10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted

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10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted as: compassionate,kind,benevolent,sympathetic,kindhearted,thoughtful,humane, gentle.

A good-hearted person is someone who cares deeply about other people and is constantly eager to lend a hand.

The Event Supreme Emperor Ferozuddin

Malik Rome’s Kotwal city Tabriz was patrolling the city with his soldiers, when a man Ahmed came to him whispered, “Hazoor Wala!” I have brought a very important news for you” “Good! Tell me immediately what news have you brought” he said curiously.

“Huzoor Wala! Lives a fisherman named Ghulam Muhammad in the south sea.

He found a fish from the sea whose belly was a very precious diamond. “How did you know this? Tabriz’s eyes were wide open.
“Actually, I also went to sea fishing today. There is a friend of mine there, I came to know this news”
“This is the great news you heard.. ” We only have the right to this diamond because we are the city of Kotwal. The owner of this city, you will be paid well for this news, take us there immediately.

Then he immediately accompanied Ahmed and his soldiers towards the South Sea Gone head and head.
They reached the south sea very soon. There were fishermen’s huts nearby. They went to Ghulam Muhammad’s hut but he was not there.

They searched the hut but the diamond was not there. Then they found out about Ghulam Muhammad. That he had gone fishing in Sumner. He immediately reached the sea and boarded a boat and reached the boat of Ghulam Muhammad, where Ghulam Muhammad was sitting in his boat with nets in the sea.

“Are you the slave of Muhammad?” “A soldier shouted loudly.. “Yes, my name is Ghulam Muhammad,” he replied..
“Kotwal city has come to meet you” soldier replied..
“Yes sir” he spoke politely..
“We heard you got a very precious diamond out of a fish belly?” Tabrizuddin stared at him and said.. “Yes sir, and tomorrow I will take it to the city and sell it.” He said. “Sell it when it will be yours.. I am the city of Kotwal and this sea comes within my limits.. So I have my right on this diamond.”

Then he screamed loudly. “Give me the diamond”
He was stunned after hearing this.
“No, no! “I won’t part with a diamond. I have it, and I have a right to it.”
“I bet you won’t believe so”

Then he pointed to his soldiers.. The soldier immediately jumped into his boat, before the soldiers could retrieve the diamond from him, he said, throwing the diamond into the sea.
Whoever wants the diamond can now take it from the water, as I took it from the sea and returned it to it.

He had thrown the diamond into the sea.
“What is that you did?” he threw diamond that into the water.
Tabrez spoke angrily.
Ghulam Muhammad be arrested.
Then, Soldiers arrest him.

Ghulam Muhammad was now in their prison. They arrested him and left for the city. They had just entered the city and suddenly a man riding an elephant was seen coming from afar.

“What is this elephant doing in town?” ”
Tabriz asked a soldier.
“Government! Today there is a fair in a square in the city. Earning from this fair is going home.
The trooper responded.
” Good ! “He will go without giving us a share, stop him immediately” Tabriz Roar.
Soldiers immediately signaled him to stop.

The elephant rider had understood what was going to happen to his halal earnings, he immediately bit the elephant with a speckled object, the elephant screamed loudly in pain, the reason for the elephant to bark like this.

The horses of the soldiers stumbled and they began to gawk while raising their front legs. There was a commotion, Ghulam Muhammad took advantage of the opportunity and fled immediately.

See that he will be ran away chase him, that elephant we will deal with later.
Tabriz screamed.
The soldiers immediately ran after him. While Ghulam Muhammad quickly entered the field where the dirt was spread.

There was a huge festival going on in this field. Suddenly the fair broke out, a group of soldiers entered the fair on horses.
There’s an escaped prisoner, seen entering the same fair.

Has anyone seen any suspicious person here? ”
A soldier spoke in style while making an announcement.
Everyone in the market began to look at each other in meaningful ways.
“NOPE! We have not seen such a suspicious person”

An old man there spoke. Half of his face was covered with cloth.
Ok, if you find anything, let us know immediately.
The soldier said staring at him. And he went back to the field again gazing a full sight.

“Enjoy! Now that the threat has passed, leave.
The same old man addressed Ghulam Muhammad, who was hidden in a basket of a hen.
He said his way out of the basket.

Thank you so much good hearted man for saving my life, you seem like a good person
Thanks for the compliment, first tell me who you are and why you were arrested and how did you escape? The old man asked him several questions at once..

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted

“Actually, I am a fisherman.

My name is Ghulam Muhammad. While hunting, I found a fish from the sea with a very precious diamond coming out of its belly, somehow the city of Kotwal got to know.

He with a squad of soldiers my Came close that the government has the right on this diamond, so that diamond should be given to them, but I said that I have the right on it, I got it, but they did not believe, so I threw that diamond back into the sea and said, “Go and take it from an ocean.

They had just arrested me for this, but I managed to get away from them and make my way to this fair, where I managed to hide with your help.

He became silent after saying this.
“Nice! The fact is that you would be wealthy if you could discover that diamond, but whatever.
All they had just said was that suddenly someone put a hand on his shoulder they looked back their heart skipped their eyes widened in surprise.

