New SOPs prepared by Punjab Education Department

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New SOPs prepared by Punjab Education Department

New SOPs prepared by Punjab Education Department:

Corona sops for schools New SOPs prepared by Punjab Education Department.

For All Public & Private Schools in Punjab

Schools that will be short of space. There, children will be taught in the morning and evening shifts. Children will be taught only math, English, and science subjects. After teaching science subjects will be discharged of children.

The rest of the subjects will be given to work at home. There will be sitting for two students instead of three at a desk. Student and teacher fever will be checked before entering the school for which a separate staff will be kept.

All schools will have no assembly, no breaks, and will be not allowed to perform any kind of function. Every school will make arrangements to wash the hands of children with centrifuges which schools will be obliged to buy from their own budget.

It will be necessary to spray disinfectant in all classrooms before starting school in the morning.


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What is the Punjab Education Assessment System PEAS?

PEAS Focuses on Helping Teachers, Educational Managers, Policy Makers, Education Practitioners, and Institutions use Educational Assessment & Evaluation as Means of Increasing the Scope, Scale, Quality, and Impact of the Education System that Enables all Students in Schools, Work, and Life.

What is the name of the new DPI Secondary Education Punjab?

DPI will be identified as the Directorate of School Education (Secondary) CHANDIGARH: The State Government-led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has changed the name of Director Public Instructions (Secondary Education) DPI. Now, the DPI will be identified as the Directorate of School Education (Secondary).

What is SNC Punjab?

Single National Curriculum (SNC) One system of Education for all, in terms of curriculum, medium of instruction, and a common platform of assessment so that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Single National Curriculum is a step in that direction.


New SOPs prepared by Punjab Education


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