانی کے دن تھے میں بھی محبت پر یقین رکھتا تھا۔

A gentleman was telling me. He is a doctor

They said, those were the days of my youth, I too believed in love. 12 years ago today a girl came to me she was sick, She was quite sick. She was so beautiful. Those blue eyes. I don’t know what happened to me I lost my heart in her at first sight. But remained silent. Her treatment was going on. She is totally fine. The last time she came to me. I dared to ask her. 

Can you give me your number?

 It was against my department but was young and silly. She looked at me and then gave me her number. She was so pretty. I can’t tell. Her blue eyes. Brown color. Dimples when she smiled. Beautiful soft hair. I called her. She recognized me.

Yes, Doctor,

 I was sure that your phone call would come. I asked. what are you doing. she said slowly. Just I am fighting the situation. I avoided the matter as a joke.

fighting the situation

 Is it good to fight with the circumstances?

Doctor: You tell me where you live. He changed the topic. 

She: Doctor Sahib, leave me where I live. You tell me. Why do you call me, why did you take my number? I smiled. You know how beautiful God made you. You are so lovely.

She became silent. Doctor, what happens to be love? I wish fate was sweet too. 

I asked.  why…

What happened to your fate? She became silent. Doctor do you want to do time pass with me. she was talking about this. Patients came to me and I switched off the phone.

We kept on talking. She said to me Doctor I know how far your love is. You tell me when and where to see you. Hearing this gave me goosebumps. I said you should think before you talk. I am not that kind of person.

I asked her. Who is your family? 

She said slowly only mother and two younger sisters. I don’t have a father, I don’t even have a brother. I asked her about the expenses of the house, and how the house works. She became silent, it was time for Isha’s prayer. She said, let me offer my prayer. I replied, yes. She used to talk only during the day, she didn’t talk to me at night.

I told you many times to talk at night, but she told me that I sleep early at night. I can’t talk at night. well, we keep talking.

One year has passed. I had planned to marry her.

I respect her a lot because she offer to pray 5 times a day and when I saw her I was also going to pray 5 times. I offer to show my right to her with her I started to feel my own value.

She would text me while eating and say lovingly have you eaten. If I ever get late with my meal she scolds me. But she always said one thing. 

Dr. Sahab, you are a very good person.

I pray after offering my prayers that Allah gives you a very good companion. I would have said to her with pain. My companion is only you, I will marry you. But she started laughing loudly. No, Doctor, I am not worthy of you.

she would leave talk incomplete. I remember. I would scold her as much as I would say anything. She does not get angry. She could have tolerated my scolding, my anger, and my harsh tone. Once he didn’t answer my phone. I reprimanded her a lot. She kept listening to my scolding. 

Then she said softly, I die for this love of her.

I said, There is talk of my marriage in the house. I told my mom and dad that I like a girl. I like her very much. I will marry her. Mom and dad also said yes. Okay son, as you say, you have to live life. I showed the picture of you to my sister, sister-in-law, and mother and everyone liked it. She was very beautiful.

I was very happy.

 Everyone was saying that they will soon go to the house of you with a relationship.

I called her. you give me your home address. My mom and dad are coming for your relationship. She hung up the phone. I kept calling but he hung up his number 5 days passed. His number was off I was very upset. She never even gave her home address.

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