An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.

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An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.

An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.

The Tale of Noser Baz.
Once a cunning and deceitful man stole a donkey from somewhere and took it to the nearby market for sale. Before going to the market, he stuffed the ashrafia into the donkey’s mouth and closed it well with a cloth.
Standing in a crowded market place, he removed the cloth from the donkey’s mouth, as soon as he removed the cloth, ashes came out of the donkey’s mouth and fell on the ground.

Hearing the clinking of coins, people were fascinated, and were surprised to ask that coins from the donkey’s mouth should also be gold! What is this story?

The deceiver said, “Brothers, this is a strange donkey and I am very tired of it. Whenever I am upset or sad, once a day gold coins fall out of its mouth.” Now I don’t even have a place to keep Ashrafias in my house, so I want it to be bought by a needy and animal-loving businessman.

People had seen Ashrafia falling with their own eyes and after hearing the story of the rest, everyone’s wish was that this donkey is as cheap as it can be found.
After bidding each other more and more, a big businessman finally bought it for a huge sum.

The seller collected the money and the coins that fell on the ground and went home.
The merchant who had bought the donkey was walking proudly and the villagers followed him to his house. All the people together made sad and worried faces and sat around the donkey.

People sat and waited for hours and finally got really upset. Meanwhile, the donkey, who had been hungry for a long time, ate a lot of fodder but did not drop even a single coin.
Finally, a grain passed from there.

He said that you have been cheated. Catch this scammer right away before the seller runs away. When the traders and the villagers came together outside the house of the cheater and knocked on the door and inquired about it, the cheater’s wife said from inside that he had gone to another village for work.

You wait outside, I send my pet dog, he will go and tell them about you and bring them along anyway. People watched with interest and wondered how it was possible that a dog would bring its owner home.
In fact, when this clever man saw that all the people were gathered outside his house, he taught his wife the dog leash.

Freed the dog already tied in the house

Freed the dog already tied in the house and sneaked out from the back side of the house itself. Going away, he caught hold of the dog and walked with it back towards the house.
After a while, people could not believe their eyes that the same person who sold the donkey was following the same dog.

Now all the people, forgetting why they came there, started asking about the dog that it is of great use, tell me how much it is? It must be bought anyway.
This deceitful and cunning man refused at first, but later on getting a good price, he sold the dog to another merchant from the same crowd.

Now the people followed the merchant in a group just to see how the dog brought back the person who had left the house.
The merchant went home and told the slave that you go to the next village so that the dog will find you and bring you back. As soon as the slave reached another village, he ran away from there and the dog also went away and did not return.

When both the slave and the dog did not return, the people knew that we had been tricked once again.
When they reunited and went to the house of the same impostor, he once again escaped through the secret door at the back of the house, and his wife said that they had gone to the neighboring village on some business.

The people said that today we will sit and wait for him inside the house, and so all the people around, including the two merchants, sat in his house.
After a long time passed, the same impostor entered the house and seeing the people sitting there, he bowed in front of them and began to perform etiquette and asked his wife that in honor of my special guests, you what did Have these guests been given something to eat or are they sitting hungry?

Those people started to feel ashamed in their hearts that the one whom we are considering as a fraud is a very generous and hospitable person.

His wife shook her head in denial and said, “Who makes these useless and idle people his guests, I didn’t even ask them for water.” Hearing this, the man became mad with anger and took out a dagger from his pocket and stabbed his wife in the stomach.

Immediately blood flowed out and his wife fell to the floor.
The people sitting there began to abuse him saying that let our money be, but where is the wisdom for us to kill our wife? He said cunningly and deceitfully, you guys don’t worry it’s our daily work. I kill him in anger and then revive him again with this horn.

Saying this, he pointed to a large horn of an animal hanging on the wall. Then he took off the horn and sat beside the dead wife and pressed the horn in his mouth and began to play by swinging and blowing like a spider. After a while, the same victim who was stabbed to death in front of everyone some time ago. She stood up with her hand on her wound.

All the people were amazed, and once again

All the people were amazed, and once again they all forgot why they had come here and went to buy the horn.

In order to increase the bid, the impostor started saying that this talismanic horn is the only one in the whole world that only I have and I will not sell it at any price. A big merchant bought the horn by paying the highest price, and after buying the horn, the people went to their homes.

The one who bought the horn said, “I, who am tired of my wife’s teasing, today if she fights, I will kill her and spend the night in peace and revive her in the morning with the help of the horn.” When he saw the gathering of people outside his house again, he immediately made a plan and included his wife in it.

He put the red color in a bag and hid it in his wife’s clothes, then took a dagger with a secret box in the handle and a button that, when pressed, made the dagger’s fruit disappear into its handle. And taking an old useless horn, he put his foot on the wall and himself went out of the secret passage of the house and returned after hiding for a while. And then he sold the useless horn by pretending to bring his wife back to life.

