The Prostitute and The Beggar and How to Treat

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The Prostitute and The Beggar and How to Treat

The Prostitute and The Beggar and How to Treat:

A confectioner was decorating his shop in Baghdad’s bazaar early in the morning. At that time a Faqir came to the shop and the shopkeeper said, Babaji, come and sit down with me. When Faqir sat down, the confectioner offered hot milk to Faqir. Faqir drank the milk and thanked Allah Almighty and said to this confectioner, Brother, thank you.

During this time, A prostitute was sitting on the steps of the bazaar with his friend enjoying the weather. It was drizzling. There was also a little bit of mud in the bazaar. Faqir was passing through the bazaar in his wave. That the poor man’s mud feet splatter flew from the walk and fell on the clothes of the prostitute.

When the prostitute’s friend saw this scene. He became very furious. The prostitute’s friend got up and slapped his face of Faqir and said,
You Faqir, you don’t know how to walk?

The Faqir laughed and looked up at the sky and said. My Allah is also very selfless, He gives milk from somewhere and slaps from somewhere. Saying this, Faqir went ahead, After some time, When the prostitute was walking on the roof, her foot slipped and fell on the ground overhead. She was so badly injured that she died on the spot.

There was a noise that the poor man had turned towards the sky and gave a Bad curse, due to which this precious life was lost. The Faqir had not yet reached the other corner of the bazaar when the people grabbed the Faqir and said. What kind of Faqir have you been here? You don’t even have the courage.

Faqir said what happened Mian? People said that you cursed and that woman died. The Faqir said, By Allah, I did not give the bad curse. When the people were stubborn, Faqir said, If I tell the real question, I did not say anything bad. This is a fight between friends.

The people say, What?  People said how?

Faqir said that when I was passing by, Spalter my mud feet fell on the clothes of this woman. Her friend got angry, He slapped me then my friend also got angry. And my friend slapped his friend.


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How do you treat beggars?

If you can, don’t ignore beggars; instead, nod, smile, and connect with compassion. Explain that you don’t have any money or that you’re only carrying credit cards. If a beggar becomes aggressive, call the police, flee, or seek assistance from anyone nearby.

What does Allah say about selfish people?

As a test, Allah Almighty created the human soul with a proclivity towards selfishness. This feeling will come to control his entire moral framework unless he lives by the moral ideals of the Qur’an and tames his earthly wants. Such a person is more concerned with himself than with others.

What does Allah say about beggars?

In Islam, begging is prohibited, and Islam has developed methods to address this phenomenon, including the following: (Urging the work and praising the workers and making the work virtuous and valuable of the community, punishing the beggar infringer and confiscating his money and putting it in Muslim public finances.

The Prostitute and The Beggar and How to Treat


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