What is Hibernation in Humans? 4 stages of hibernation

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What is Hibernation in Humans? – Can Humans go into Hibernation?

Can a human sleep for 309 years?

Scientific investigation of the incident of Companions of the Cave (Qur’an):

Hibernation (Hibernation) is a process through which about two thousand different organisms of the world sleep for long periods to avoid the harshness of the weather, lack of food, and fear of death. The genes in their cells become aware of such threats and put them into a very long sleep called Hibernation.

Hibernation process:

During this process, the heart rate slows by 95%. Breathing takes minutes instead of seconds. The body temperature decreases and the cools down. And the organism obtains the major part of its nutritional energy from the fat and muscles in the body. This process of obtaining energy from food or fat is called metabolism.

Thus, you can say that the metabolism of a living thing slows down drastically during hibernation. Hibernating animals include mice, bats, squirrels, several species of langur, birds, snakes, insects, and bears.

Hibernating animals eat their fill to fatten up and build fat inside, providing energy for hibernation. After coming out of hibernation for a few months. And the first thing they do is find prey.

What is Hibernation in Humans:

Generally, hibernation is to avoid winter and hunting is also reduced during this season. The longest hibernation to date is that of a bat, which slept for 344 days, almost a year.

Science also shows that telomeres, which are stretches of DNA at the ends of a cell’s chromosomes, shorten each time the cell divides. And their number can be tested in the laboratory to determine how long an organism survives.

Lifespan is estimated but during hibernation, they have been observed to decrease very slowly. To put all this in simple words, during hibernation, the animal’s aging almost stops.

A Hollywood movie called The Passenger. The short theme of the film’s story is that a group of 5000 people and 258 spaceship workers are going to a new planet called Homestead 2. The planet is 120 light years away from Earth. For this reason, it is difficult for a human being to go through his normal life in which he barely gets a physical age of seventy to eighty years.

For this, scientists prepare coffins in which each person is hibernated so that their age slows down to the extreme, and this period of 120 years passes and they land on a new planet with a new life. But one of them wakes up due to a malfunction and discovers that he still has 80 years to reach a new planet. So from here, the film starts again with his struggle to hibernate.

The Surah Kahf of the Holy Quran points out these Aayat:

Now consider these few sentences of Surah Kahf of the Qur’an: So We kept a veil (of sleep) over their ears for many years in the cave. And when the sun rises, you see that it moves to the right side of their cave, and when it sets, it moves to the left side, and they were in its field. These are from the signs of ALLAH.

And you think of them as being awake even though they are sleeping. And We used to turn them to the right and the left and their dog was stretched out on the land with both hands. If you had looked at them, you would have turned your back and fled in terror.

And thus We had them investigate one another. One said: How long have we stayed here? And One said: One day or less. And One said: Our ALLAH knows very well How long have we stayed here? So send one of the members to the city to see what kind of delicious food there is, then bring food from it. And come silently and slowly. And do not tell anyone about your condition.

Science says that during hibernation. Many parts of the body organs of many organisms stop working.
Regardless of the temperature outside, most caves in the world have a constant temperature throughout the year. The Cave Companions’ first step was the cave, followed by sleep.

The Qur’an’s statement that sleep was placed over their ears may refer to the part of our inner ear that is startled by an unusual sound and sends a signal to the brain. The mind usually awakens us, but for the Companions, that function was completely suspended.

O If the sunlight falls in the cave, the temperature of the cave would increase, which could wake up the companions.

Otherwise, the strong rays of the sun on the skin increase the free radical molecules in the body. Which starts to increase the age of a person. But the saying of the Qur’an is that the sun did not set in front of the cave at the time of sunrise and sunset.


What science says about hibernation: What is Hibernation in Humans

We Taking the story to a very interesting stage.
Science believes that if a sleeping person does not change his crotch for a long time, he may suffer from a disease called Pressure Ulcer due to the stoppage of blood flow and pressure.

Science says that if the eyes are closed for a long time, they can damage the optic nerve of the eyes and cause blindness. If they are kept open for a long time, they will damage the cornea.

Most coma patients, if they come back, So they are suffered from eye diseases. Now it is obvious that to sleep for such a long time. It is necessary to keep the eyes blinking regularly to avoid loss of vision.