As soon as the one who bought the horn reached home, his wife started fighting as usual. Unconcerned, he took out a dagger and stabbed his wife in the stomach, blood gushed out, she was cold and shivering. He picked her up and laid her in the room and let her stay like that for the whole night.

When she got up in the morning, she blew the horn in different ways but she was dead. Gradually he realized his folly, he felt remorse. When Saath left the house, all the people outside were waiting for him to find out how the night had passed and what a miracle the horn had shown.

That person wanted to hide his pain and shame, but when some people insisted, he kept the truth aside. This time, they decided not to interfere with this noser, and as soon as they saw him, they had to control him and put him in a sack and send him to the sea.

An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.

They all agreed, once again they came together to the impostor’s house and went inside and subdued him, put him in a big sack and walked towards the sea.
The sea was quite far from there.

All of them were tired while taking turns lifting the impostor in the sack. Reaching half the distance from the sea, they said that they will take it for a while, after that they will throw it in the water. They were tired, so as soon as they stopped to rest, they fell asleep and went to sleep carefree.

The person locked in the sack started screaming because of hunger and thirst, but all those people were enjoying the rabbit dream. In the meantime, a shepherd passed by and saw a crowd of people sleeping sideways, and the sounds of shouting were coming from a sack lying on one side.

He set the sheep aside and when he went ahead and opened the sack, he saw that a person was locked inside it. The shepherd asked a person who are you, who are these people sleeping around?

And why are you locked in a sack, what is this story?
The deceiver said listen! All these people belong to my family, they want to force me to marry a princess across the sea, but I have no desire for wealth, I love my cousin girl. The shepherd was very impressed after hearing his words, and said, “Tell me, can I be of any use to you?”

The deceiver said yes yes why not, you come in my place in this sack, and when the sack is opened in front of the princess then she will have no choice but to marry you. The cowherd was happy to hear this and happily sat down in the sack instead of the impostor. The deceiver took the shepherd’s sheep with him and returned to his home.

When the people awoke from their sleep

When the people awoke from their sleep, they picked up the sack and as they walked, threw it into the sea at last, and returned to their homes satisfied.
The next day they saw that three or four hundred sheep were tied outside the house of the impostor. He was very surprised when he went there and saw that the one who had been thrown into the sea was sitting in the house and talking to his wife.

They asked in surprise that, we threw you into the sea yesterday, and today you are safe in your house and there is a herd of sheep outside?
The deceitful person said, When you people threw me into the sea, a fire fairy appeared from there and took me with her to the house built under the sea, where there were countless palaces made of diamonds, jewels and pearls and thousands of people. There were cattle in number.

Jalpree treated me like a guest and took good care of me, she wanted to marry me and make me the ruler of the place, but when I said that I already have a wife and I want to go to my home, He said no problem and gave a gift of sheep and goats on his behalf and said that if there is someone in your area who wants to marry the fire fairies here and live a life of luxury here, then bring him here.

It was too late to hear that all the old and young people who came there said that we want to go there and become rulers there.
The deceitful man said that you are only a few people, even if all the people of this town go there, you are still few.

He said that we will convince everyone in the town to go with us. The trickster said, “Okay, tomorrow morning everyone should get to the beach with a sack and a rope, and when they get there, everyone will help each other in the sack.”

The next morning, the deceitful man packed them all in a sack and with the help of his wife, threw all the sacks into the sea. He then became the sole owner of the town of idiots.

Signs of a deceitful person

Detecting deceitful behavior in a person can be challenging, as it’s not always straightforward and can vary from individual to individual. However, there are some common signs that may indicate deceit. It’s important to note that these signs are not definitive proof of deception, and it’s always crucial to consider the context and other factors. Here are some potential indicators:

Inconsistencies in their story:

Deceitful individuals may struggle to keep their story straight, leading to contradictions or changes in their narrative.

Avoiding eye contact:

While lack of eye contact alone is not a definitive sign, consistent avoidance or discomfort with eye contact might be an indicator of deceit.

Body language:

Certain body language cues, such as fidgeting, nervousness, or unusual gestures, can be signs of discomfort and potential deception.

Excessive defensiveness:

Someone being overly defensive or reacting strongly to simple questions may be trying to hide something.

Inconsistencies in verbal behavior:

Pay attention to speech patterns, such as stammering, hesitations, or excessive use of fillers (like “um” and “uh”).

Unusual response time:

A deceitful person may take longer to respond to questions as they may be thinking about their answers carefully.

Contradictory facial expressions:

Facial expressions that don’t align with the spoken words may suggest deception. For example, smiling while discussing a serious or sad topic.

Changes in vocal tone:

Inconsistent pitch, tone, or speed of speech can be indicators of discomfort or deception.

Unwillingness to provide details:

A person avoiding specific details or offering vague responses may be trying to conceal the truth.

Deflection and redirection:

Deceitful individuals may try to divert the conversation away from the topic at hand or redirect attention elsewhere.


