2 best Ways to Find happiness in small troubles

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2 best Ways to Find happiness in small troubles:

Why do I find happiness in small things?

One woman used to write down her daily joys on a piece of paper every night before going to bed. One night he wrote: I’m glad my husband snores all night because he’s alive and I’m with him. This is thanks to Allah. I am happy that my son argues early in the morning that mosquitoes and bedbugs do not let him sleep all night. That is, he spends the whole night at home and does not roam. Thank ALLAH for that too.

I am happy that I have to pay an amount of tax on electricity, gas, water, petrol, etc. every month. That is, I have all these things in my use. How difficult life would be without it. Thank Allah for that too.

I am happy that by the end of the day, I get tired and I feel bad, that is, I have the strength to work hard all day. And this power and courage are only by the grace of Allah. I am happy that I have to sweep my house every day and clean the doors and windows.

Thankfully I have a house. What will happen to those who do not have a house? Thank ALLAH for that. I’m glad I get a little sick sometimes. which means I’m mostly healthy. Thank ALLAH for that too. I am happy that every year my wallet is not empty for Eid gifts and Eid giving. That is, I have dear relatives and friends to whom I can give gifts.

How dull life would be without them. Thank ALLAH for that too. I am happy to wake up to the sound of the alarm every day. That is, I get to see a new morning every day.

Obviously, this is the grace of Allah. By following this invaluable formula of living, one should make calm down life oneself and the people associated with oneself.  Finding happiness in small troubles “Strange way to be happy.




This story was written only for just Information sadqa-e-jarea and dawah work. Not our purpose to waste your precious time. Your time has more essential for us. Thanks for taking the time for reading this (2 Best Ways to Find Happiness in Small Troubles). Good luck and have a good day.


What do you call a person who finds happiness in small things?

The practice of cultivating gratitude and contentment in one’s life is the art of finding pleasure in small things. It entails actively seeking out the positive parts of one’s surroundings and situations, no matter how minor or insignificant they may appear. Optimistic, positive, and upbeat (“Having a positive, lively, or perky tone, attitude, etc.”), are perhaps more relevant; a sentence like “Sally’s an upbeat person” implies Sally is an active person, appreciative of life, has a positive attitude, etc.

What is a simple-minded person?

English definition of simple-minded. A simple-minded person cannot reason and comprehend. A rash action or opinion is founded on a limited understanding of a situation. SMART Vocabulary: words and phrases that are linked. Stupid and ridiculous. absurd.

Why am I so bothered about little things?

So, if you find yourself sweating the small things, it could be a sign that you aren’t dealing with other, deeper issues, leaving you vulnerable to blowing a gasket at any moment. Many overreact and overthink circumstances that do not go their way, rendering them incapable of thinking about anything else.





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