What are the reasons people of Lut perish?

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What are the reasons people of Lut perish?

What are the reasons people of Lut perish?

The people of Lut who invented such evil. Which was not done by any nation in the world before them. Such a depravity is unprecedented in history. What did this nation do and what happened to them? Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) was a chosen prophet of Allah. His father’s name was Haran who was the son of Tabish.

He was born in the ancient city of Iraq “Ar” in this city was the abode of Ibrahim (peace be upon him). In fact, Haran, the father of Lut (peace be upon him) was the brother of Hazrat Ibrahim, that is, the father of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) was the nephew of Hazrat Ibrahim. You were among the first to believe in Hazrat Ibrahim

He took up the role of prophet to lead the Sodomites throughout Hazrat Ibrahim’s lifetime. There are many miracles of Hazrat Lut, when he used to pray for rain, the sky would be filled with clouds and it would rain heavily.

Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) used to sleep with his head on the stone, his blessed head would be marked on the stone. Sodom was the area where Lut (peace be upon him) was sent
Around Sodom there were five very beautiful cities, each of which had a population of more than one hundred thousand.

This area was very lush and a beautiful masterpiece of nature’s bounty settled between Syria and Israel. This area was very fertile, there were many kinds of grains and fruits.
This was the reason why the people of the surrounding settlements used to come to these settlements for their economic and nutritional needs, but the people of Sodom did not they felt that only they had the right to vegetables, and that nothing like this applied to the fruits and grains grown in their villages.

They did not want people from other villages to come to their area. One day the people of Sodom were thinking about this,
How to stop people from outside from coming here.

That Iblis showed up at their celebration dressed as an elderly man and told them to follow his instructions if they wanted to get rid of them. People listened very attentively to this stranger. And Iblis said, I will tell you the rest tomorrow. The next day Iblis came in the guise of a handsome young boy
And them instead of their wives.

Taught to fail with men. Iblis said that if you want to get rid of the people of these settlements. Those who come to your settlement, do so that whenever someone comes to your area, you people forcefully fulfill your desire with him. In this way, these people will stop coming to this settlement. Misbehavior with men for their selfish desires had become the constitution of this nation.
Indecency was common here.

This practice was spread from house to house in every class, rulers, chiefs, rulers. In crowded gatherings, these people were happy to do this obscenity, any gathering was considered incomplete without this work. Especially if there was a handsome boy among the passengers, these people would have made him their victim.

It is written in the Talmud that the people of Sodom were cruel, deceitful, and evil in their daily lives.
No traveler could safely pass through their territory, no poor man could get a piece of bread from their settlements. Many times it happened that an outsider would die of hunger after reaching their territory and these people would take off his clothes and bury his body naked. He made his valley a garden.

In this garden, whose chain was extended for miles, he used to commit debauchery with extreme debauchery.
Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) invited them to monotheism and ordered them to repent from this heinous act of wickedness.

Hazrat Lut said, “Why do you do this? Do you leave women and turn to men for pleasure?” The fact is that you are stupid people. Then Hazrat Lut used to preach and advise the people of Sodom day and night. But it had no effect on this nation.
On the contrary, they used to do this in a very proud manner. They also felt it was bad to explain to Hazrat Lut, so they said clearly that if you continue to praise us like this and interfere in our affairs, we will expel you from our city.

Hazrat Lut continued the series of advice and preaching. So one day the people of Sodom themselves demanded divine punishment.
Allah Ta’ala had allowed them until now despite this worst act of obscenity and wickedness. But when he said to Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) one day, if you are truthful, then bring punishment on us.

Therefore, divine punishment was decided on them. Allah made the earth with His chosen angels. These angels were actually Hazrat Mikael, Gabriel and Israfel (peace be upon them), then these angels came to the house of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon them).

When Hazrat Lut saw these beautiful young boys, he became very nervous and anxious. They began to feel the danger that if the people of their nation saw them. So I don’t know what they will do with them. Hazrat Lut’s wife’s name was Waila, she did not believe in him and she was actually a hypocrite.

She was with the unbelievers so she went and told the people of Sodom.
When the villagers heard that two young boys were staying at Lut’s house, they ran.

Hazrat Lut reached the house, Hazrat Lut said that these are the girls of my people, they are lawful and pure for you, fear Allah, do not embarrass me in front of my guests. Are not any of you humble men, those people said after hearing the words of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him).
You are well aware that we have no need for your daughters and you are well aware of what we really want. It can be estimated from this shameful response of the people of Lut, how much they had suffered from failure.

When the people of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) came running towards his house, Hazrat Lut closed the doors of the house and They hid these youths in a room.
These wicked people surrounded your house and some of them were trying to climb the wall of the house. Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) was very worried about the honor of his guests. The angels were watching this whole scene.

It was when he saw this world of helplessness and trouble of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him). So he said thus while revealing the truth.
O Lut, we are angels sent by your Lord, these people will never reach you. There is still some night left, so take your family and go and let none of you look back. The people of Sodom were determined to break the door of Lut’s house when Gabriel came out of the house and hit them with a corner of his wing.

