A True Friend Never Leaves You | Signs of a Good Friend

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A True Friend Never Leaves You Signs of a Good Friend

A True Friend Never Leaves You | Signs of a Good Friend

Every person who is called a friend does not become a friend. 

The elders say that when many people became friends with one man, His father said:

Son! Every person who is called a friend does not become a friend. Someone should be considered a friend after a great deal of scrutiny. Then the father slaughtered a dumba and sealed it in a sack from which blood was dripping, and said to the son:

Take it to your friends, and tell them: I’ve been killed, help me! Then see what they answer. The son picked up the sack and knocked on a friend’s door at night. The friend asked, “Who are you?”

He says: Dude, I have been killed. I have no place to hide my body. No place to hide my head. Help me out! Instead of helping. The friend said, You go, why I should be stuck with you? He went to the second, third, and fourth, Even though he went to all his friends but no one gave him shelter in his house.

After being Disappointed, He came to his father and said:

Dad! You were right, they were not really my friends, they ran away when they heard about the trouble. The father said: Son, I have a friend, and in life, I have made him the only friend. Now take this sack and go to his house and see what he says.

The son came to his house and told him the same story he had told his friends. He took the sack and dug a hole in the backyard of the house, and planted flowers on top so that no one would suspect.

The son came to the father and explained everything and said: Abaji, your friend is really a true friend. The father said: Son! Wait a minute, don’t make a hasty decision. Go to his again tomorrow and insult him, then come and tell me the reaction. The son did so went, and insulted him.

He replied:

Don’t worry about telling your father. Your father’s friend will never destroy “Chaman“. Meaning the plants that have been planted on the corpse will remain forever. I will never uproot them. That is, I will never reveal the secret of your son’s rudeness. Because I am your friend.

May God bless us with sincere friends too!

A true friend never leaves you in difficult times, a good friend comes in handy in this world and in the hereafter.

He does not place his faults in front of the heart, mind, and eyes. But digs a deep pit behind his back, burying them in it forever; And on top of that he puts flowers of loving advice. The fragrance-free of which protects the friend from the stench of defects in the future.

May God bless us with sincere friends too.

What Is Sincere Friendship? A sincere friend is one who gives without expecting anything from you in return. Sincere friendship allows both people to embrace and accept each other’s differences and use them to enhance the relationship. It allows you the freedom to be your unique self.

A True Friend Never Leaves You


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Is a friend a real friend?

A real friend is someone that you can rely on. You know that they will keep their plans with you. You know that you can rely on them to show up for you when you need them. Real friends are people that have proven they will show up for you in the past and will continue to do so because you are a priority to them.

Who truly is a friend?

A true friend is someone you can rely on when you need it. They treat you with respect, and being around them makes you feel good. They have your best interest at heart. You feel comfortable being yourself with them, and you can trust them.

What is a good friend in Islam?

The best kind of friend is the one you spend time with to please Allah. They are just, truthful, and trustworthy. You are pleased with them, and vice versa; both have a natural, mutual love for each other without pretense. There is no good for the one who betrays a friend by divulging their secrets to others.

Signs of a Good Friend


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