2 Main Categories of Calamities around the World (Heavenly and earthly calamities)

Welcome to (International Stories). In this story we will discuss The Two Main Categories of Calamities around the World (Heavenly and earthly calamities) Thoroughly read this Islamic story. How can we save ourselves from calamity according to Islam?


Categories of Calamities around the World (Heavenly and earthly calamities)

Caliph Harun al-Rashid was the fifth caliph of the Abbasid dynasty. The Abbasids ruled the Islamic world for a long time, but among them, only Harun al-Rashid was blessed with fame. There was once a great famine during the reign of Harun al-Rashid. The effects of this famine began to be felt from Samarkand to Baghdad and from Kufa to Morocco. Harun al-Rashid tried all measures to deal with this famine. He opened grain warehouses. Waived taxes. Established official anchorages throughout the empire and mobilized all the nobles and merchants to help the victims, However, the conditions of the people did not improve.

One night, Harun al-Rashid was under severe tension. He was not able to sleep. In this state of tension, He called his prime minister, Yahya bin Khalid. Yahya bin Khalid was Harun al-Rashid’s teacher. . Harun al-Rashid said to Yahya Khalid, “Dear Teacher, Tell me a story that will make me understand.

Who was Yahya bin Khalid?

Yahya bin Khalid said (This is the decision of destiny) Is the greatest and most wonderful interpretation of fate and Allah’s pleasure. If you allow me to repeat that story in front of you. The king said anxiously, speak the teacher immediately. My life is stuck in my throat “said Yahya Khalid”.

In a forest, A monkey began to leave for a journey. She had a child. She went to the lion and requested him because she was unable to take the baby with her. Sir, you are the king of the jungle. I am going on a journey. I want you to take care of my child. Monkey child Sat on Lion shoulder. The monkey went on a journey. Now the lion daily sat the baby monkey on his shoulder and went about his daily tasks in the forest.

One day he was roaming in the forest when suddenly an eagle shot from the sky. It came near the lion. It picked up the monkey baby and disappeared into the sky. The lion ran into the forest but it could not catch the eagle. Yahya Khalid stopped. He took a breath and asked Caliph Harun al-Rashid, King Salamat returned to Monkey after a few days and demanded her child from the lion. The lion replied with shame. Your child has been taken by the eagle. The monkey got angry and shouted.

How are you a king?

You could not protect a trust. How will you run the system of this entire forest? The lion shook his head sadly and said. I am the king of the earth. If any calamity came to your child from the earth. I would have stopped it. But this calamity came from the sky and only the one in the sky can stop the calamities of the sky. After narrating this story, Yahya bin Khalid asked Harun al-Rashid. King Salam, Even if this calamity of famine had come from the earth, you would have stopped it. This is the punishment of the sky.


Heavenly calamities and Earthly calamities.

Only Allah can stop it So you should cannot stop it. Don’t become a king to stop it. Be a pauper. This calamity will stop.

There are two types of calamities in the world:

heavenly calamities and earthly calamities. It is necessary for the child to be satisfied with the heavenly calamity. While to avoid the earthly calamity, the unity of human beings, the full use of resources and the sincerity of the rulers are required. Yahya bin Khalid said to Harun al-Rashid, O king, heavenly calamities do not end until a person pleases his ALLAH. Fall before Allah, repent to Him, and ask Him for help.

All the problems of the world and their solutions are only as far as the distance between the forehead and the place of prayer. But alas we can go across seven seas to solve our problems. But the distance between the forehead and the place of prayer is a few inches. Can’t!

(Allah knows best)


Natural disasters can cause great damage to the environment, property, wildlife, and human health. These incidents may also include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, landslides, wildfires, and high temperatures.

Natural disasters are part of our human environment. Natural disasters do not discriminate between people of a society and other communities. In general, forces of nature are not the only causes of calamities.
The ALLAH is saying, If you want to see me and feel my existence then look at nature. Take a look at what I’ve created. This indicates that you shouldn’t interfere with almost anything used to worship ALLAH.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) forbids us from unnecessarily harming flora. And exhorts us to plant trees as a loving gesture. And it is He who sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby the growth of all things.
We learn that we should pray to Allah always when we are in trouble. In these circumstances, Only Allah saves him.



What do you call calamities?

A great misfortune or disaster, such as a flood or serious injury. It is known as a calamity.

What are examples of calamity?

The following are a few instances of some of the worst things a person may do through terrible storms, enormous landslides, enormous earthquakes, horrifying terrorist acts, or the overview of lethal illnesses.

How can one pray for calamities?

Lord, keep each person waiting for aid safe and send assistance to them as quickly as possible. Blessings and protection from Your love, Your angels, and this storm, God, for every individual impacted by it. Tell them that millions of people are praying for them and their loved ones right now.


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