Mean of celebrate – 9 Synonyms of celebrate

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Mean of celebrate - 9 Synonyms of celebrate

Mean of celebrate – 9 Synonyms of celebrate

The word “celebrate” means to observe or commemorate an event, occasion, or achievement with joy, festivities, or enthusiasm. Here are nine synonyms for “celebrate”:

Commend: To express approval, praise, or admiration for an achievement or event.

Rejoice: To feel or show great joy or happiness in response to an event or occasion.

Fete: To honor or entertain someone lavishly, typically with a party or celebration.

Merriment: Engaging in cheerful and lively festivities to mark an event.

Observe: To mark or acknowledge an event, often with a sense of formality or reverence.

Exult: To express great happiness, often in a triumphant or jubilant manner.

Mark: To commemorate or acknowledge an event by some noticeable action or gathering.

Honor: To show respect, admiration, or recognition for someone or something.

Party: To have a social gathering or festivity in honor of a special occasion.

And how foolish of me to celebrate my first Bakra Eid after marriage instead of going to my parents’ home. Given that this would be my first Eid after marriage and in accordance with custom, I shall celebrate it with my mother’s mother, you will also come here on Eid. We will celebrate Eid together.

I also had no objection. I was happy to get ten days off holidays on Eid. I came from other Province to my Province. I reached my city and sat in the wagon going to my in-laws from there..  I given rent to the conductor. The waggon still had a few seats available.

The driver started waiting.  I am. I saw the passengers  here and there on the bus stop. I just thought that all these people where they are coming from to celebrate Eid in their homes.
And how stupid am I that instead of going to my parents’ house, I am going to celebrate Eid at my wife’s parents’ house?

My elderly parents must be watching my way.

On the second or third day of Eid, I shall visit my parents. Why should I give them the pain of waiting at this age.

I then made the decision to take a bus from my hamlet at that very time.
The next day after Eid, I will go to my in-laws house and bring my wife home. My heart said she will be angry.  But I made my heart understand. It’s okay, I will happy her.

She will consent when I persuade her with affection.
And I sat on the bus going to my village after not  taking fare back the driver. My mother was ascending the stairs and surveying my path when I came home. When the bus horn rang, she started to see that maybe my son has come.

The father got up and hugged me and said, “Son, I thought I would go to the in-laws on this Eid.
Well done, your mother was running towards the stairs on the horn of every bus. Father, I felt a little sick.
When I asked, he said I have a minor fever. While coming, you must have seen the sacrificial animal tied to the well.

How beautiful is it?Mean of celebrate - 9 Synonyms of celebrate

I said yes father, but I was a bit worried because of father’s fever and after a while I took them to the village doctor for injection. Got better by evening. At night, my father got fever again. I was busy in sacrificing the next day.

I put wet stripes on my forehead and started reducing the temperature. Sister came to me at 3 o’clock in the night and said brother, you are tired. You haven’t rested since yesterday, go to sleep, I see my father.

I went to bed, it’s just an hour that my sister woke me up, brother look what happened to my father.
I ran and took my father’s head in my lap.
Daddy’s lips are white.
I hugged my father completely and sat down. My condition was like someone came to snatch a toy from the child and he hid the toy in his fists and won’t let it go.

But when has anyone been able to avoid the decisions of Allah? Here the Fajr call was given and there came the call of Abbaji.  And then that day of Eid stayed in my life forever. After that many Bakar eids came, but I am still living in the same eid today.

And I thank Allah, who put the idea in my heart that day that I should celebrate Eid with my parents, otherwise I regret my life.

May Allah keep all of us parents safe and ask the boys to spend their Eid Shabratin with their parents because their parents have the most right to them


In conclusion, celebrating Eid with your parents is a special and meaningful experience that fosters love, unity, and gratitude within the family. It provides an opportunity to strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, and reflect on the importance of family in one’s life. Whether it’s sharing delicious meals, exchanging gifts, or attending prayers together, Eid with parents allows us to cherish the moments we have with them and express our love and appreciation. It is a time to be grateful for their support, guidance, and unwavering love, and to celebrate the blessings of family that make Eid truly joyful and memorable.


What is the synonym for celebrate?

There are several synonyms for the word “celebrate,” depending on the context and the degree of enthusiasm or formality you want to convey. Here are some synonyms:











The choice of synonym can vary based on the specific occasion or event you’re referring to and the tone you want to set in your communication.

What does celebrate you mean?

“Celebrate you” is a phrase that means to honor, acknowledge, or show appreciation for someone’s unique qualities, achievements, or contributions. It’s about recognizing and valuing an individual for who they are and what they have accomplished. Celebrating someone can take many forms, such as throwing a party in their honor, giving them compliments and recognition, or simply expressing gratitude and admiration for their presence in your life. It’s a way of showing that you appreciate and acknowledge their importance and worth.

Mean of celebrate - 9 Synonyms of celebrate

What does got to celebrate mean?

The phrase “got to celebrate” means that someone or a group of people have an opportunity or reason to celebrate something. It indicates that there is a cause for joy, happiness, or festivity. For example, if someone says, “We’ve got to celebrate this achievement,” it means they believe there is a good reason to have a celebration or to mark an occasion with joy and festivities. The specific reason for celebration could vary, such as a personal achievement, a special event, a milestone, or any other positive development.

What does the word celebrate mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, the word “celebrate” is often used to refer to the act of observing or commemorating important religious events, rituals, or festivals. The specific meaning of the word can vary depending on the context and the particular translation of the Bible being used.

In many instances, celebrating in the Bible involves joyful and communal gatherings where people come together to worship, give thanks, and remember significant events in their religious history. These celebrations often include rituals, sacrifices, feasting, and the offering of praise to God.

Some of the key celebrations mentioned in the Bible include:


This is an important Jewish festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. It involves the sacrifice of a lamb and the consumption of unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot):

This is a week-long Jewish festival celebrating the fall harvest and commemorating the Israelites’ time in the wilderness. It involves the construction of temporary shelters (sukkot) and joyful gatherings.

Feast of Weeks (Pentecost):

This festival marks the wheat harvest in the Jewish tradition and, in Christian tradition, commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.


While not a traditional celebration, the Sabbath is a weekly day of rest and worship in Judaism, set aside to remember and honor God’s creation.

Various other religious festivals:

The Bible mentions several other festivals and celebrations that were observed by the Israelites and early Christians, each with its own significance and rituals.

The meaning of “celebrate” in the Bible is closely tied to religious observance, reverence, and the expression of faith and gratitude to God. It is an integral part of the religious life and history of the people described in the Bible.

What kind of verb is celebrate?

The verb “celebrate” is an action verb. Action verbs, also known as dynamic verbs, describe actions that someone or something performs. When you celebrate something, you are actively engaging in a specific action or activity to mark an event, occasion, or achievement with joy, festivity, or ceremony. For example, you can celebrate a birthday, a holiday, a victory, or an accomplishment. It’s a verb that denotes an action that can be physically or emotionally expressed.

What is the base word of celebrate?

The base word of “celebrate” is “celebration.” “Celebrate” is derived from “celebration” by adding the suffix “-ate,” which is often used to form verbs from nouns, indicating the action of engaging in or performing the noun’s associated activity. In this case, “celebrate” is the action of engaging in a celebration.

Mean of celebrate - 9 Synonyms of celebrate


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