2 Best Ways to Accept Dua – Which Dua is Always Accepted?

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2 Best Ways to Accept Dua – Which Dua is Always Accepted?

Pray for Parents:

One day I went to RasKhaimah and stopped for prayers in a small mosque on the way. It was noon. As usual, I was sitting in the first row. An old man was also sitting next to me. As per my wish, I will definitely meet him after his Namaz When the congregation was over, he sat down in a corner of the mosque with the Qur’an. I dared to approach and said Aslaam-O-Alaikum. Did you know Urdu?

He says to me Yes, I know Urdu very well. He belonged to a preaching group in Yemen. In Short, There were a lot of talks. When I started to go, I asked him to tell me the best way to accept prayers. They asked me to tell you how to accept our prayers with a 100% guarantee. My hair stood on end and they said, “Allah never direct response.”

He told me that after every Namaz and before every Prayer You should pray first for Parents, whether they are alive or dead. Because since you were born, ALLAH has been collecting their prayers for you. They said to me, I have seen the mirage. As soon as you approach it, it disappears. With this act of prayer, the troubles of your life will disappear like this mirage, InShaALLAH

Believe me, I haven’t forgotten since that day, and the paths are opening like the morning cuts through the night and spread the light.



Parents always have been willing to take responsibility for their children’s misdemeanor; hence, We should respect Our parents. They take the trouble of monitoring their children. Parents always think of their children’s welfare during their entire life, even when they have grown into adults.

When we were helpless, our parents have always been protective of us. There is no basis for children to disrespect their parents because respecting them is the only way of showing gratitude.

Parents play the most important role in your life. They help you mentally, and physically, and are the people that are supposed to be by your side through everything. A parent wouldn’t ever make you do something they know isn’t good for you.

We should always dua for our Parents, whether they are alive or dead.


Why my dua is not accepted?

If you are aware that you are committing a sin, it is best to stop doing so that Allah will respond to your dua. We have no idea which of Your sins is preventing Allah for accepting your prayers.
Then you will make supplication and it will not be accepted”. [At-Tirmidhi].

What is the best prayer for parent?

Dear ALLAH, I pray for my parent’s health, Please give my parents good health because it is your will that they live and prosper in good health. Bless my parents with a sound mind and good health, and Grace them with a life of ease, peace of mind, and absence of wrong.

What is the Sunnah dua for parents?

ALLAH SWT, Allow me to be grateful for The favor that You have blessed on me and my parents, and to do the righteousness that You approve of. And accept me into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants by Your mercy.




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