Do not stand up for prayer unless you see me

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Do not stand up for prayer unless you see me

Do not stand up for prayer unless you see me:

When we prostrate on the ground:

When we prostrate on the ground, We barely complete three tasbeehats and raise our heads quickly. This leads to prayers but not to the Lord. We take auto in prayer. We do not bow ourselves And don’t get up . We are busy elsewhere during this time.

Like the pilot putting the plane on the auto and praying for the passengers. That is, we do not stand as bowing, bowing, prostration, prostration, and standing as obedience to the Lord of the worlds. So it automatically rolls up and down, left and right.

Insert a memory card into a device:

When you insert a memory card into a device, The device first reviews the memory card, reads it and recognizes it. Then she asks that the fact of this memory card is that there is something in it, there is such and such a folder. So much space has been used and so much is left.

Then she tells you that the will not be able to copy the material you want to copy because the card has less space while the volume of material is more. You delete some content and make it appropriate.

The earth reddens and recognizes this forehead:

When we prostrate, the earth reddens and recognizes this forehead. This process takes some time. If the ground is plain, it takes a while to recognize the pocket. The thicker the muslin carpet, the longer it takes for the pocket to make contact with the ground.

We raise our heads quickly before the earth’s is reddened. As we go, we come back. Nothing is deleted and nothing is copied and pasted. If your head is in the footsteps of Allah and you get up for nothing and come home, then the prayer becomes a joke. Even if I am compelled in the congregation, we should take out the fraction in the Nawafile.

The knees and feet are said:

Only after praising at least five or seven times will you come out of the trance of the world and come to Manuel. And you will realize what your position is at the moment. Where are the hands. Where is the forehead.



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The whole ritual prayer ends with the worshipper first turning his head to the right and then to the left, saying ‘peace be upon you and the mercy of God‘.


Which surah is good for heartbreak?

Surah Ad-Duha

The resulting grief and distress was quelled with the opening verses of the chapter, which swears an oath by the light of day and the peacefulness of night in a message of resounding reassurance.

How do you pray to Allah for your heart?

O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the evil of my hearing, and from the evil of my sight, and from the evil of my tongue, and from the evil of my heart and from the evil of my issue.

What is a soft heart in Islam?

The softening of the heart is dependent on your relationship with Allah. You have to spend time connecting to Allah through reflecting on the blessings in your life, and on the power of Allah over all aspect of your life. The more you remember Allah, the quicker you’ll find your way to soften your heart.

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