Extremely brief facial expressions that reveal genuine emotions, which may differ from the person’s verbal communication.

Behavioral changes:

Sudden changes in behavior, such as increased secrecy or withdrawal, can be a red flag.

Some individuals may exhibit these behaviors due to stress, anxiety, or other non-deceptive reasons.

Synonym of deceitful person

A synonym for a deceitful person is a

“duplicious” individual





or “crafty.”


The tale of Noser Baz is a story of cunning and deceit, where a clever trickster manipulates people through a series of elaborate schemes. Noser Baz, the main character, uses deception to exploit the gullibility and greed of those around him.

The narrative unfolds with Noser Baz stealing a donkey and selling it by claiming that it produces gold coins. He then sells a supposedly magical horn and a dog that can bring back the dead. Each time, he capitalizes on the people’s desire for wealth and power, only to reveal the deception later.

The story takes a dark turn when Noser Baz kills his own wife, claiming he can revive her with the horn. This shocking act further demonstrates the character’s cunning and lack of morality. The horn is sold to another unsuspecting buyer who plans to use it for his own selfish purposes.

In a twist of fate, the people who bought the horn decide to punish Noser Baz by throwing him into the sea. However, Noser Baz manages to trick them once again by convincing a shepherd to take his place in the sack. The deceived townspeople unknowingly throw the shepherd into the sea while Noser Baz returns home safely.

The conclusion reveals the ironic outcome of Noser Baz’s manipulations. The townspeople, eager for wealth and luxury, end up being the victims of their own foolishness. The story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of greed, gullibility, and the dangers of trusting cunning deceivers.

An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.


What is the meaning of deceitful person?

A deceitful person is someone who is prone to deceiving or misleading others. Deceit involves intentionally concealing the truth, providing false information, or manipulating facts to create a false impression. Deceitful individuals may engage in dishonest behavior to achieve personal gain, manipulate situations, or avoid facing consequences for their actions. Being deceitful is generally considered unethical, as it undermines trust and can lead to negative consequences in personal and professional relationships.

How to deal with deceitful person?

Dealing with a deceitful person can be challenging, but it’s important to approach the situation calmly and strategically. Here are some suggestions:

Stay Calm: It’s essential to stay calm and composed. Reacting emotionally may escalate the situation and make it harder to address the deceit.

Gather Evidence: If possible, collect evidence of the deceitful behavior. This can be useful if you need to confront the person or if the situation escalates.

Communicate Directly: If you feel comfortable, consider addressing the person directly. Calmly express your concerns and share any evidence you have. Avoid accusations but focus on the specific behavior that you find deceitful.

Set Boundaries: Clearly communicate your expectations and set boundaries. Let the person know what behavior is unacceptable and that deceit will not be tolerated.

Seek Support: Talk to friends, family, or colleagues about the situation. They can provide emotional support and may have valuable insights or advice.

Evaluate Trust: Assess whether trust can be rebuilt or if it’s best to distance yourself from the deceitful person. Sometimes, ongoing deception may indicate a pattern of behavior that is unlikely to change.

Consider Consequences: If the deceit has serious consequences, such as legal or financial issues, you may need to involve authorities or seek professional advice.

Protect Yourself: Be cautious about sharing sensitive information with the deceitful person. Take steps to protect yourself from potential harm.

Learn from the Experience: Reflect on the situation and consider what you can learn from it. Use the experience to become more discerning in your relationships and interactions.

Move On: If the deceit is irreparable and the person is unwilling to change, it may be necessary to distance yourself from them. Focus on your well-being and surround yourself with trustworthy individuals.

Remember that each situation is unique, and the approach you take may vary depending on the circumstances. If the deceitful behavior is causing significant distress, consider seeking advice from a counselor or therapist who can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation.

What is a deceitful person called?

A deceitful person is often referred to as dishonest, untrustworthy, or deceptive. Other terms that might be used to describe such a person include a liar, fraud, or manipulator. These terms highlight the tendency of the individual to engage in deceitful or misleading behavior.

What does very deceitful mean?

“Very deceitful” refers to a high level of deceit or deception. Deceitful is an adjective that describes someone or something that is deliberately misleading or dishonest, intending to trick or manipulate others. So, when you say “very deceitful,” it emphasizes a strong or extreme degree of dishonesty or trickery. It implies a significant level of untruthfulness or a tendency to mislead others intentionally.

Does deceitful mean lying?

Deceitful generally refers to the tendency or inclination to deceive, which involves intentionally misleading or tricking others. While lying is one form of deceit, deceitful behavior can also encompass actions such as concealing the truth, manipulating information, or creating a false impression without necessarily uttering a direct lie. In essence, deceitful behavior involves intentionally causing others to believe something that is not true.

What is another word for deceitful?

Another word for deceitful is “dishonest.”

An amazing story of Deceitful man who sold a donkey.

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