From which their eye sockets came out
And the vision was revealed, this special punishment came to these people. Who came to Hazrat Lut with malice. Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) was satisfied knowing the reality and left with his family at night. But still his wife was with him, but after going some distance, she turned back to her people and went to hell with the people.

When the morning dawned, Hazrat Jibreel uprooted the settlement from above by Allah’s order and then placed it on his arm and ascended to the sky until the people of heaven heard the barking of the settlement’s dog and the crowing of the roosters. Then they razed the settlement to the ground after which stones rained on them. The name of the deceased was written on each stone. When these stones hit them, their heads would shatter.

What are the reasons people of Lut perish?
This punishment, which started early in the morning, had destroyed the entire settlement up to Ashraq. Allah turned these beautiful settlements of the people of Lut into a very smelly and black prison.

From whose water no benefit can be taken even to the living world. No living fish, frog etc. can live in this part of the sea. That is why he is called Dead Sea, meaning Deaf Dead
which is located between Israel and Jordan.

Archaeologists discovered this ruined city after ten years of research. Investigations revealed that life in the city had completely ceased. By looking at the ruins of the city, the archeologists deduced that when the city was destroyed, people were engaged in their daily activities and life ended suddenly.
The people of Sodom who were turned to stone.

Their idols are still standing near the Dead Sea as a lesson to the people. Today in European countries, this depravity is allowed in the name of human freedom and this obscene act is considered as pride.

But the fact is that homosexuality is completely against nature, which destroys human society
According to traditions, once Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him) asked Satan what is the worst act in the sight of Allah, Iblis said when a man misbehaves with a man and a woman fulfills her desire with a woman.

On the authority of Hazrat Ibn Abbas, the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: May the curse of Allah be upon him who acts like the people of Lut.


The people of Lut, who inhabited the area around Sodom, were known for their unprecedented level of depravity and wickedness. Their society was marked by extreme cruelty, deceit, and indulgence in immoral acts, particularly homosexuality. The people of Sodom were inhospitable to travelers and showed no compassion towards the poor.

Their wickedness reached such levels that they openly engaged in indecent acts with men, making it a common practice in their society. Despite the warnings and preaching of the Prophet Lut, they continued in their sinful ways, even threatening him when he spoke out against their behavior.

Divine punishment was eventually decreed upon them, and Allah sent angels disguised as handsome young men to the city. When the people of Sodom learned of their presence, they demanded to engage in their immoral acts with them. However, Prophet Lut protected his guests, leading to the angels revealing their true nature and warning Lut to leave the city with his family before the punishment befell them.

In the morning, the city was destroyed by a catastrophic event, possibly a volcanic eruption, and turned into a desolate area known as the Dead Sea. The ruins of the city served as a reminder of the consequences of such immoral behavior.

The story of the people of Lut serves as a cautionary tale against indulging in sinful acts and the consequences that follow. It also highlights the importance of adhering to the teachings of monotheism and righteousness.

What are the reasons people of Lut perish?


Is Hazrat Lut mentioned in Quran?

Yes, Hazrat Lut (or Lot in English) is indeed mentioned in the Quran. He is mentioned primarily in the context of the story of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah due to their sinful behavior.

The Quran recounts this story in several verses, including Surah Al-A’raf (7:80-84), Surah Hud (11:77-83), Surah Al-Hijr (15:58-77), Surah Al-Ankabut (29:28-35), Surah Ash-Shu’ara (26:160-175), Surah An-Naml (27:54-58), and Surah Al-Qamar (54:33-40).

Hazrat Lut is described as a prophet who was sent to his people to guide them away from their immoral practices, but they rejected his message, leading to their eventual destruction.

What happened to the wife of prophet Lut?

According to Islamic tradition and the Quran, the wife of Prophet Lut (Lot) is mentioned in the story of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. She is described as being among the people of those cities who engaged in immoral behavior and disobedience to God’s commandments.

When the angels came to warn Prophet Lut and his family to leave the city before its destruction, his wife did not heed the warning and remained behind, continuing in her sinful ways.

As a consequence, she was also destroyed along with the rest of the inhabitants of the city when it was destroyed by a divine punishment, often interpreted as a rain of stones or a volcanic eruption. The story of Prophet Lut and his wife serves as a lesson about the consequences of disobedience and the importance of following God’s commands.

What is the city name of prophet Lut?

The city associated with the Prophet Lut in religious texts is often referred to as Sodom. According to Islamic tradition, the people of this city were punished for their sinful behavior.

What happened to the people of prophet Lut?

According to Islamic tradition, the people of Prophet Lut (or Lot in English) were destroyed by a catastrophic punishment from God due to their immoral behavior, particularly their practice of homosexuality and other forms of depravity. The story is mentioned in both the Quran and the Bible.

In the Quranic narrative, Prophet Lut was sent to the city of Sodom (or Sodom and Gomorrah) to warn its people to abandon their sinful ways and return to righteousness. However, they persisted in their wickedness, and as a result, they were punished severely. The Quran describes their punishment as a rain of stones (interpreted as a volcanic eruption or earthquake by some scholars) that rained down upon them, destroying the entire city and its inhabitants.

This event serves as a warning in Islamic teachings about the consequences of indulging in immoral behavior and rejecting the guidance of prophets sent by God.

What are the reasons people of Lut perish?


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