Very funny SOPs || The government has set up SOPs for wedding halls. || حکومت نے شادی ہالز کے لیےSOPs مقرر کر دیے..

The government has set up SOPs for wedding 


حکومت نے شادی ہالز کے لیےSOPs مقرر کر دیے. 


The government has set up SOPs for wedding halls.

1 => The ritual of milk ply should be abolished and Sana Mickey coffee should be drunk in its place.

2 => Food will be packed in boxes and given to everyone. Go home and eat in your pots.

3 =>  The bride and groom will be disinfected instead of throwing flowers at the time of entry .

4 => Everyone else,

 whether they are partying or attending a wedding on behalf of the bride, should come out of their house sprayed with disinfectant spray instead of perfume Will be)

5 => Sanitizers and masks and tissue paper should be given instead of bad at marriage.

6 => Instead of songs in the wedding hall, the ringtone that is being used by the government these days (Corona virus epidemic is dangerous) will be heard again and again.

7 => After marriage, Barati will not go near the bridegroom and greet him with a hug. Only greetings from afar will be allowed.

8 => Currency notes will not be saluted but everyone will use Jazz Cash facility or it will be transferred to the bride and groom’s account online.

Friends and relatives who do not receive greetings within three days .. Report them on Double One Double Six . Then the government will deal with them itself .

Marriage halls of marriage hall owners who do not follow the instructions will be converted into a quarantine center. And there will be quarantined guests who violated SOP’s.

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