Do not race with any vehicle and stay in line while driving

Welcome to (International Stories) in this story we will discuss Do not race with any vehicle and stay in line while driving. How we can save our life in an Incident? And How to succeed in life and career?


Do not race with any vehicle and stay in line while driving:

Rules and advice for drivers and riders:

Niaz also used to smoke marijuana and often used to extort money from me under various pretexts. Since I did not know what world he was in while driving, there were strict instructions to stay in line while driving.

Do not race with any vehicle. One day I was reading a script in the back seat on my laptop when suddenly Niaz’s voice echoed in the car. Pray for the baby. ” I jumped so hard that my head hit the roof of the car. Didn’t you give a girl under the car?

Niaz did not immediately give satisfaction, sir! I’m talking about my daughter. I was shocked. What happened to your daughter? Niaz sighed just Sergey! The wife’s phone call came from the village. The girl was not feeling well. She was taken to the hospital but the doctors answered.

Although Niaz had gambled several times before instead of sending money to the village in the name of his daughter’s treatment, he was still a father and a father could not lie so much about his daughter.

When I reached the office, I thought of something and called Niaz’s younger brother Saeed. Saeed lived in the village. After Salam Dua, I asked if your elder brother was telling me that your niece has been answered by the doctors. Saeed said in a happy voice, “Yes!

He answered only yesterday. I was confused when I heard his tone. What did the doctors say? A voice came from the other side. The doctors have said that it is all right now to take him home.

I immediately hung up the phone and angrily called Niaz. Niaz Sahib came inside and as soon as he saw my face he understood that another lie had been caught. I told her what I had said to her younger brother.

Niaz immediately gritted his teeth. I was also saying that the doctors have replied that there is no need for treatment now, God willing, he is fine. I picked up my toothpick and the paperweight lying nearby and threw it at Niaz who skillfully caught it and put it back on the table with great politeness and jumped out very politely.



This story was written only to Giving advise. Not our purpose to waste your precious time. Your time has more vital to us. Thanks for taking the time to not race with any vehicle and stay in the line while driving, Good luck, And have a good day.


Which of the following should be avoided while driving?

Tailgating should be avoided at all costs. One of the most frequent causes of accidents is tailgating. Many drivers fail to keep the necessary minimum distance between two vehicles on the road. Not following this limits the time to respond due to the lack of distance.

What is the driving line of a car?

A Driving Line (also known as a Racing Line) is the imaginary line painted on the road by a vehicle as it goes around a corner or down a straight. It is not the shortest route around a corner, but rather one that minimizes time spent in the corner while increasing speed through the curve.

What are the four types of racing?

Flat racing, steeplechasing, harness racing, and endurance racing are the four main types of horse competitions. Flat racing takes place on a flat track with no obstacles, whereas steeplechasing involves jumping over obstacles, horses pull carts in harness races, and endurance races cover long distances.

Does car racing require skill?

Driving Capabilities First and foremost, you must have the technical driving abilities necessary to maintain control of your vehicle at high speeds. This includes understanding how to take corners, use your rivals’ slipstreams, and brake and accelerate efficiently.



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