what is difference between girls and boys during the exams? امتحان کے دوران لڑکیوں اور لڑکوں میں کیا فرق ہوتا ہے؟

what is difference between girls and boys during the exams?

Examination Hall

when girls go out to give the exam?

Even on paper days, girls are sitting on the back of a motorcycle and peeking at a book. That there is no question left.

They have Arrived in the classroom half an hour early and keep repeating the questions from mouth to mouth as if someone is trying to control the jinn. Suspicious temperament so much that she takes ten or twelve Ballpoint Pen with her and checks all the Ballpoint Pen, in turn, to see that they are working. And as soon as the exam papers come in their hands, the necks are bent as like a steel wire has been inserted in the neck. Wasteful spending is so extreme that they put three to three sheets on one question. If another girl mistakenly asks them to answer such any question, they will say that my sister I do not remember it, while the lady remembers the same question the most. 

And after exam the girls Behavior ? 

And even after taking 95.6% marks in the exams, they cry like ungrateful that why my 99.9% marks did not come ??? And don’t eat food for three days … 

when boys go out to give the exam?

And I and our boys are Mashallah. Bad eyes, thankful heart, high examples of contentment. Even on the last night before the exams, they are watching Dhoom 2 film with their friends. They are paying for the rights of friendship by watching movies. And in the morning I had to look at the important questions and go out to give the paper. Because I had perfect faith in my intelligence. And fifteen minutes in the examination room, I would arrive late thinking who would listen to the examiner’s lecture in vain. (Intellectual thinking)

During exam boys satisfaction?

I would be so Satisfied that I took only one Ballpoint Pen from home. I used to guess and convince myself that it would be a great thing if it was the end of all the exams. However, the mutual support is so convincing that the markers and scales for the headings are not taken from the house at all, no matter who carries the extra burden. I will beg the left, or right person. The spirit of help and selflessness is such that if someone asks the brother to answer this question, whether the answer comes or not, he will definitely help the person in front of him. And they fabricate the answer from themselves and say, “Brother, I think this is the answer to your question.” And it is remarkable in austerity that he does not give up the reckless use of available resources and does not ask for a sheet again and would solve the whole paper on a single sheet. If I could, I would write the answers to all the exams on one sheet. wow wow.

And after exam the girls Behavior ? 

And Shakir Qalb used to distribute sweets in the whole neighborhood even after passing the exams with 33% marks. However, due to the fact that his breasts became wide due to happiness, for five days they tightened their clothes.

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