10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen.

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10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen

10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen.

An Amazing Incident of responsibility

One of our older members related a story about a Sikh who lived in an Indian city.

He aged and his son got older; the elderly guy had asthma. Now as the night falls, asthma would have been severe and cough and mucus started coming out.

So this would have continued all night. Due to the loudness, he would have remained up the entire night as well as others. The son would have been tired from work all day. He think that there is nothing wrong.

After all he is my father.

But with time, he realised that it is the regular tale.
It neither dies nor leaves life. He keeps him awake all night. One day he thought why not finish life. There was a river flowing nearby. One day he carried his old father on his shoulders and walked toward the river.

Now the father is silent and not saying anything that Where are you taking and why are you taking? Due to illness, He had dried up and became thorny. I had no strength to competition.

And the heart thief was aware.

What is thrown out, is thrown back.

So the father stated as soon as the son entered the river, reached his feet in water, and intended to throw him: Just leave this area, son, and send me to that one.

Son, just move away from this place and throw me to that place. ‘Don’t throw it here. The son said: What is the difference between here and there?

There is water here and there is water there. Father said, I just wish. Son answered, “I’ll throw it first if you tell me what the secret is.” The reality is that I also threw my father here, father remarked. The son was sensible, ‘He said, ‘Well, this is the thing’,

‘He immediately exited the river and returned home, where he cleaned his father’s chamber, made the bed, and changed the bedding. When daylight arrived, he took him to the doctor’s office, medicine and rest of his life. Well served him.

He didn’t get better but he fulfilled his duty. Allah saves ‘Allah save’ when we’re being rude to our children and abusing them .

How can we expect service from them Doing it?

It is therefore important that we treat our children with love, kindness, and gentleness. Above all, we should set a good example before them.

When we are good and then our children will be bound by Shariat. They will also be pious and righteous and will respect and serve us. This is what I told the etiquette of the beginning after the birth of a child from a Muslim family.

Imagine from them how many responsibilities we will have in the rest of our lives on how to make them pious.
These are the responsibilities of our whole lives. Have to perform all your life ‘ keep associated with the elders and keep associated with yourself and keep asking .
It is very easy and convenient to ask.

Every person has a different situation ‘ the environment is different ‘ religious in this regard Religious environment should be arranged in your home after seeking guidance. May Allah give us all the power to put it into practise. (Amen)….

10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities refer to the specific tasks, duties, and functions that individuals or groups are expected to perform within an organization or in various aspects of life. They provide a framework for organizing work, managing expectations, and ensuring that goals and objectives are met. Roles and responsibilities can vary widely depending on the context, such as within a company, a project team, a family, or a community group. Here are some common examples of roles and their associated responsibilities:

Corporate Roles and Responsibilities:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer):

      • Setting the strategic direction of the company.

      • Leading the executive team.

      • Ensuring overall company performance and profitability.

Human Resources Manager:

      • Managing employee recruitment, training, and development.

      • Overseeing employee relations and HR policies.

      • Ensuring legal compliance in HR practices.

Project Team Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Manager:

      • Defining project goals, scope, and deliverables.

      • Creating and managing project plans and timelines.

      • Managing project resources and budgets.

Team Member:

      • Completing tasks and assignments as per the project plan.

      • Collaborating with team members and reporting progress.

      • Contributing to project goals and objectives.

Family Roles and Responsibilities:


      • Providing emotional and financial support to children.

      • Ensuring a safe and nurturing home environment.

      • Teaching values, life skills, and responsibility.


      • Attending school and completing homework.

      • Participating in household chores and responsibilities.

      • Respecting and obeying parents and family rules.

Community Group Roles and Responsibilities:

President of a Neighborhood Association:

      • Organizing community events and meetings.

      • Representing the neighborhood to local authorities.

      • Addressing community concerns and issues.


      • Offering time and skills to support community initiatives.

      • Participating in community events and fundraisers.

      • Collaborating with other volunteers to achieve common goals.

In general, roles and responsibilities help define who is accountable for what in a given context. They ensure that work is organized, efficient, and everyone knows what is expected of them. Clear communication and regular updates are essential to make sure that roles and responsibilities are understood and fulfilled effectively.


The story you’ve shared conveys an important message about the responsibilities we have towards our parents and children. It emphasizes the significance of treating our family members with love, kindness, and respect throughout our lives. This duty isn’t limited to any specific age or stage; it’s a lifelong commitment.

The story also teaches us that the way we treat our parents will influence how our children treat us in the future. Setting a good example for our children is essential, as they learn from our actions and behaviors. By being good role models, we can expect our children to grow up with values of piety, righteousness, and respect for their elders.

Furthermore, the story encourages us to seek guidance and create a religious environment in our homes to instill these values in our children. The importance of fostering a nurturing and supportive family atmosphere cannot be overstated.