The soldiers returned to Kotwal unsuccessfully.
“Government! I don’t know where the fisherman has escaped, we haven’t found it.
A soldier addressed Tabriz while bowing his head.

The fire was extinguished after hearing this.
Y’all suck, couldn’t find criminal, I’m sure he’s hiding somewhere at the fair come with me
He re-entered the fair while ordering the soldiers..

As soon as he entered the fair, he looked around, then he must have walked a little further, suddenly his feet stopped in one place, his eyes stopped at one place, his legs opened as soon as he saw it. He finally saw the person he wanted.

The one who was busy talking to someone came to them immediately and put his hand on their shoulder. As the old man turned back and looked, he was stunned. Whereas fisherman was also surprised and disturbed to see Tabriz, Soldiers surrounded him before he could flee again..

“Nice! So you helped this criminal by misleading our soldiers, we arrest you for harboring and misleading this criminal, soldiers arrest him too”
Tabriz said.
Hearing this, the elderly smiled.
“You know who you’re talking to right now?”
The old man spoke looking into her eyes.
“Whoever you are, aren’t you the king of time?”

He spoke with a sarcastic tone..
You got it right, I’m the king of all time
They removed the cloth from their face saying this.

Tabriz jumped up after seeing this, the ground started slipping from his feet, he was really the king of the time, the Supreme Emperor Ferozuddin.
Peace be upon you, King, and why are you dressed like this?

Tabriz was completely nervous.
“Yes! We, in fact, we have been receiving information for a long time that the city of Kotwal is a corrupt and dishonest person who has doubled the lives of people, taking bribe and forcefully robbing them of their property, so we have changed our attire to this fact.

Come to this fair to know, to mingle with the common people and know your originality and see nature brought you to me red handed.

Tabriz was stunned by this situation.

The king addressed Tabriz again.
“Just because nature has placed us in a better position doesn’t imply that we should abuse it, injure others, or rob them of their money; rather, we should prioritise their welfare.”

Then he spoke while ordering the soldiers.
“Soldiers! Arrest him and take him to jail right away.
We will punish him severely in the morning full of court”
On this justice of the king, the ground echoed with the applause of the people there.

Then he took out a bag of nobles and said giving it to Ghulam Muhammad.
“Although we are unable to make up for the loss of your diamond, we will reward you for standing your ground against deception.

If everyone does so, falsity will eventually disappear with its oppression”
Ghulam Muhammad said. “Long live the king! I don’t need any diamond, a good hearted and fair king like you are no less than a precious diamond for us.
Hearing this, the king left for his palace smiling.

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted


People with good hearts care about others and are unselfish. Even if it doesn’t immediately help them, they perform good things to improve the world for everyone. This is what? They have a positive outlook and see the best in everyone.

The capacity to lend a hand. A helpful person is someone who is eager and willing to assist. And as he assists people more, his capacity for assistance increases. The adage “perfect practise makes perfect” is true. The compassionate person becomes more skilled in identifying and coming up with solutions to be of assistance.

One is that kids grow to have both excellent heart and intellect qualities.

Good individuals are patient and kind to those who are in need of assistance. They have the capacity to be there in any circumstance and provide a supportive ear, a kind smile, or a word of encouragement when required. Anybody can be kind; it’s not simply limited to close friends or even random passersby.


How would you define a good hearted person?

When you call someone “kind-hearted,” you’re referring to their generosity, kindness, and care. He is a kind, giving, and compassionate individual.

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted

What are Good-hearted synonyms?

  • compassionate,
  • kind,
  • benevolent,
  • sympathetic,
  • kindhearted,
  • thoughtful,
  • humane,
  • gentle.

What else do you call someone who is good hearted person?

  • Pure,
  • moral,
  •  diligent,
  • deserving of praise,
  • excellent,
  • upright,

What are Features of good-hearted People?

  1. They are able to relate to the emotions of others.
  2. They will stand up for those who are powerless to do so.
  3. They are adept at putting others before themselves.
  4. They will defend their convictions.
  5. They pay attention well.
  6. At times of need, kindhearted individuals would provide a helping hand.
  7. They’ll constantly keep things hidden.

What adjective best describes a good man?

The following are some possible adjectives: amiable, cordial, considerate, gorgeous, elegant, priceless, impressive, irreplaceable, dependable, understanding, sweet, etc.

How may one develop a good heart?


  • Eat well.
  • Start moving.
  • maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Stay away from secondhand smoke and stop smoking.
  • Manage your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption.
  • Stress management.
  • Person should exceedingly sensitive and kind-hearted by nature.

Some are Good Heart Quotes

  • A good heart is the most beautiful thing there is.
  • I adore intellectual men with amazing senses of humour, as well as those with big smiles.
  • A good heart plus a good mind make a powerful combination.
  • I believe that having a decent heart is important.

“Be good; don’t let the outside world harden you. Don’t let other people make you tough; instead, be gentle. Be compassionate; resist the urge to become cold-hearted by letting life’s facts keep you from being sweet. “Having a heart made of glass is challenging; people don’t seem to comprehend how easily it breaks.

10 Good hearted synonyms and The definition of good-hearted


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