A Woman Purchased Parrot at the Bird Shop ~ Funny Story

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A Woman purchased Parrot at the Bird Shop

A Woman Purchased Parrot at the Bird Shop ~ Funny Story

The wife of a professor picked up a parrot at the bird shop and asked for its price.  The shopkeeper said Ms. Price is not too much. But it was in a prostitute’s room so far, So I think let her stay and see another bird.

The professor’s wife liked the parrot a little too much and said, Brother, Now I want to buy it. So that He also knows how the houses of the Sharifs.
They paid for the parrot and returned home with the cage. When the cage was hung in a suitable place in the drawing room, the parrot rolled its eyes and spoke.

“Wow, New Room!” I liked this room. Begum did not like it. But she remained silent. After a while, their daughters came back home from college and when they saw them, the parrot said,
The parrot spoke, “Oh, the new girls have come.”

Begum got angry but drank thinking that she would tame the parrot in a day or two. In the evening time, When Professor Sahib returned home time. The parrot screamed in surprise as he stepped into the drawing room  “Abe, wo, eunuch!” So here it comes too? ” The Professor has been missing since then and Begum has filed for divorce.


The moral of the story is – Nothing is permanent in our lives; everything changes with time, and nothing stands still.

This story was written only for Fun. Not our purpose to waste your precious time. Your time has more essential for us. Thanks for taking the time for reading this (A Woman Purchased Parrot at the Bird Shop ~ Funny Story). Good luck and have a good day.

A Woman purchased Parrot at the Bird Shop ~ Funny Story


How did the parrot save itself?

To avoid predators, many parrots may fly in irregular patterns. To ward off danger, these birds will create noises and puff up their feathers to appear larger. If that fails, they will fight, utilizing their enormous, powerful beak as a protective weapon.

What is the main theme of The Birds?

“The Birds” is a parable about humility that condemns humanity’s arrogant idea that we can control the environment around us. Building on the topic of man vs. nature, Du Maurier’s story criticizes the notion of humankind as master of nature, implying that any confidence in human superiority to nature is foolish and doomed.

What is the main idea of the story for The Birds?

The struggle to survive is a major subject in The Birds, and we see how humans react when calamity hits. Du Maurier also emphasizes humans’ powerlessness when presented with severe circumstances beyond their control, as well as how these circumstances influence their behavior.

Who was the first parrot?

The earliest uncontroversial parrot fossils were discovered in tropical Eocene Europe around 50 million years ago. Mopsitta tanta, a Moravian discovered in Denmark’s Early Eocene Fur Formation and dated to 54 million years ago, was initially ascribed to the Psittaciformes.



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