Ultimately, the message of the story underscores the idea that our responsibilities toward our family members, both young and old, are lifelong commitments, and we should fulfill them with love and devotion. It reminds us that the way we treat others will come back to us in some form, and it’s important to set a positive and virtuous example for the next generation.

10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen


What best defines responsibilities?

Responsibilities are the duties, tasks, or obligations that individuals, organizations, or entities are expected to fulfill or carry out. These duties can vary widely depending on the context and may include moral, legal, ethical, professional, or social obligations. Responsibilities can be both explicit, as defined by laws, contracts, or job descriptions, and implicit, based on societal norms and personal values.

Responsibilities often involve:

Accountability: Being answerable for one’s actions and decisions, including any consequences that may arise.

Adherence to Rules and Laws: Complying with regulations, laws, and ethical standards relevant to a specific role or context.

Fulfilling Commitments: Keeping promises, meeting deadlines, and honoring agreements and contracts.

Ethical and Moral Considerations: Making decisions and taking actions that align with ethical principles and moral values.

Serving Others: Responsibilities often involve providing services, support, or assistance to others, whether in personal relationships, professional roles, or community involvement.

Decision-Making: Responsible individuals or organizations often have to make decisions that take into account the potential impact on various stakeholders and the broader community.

Resource Management: Properly managing resources, such as finances, time, and assets, to ensure efficient and sustainable operations.

Communication: Effectively conveying information and expectations related to responsibilities to others.

It’s important to note that the specific responsibilities can vary greatly depending on the context. For example, a parent has responsibilities to care for and raise their children, a business has responsibilities to its employees and customers, and a government has responsibilities to its citizens. Additionally, individuals may have personal responsibilities related to self-care, relationships, and community involvement.

What are responsibilities examples?

Responsibilities are tasks, duties, or obligations that individuals or groups are expected to fulfill. Responsibilities can vary widely depending on the context, whether they are related to personal life, work, or other areas. Here are some examples of responsibilities in different contexts:

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Taking care of your health and well-being, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

  • Managing your finances, including paying bills on time and budgeting.

  • Maintaining a clean and organized living space.

  • Caring for your family, including parenting responsibilities.

  • Being a responsible and considerate friend or partner.

  • Fulfilling civic duties, such as voting and paying taxes.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Completing assigned tasks and projects on time.

  • Meeting deadlines and performance targets.

  • Communicating effectively with colleagues, clients, and superiors.

  • Adhering to company policies and procedures.

  • Managing time efficiently to prioritize and complete tasks.

  • Taking ownership of mistakes and finding solutions to problems.

  • Continuously updating skills and knowledge relevant to the job.

Educational Responsibilities:

  • Attending classes regularly and being punctual.

  • Completing assignments and homework.

  • Studying and preparing for exams.

  • Participating in group projects and discussions.

  • Respecting teachers, classmates, and educational institutions’ rules.

  • Striving for academic excellence.

Community and Social Responsibilities:

  • Volunteering to help others or contribute to community projects.

  • Treating others with respect and kindness.

  • Being environmentally responsible by reducing waste and conserving resources.

  • Promoting social justice and advocating for the rights of marginalized groups.

  • Participating in local governance or neighborhood initiatives.

Legal Responsibilities:

  • Obeying the laws of the country or jurisdiction where you live.

  • Respecting the rights and property of others.

  • Serving on a jury when called upon.

  • Complying with court-ordered obligations if applicable.

Health and Safety Responsibilities:

  • Following safety protocols in the workplace.

  • Using safety equipment and gear when necessary.

  • Being responsible for your safety and the safety of others in various environments, such as while driving a car.

Family Responsibilities:

  • Providing emotional and financial support to family members.

  • Caring for children or elderly family members.

  • Maintaining open and healthy communication within the family.

  • Sharing household chores and responsibilities with other family members.

Responsibilities can vary greatly from person to person and depend on their roles and circumstances. It’s important to fulfill your responsibilities as they are essential for personal growth, maintaining healthy relationships, and contributing to the well-being of the community and society at large.

10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen

What is the synonym of responsibilities?

There are several synonyms for the word “responsibilities,” including:











The specific synonym you choose may depend on the context in which you are using the word.

What is a responsibility simple?

A responsibility, in its simplest form, is a duty or task that someone is expected or required to perform. It is an obligation to complete a specific action or function, often arising from one’s role, position, or commitment. Responsibilities can be both individual and collective, and they play a crucial role in organizing and maintaining various aspects of society, work, and personal life.

For example, a parent has responsibilities to care for their child, an employee has responsibilities to fulfill their job duties, and a citizen has responsibilities to obey the law and contribute to their community. Responsibilities help ensure that tasks and obligations are met and that systems function effectively.

10 Roles and responsibilities of a good citizen

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