The Qur’an says, “When you see them, think that they are awake (meaning their eyes are blinking) even though they are sleeping, and turn your backs and run away in terror.” You will see someone sleeping. Who is not even hearing a sound but blinking his eyes. And you will also run away.

Theory of Science in hibernation

Science says that in hibernation, An organism uses most of its body’s energy and starts hunting as soon as it comes out.

The Qur’an says that as soon as they got up, one said, “Bring the delicious food from the market.” All these points prove that the people of the cave had acquired the technology of human hibernation.

Which is shown in the movie Messenger. Now how was this possible? Did they eat some fruit or herb, or did something transfer into their body from an animal that was hibernating in a cave?

NASA and other organizations that are researching the use of hibernation

Allah knows best, but to judge these few sentences of this Qur’an Surah. I invite NASA and other organizations that are researching the use of hibernation (for going into space and treating many patients).

Why the cavemen slept so long? If three hundred solar years are written in Google and converted into lunar years, then 309 years are made. This was the long hibernation of Cave Companions.

Quran says: And the Companions of the Cave stayed in their cave for nine or three hundred years.
Subhan Allah, what are the statistics and wisdom of my Allah? These were a few youths. The king was cruel and wanted to stone them to death. But when these youths trusted in ALLAH. He made a way for them and left a lesson for us.
There is a cave in the city of Tarsus in Turkey, which is known as the cave of Ashab Kahf. The incident of the Companions of the Cave is also known as The Seven Sleepers in Christian religious books and Roman history.

But what the Qur’an has stated in accordance with science is not found in any other book.

Hibernation process


Hibernation basically gives a chance to survive during colder months when food is short or a lack of water is causing them to consume more energy. Hibernation is seen as a coping mechanism for seasonal, and hence predictable drops in food availability and ambient temperature.

Hibernation is a means of energy conservation to endure bad weather or a shortage of food. A decrease in body temperature and a reduced metabolism are examples of physiological changes that occur.

Today’s hibernators can repel a stunning range of assaults from both the inside and the outside while in this low-energy condition.

Hibernation has the ability to resist illnesses that afflict modern people, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and heart attack, in addition to the obvious ones like extreme cold and starvation.



What is called hibernation?

Hibernation is a deep sleep that helps them to save energy and survive the winter without eating much. During hibernation, the animal’s body temperature drops, and its heartbeat and its breathing slow down so that it does not use much energy.

 Is hibernation just sleeping?

Contrary to popular belief, creatures that hibernate do not sleep through the winter. Torpor, which is when metabolism goes down to less than 5% of normal, is a prolonged type of hibernation.

However, hibernation is a far deeper state than sleep. It can range from protracted, deep slumber to mild unconsciousness, depending on the species.

Can humans go into hibernation?

There is no proof that people may enter a prolonged condition of torpor known as hibernation. The physiological condition of metabolic depression known as torpor is characterized by a decrease in body temperature, respiratory rate, and energy expenditure. However, a distant ancestor of humans did hibernate.

This may be due to the fact that a torpor’s low metabolism and body temperature are linked to activity in brain areas usually connected to sleep control. Torpor alters the brain in a way that, if not repaired by the processes of sleep, might harm it. This is another possibility.

Do animals wake up during hibernation?

Animals do not awaken during hibernating, contrary to a common misperception regarding the phenomenon. Whether they are real hibernators or light sleepers determines how and how frequently they awaken.

Hibernation is distinct from everyday torpor in that it frequently occurs during the colder seasons and typically entails substantially lower body temperatures and metabolic rates.

Furthermore, animals that hibernate either eat their own body fat or carefully stored food, as opposed to animals who wake up from daily torpor and forage or feed in a regular manner.

Contrary to popular belief, creatures that hibernate do not “sleep” through the winter. A hibernation is a prolonged kind of torpor, which is characterized by a metabolism that is less than 5% of normal.

What is a hibernation example?

Snakes, bats, hedgehogs, dormice, marsupials, and hedgehogs are some examples of real hibernators. Some nightjars, like the common poorwill, can go into actual hibernation. Bats may temporarily fall into torpor in the autumn to get ready for their winter hibernation.

To survive the winter, some animals enter a protracted slumber. Hibernation is the name given to this seasonal slumber. For instance, frogs and lizards.



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