What is the life of village And what they can work its for own

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What is the life of village And what they can work its for own

What is the life of village And what they can work its for own

 Life of village

Village living is renowned for being peaceful and unpolluted since residents there are more in touch with nature, but it also comes with a unique set of difficulties. Despite leading quiet lives, residents in rural regions lack many of the modern conveniences that make life more comfortable.

Some incidents of villagers they can work for its own it can changed the life

A small village called Asula

There are 416 villages on the outskirts of Delhi, and all of them include a small village called Asula. It is a village of the Gujjar community, a young man from the village, Vijay Tanwar, built a young man in his house more than sixteen years ago and these young people started training for wrestling. Delhi had new wealth, countless malls, cinemas, discos and pubs were being built.
These days, the trend of private parties in the city had also started, so Delhi needed guards and bouncers. A company one day from Vijay Tanwar Hired six wrestlers for Rupees. These wrestlers were made bouncers for a private party and Vijay earned sixty thousand rupees overnight. This 60 thousand rupees gave Vijay Tanwar a new business idea, he turned the arena into a gym, Took 50 youngsters of the village with long, strong saddles, trained them and recruited bouncers and security guards in shopping malls, taking more youngsters trained them and recruited them too. The business started so gyms were built in the whole village and the youth took training.
Kar became bouncers and security guards until asula village and vijay tanwar got manipulated all over Delhi, all guards and bouncers of asula village write tanwar with their name because of vijay tanwar. Delhi mall,cinema hall or Go to a disco, you take a tour of a private office, you stand infront of it and shout tanwar, all the guards there will immediately turn and look at you, the return of the guards proves that Asula village and Vijay Tanwar are both brands in security. There is no single house in Vijay village now without young security guards or bouncers, these people are very noble in terms of habits, they don’t smoke and alcohol, don’t fight, don’t marry without family will. In this way, one person changed the fate of the entire village.

Maruti Chal village in Kerala (South India)

Dear friends, similarly you take the example of Maruti Chal village in Kerala (South India). Wine and atmosphere were common in this village, women and children used to drink and gamble. A villager went to Uni Krishnan city, from there he learned chess, then, come back in the village. Opened a small tea house, placed chess in front of the tea room and started teaching people the game.
Due to Oni Krishnan, the whole village became a chess player. People also left alcohol and gambling. This is the only village in the world where everyone has Master of chess. These people play chess all day long and people from all over the world come to see them. The government has also made chess part of the children syllabus, children are taught and taught chess in schools. Thus, only one person and one game. Changed the fate of the whole village.

A pastor from Seattle built a small village

My lovelies! Now talking about Seattle, the famous city of America, it was famous for the Boeing Corporation, Microsoft and the World Trade Organization. A pastor from Seattle built a small village for the homeless in his church called Tiny House Village. Small in the village There are small rooms and houses, the homeless can live in homes by paying a little rent. This village also became famous all over the world because of its idea.

A village in Thailand its name Rainbow_Village

Similarly my brothers there is also a village in Thailand its name Rainbow_Village. It was a ruined village, the government ordered to demolish it, but a 86-year-old Hoang Yong Fuasi from the village started to paint the walls, it would paint for eleven consecutive years Lived until the village turned into rainbow. Tourists came to know about it, they started coming to the village, as soon as they saw it, it became famous all over the world, and according to my study, there are 20 lakh people in the village every year. And the fate of the village changed because of these people.
Similarly friends, there is a village in Russia also called Sokara. The people of this village are experts in tight_rope_walker i.e. rope walking. All the villagers even children, women and old people are trained to walk on rope. These people come to circus and earned. All the people walking on rope in circus in Russia belong to Sokara village. Four hundred people from the village earn employment by walking on rope in different areas and cities.
What is the life of village And what they can work its for own

A small village in Holland Hogway

My lovelies! Similarly, a small village in Holland Hogway is famous all over the world for dementia patients. Dementia patients get sick but they consider themselves healthy so a doctor built an entire village for dementia patients.
The village is a large nursing home and all the doctors, nurses and supporting staff of this nursing home walk around the village dressed as gardener, drivers, waiters, shopkeepers, cooks and domestic workers. Patients lead normal lives and the staff feeds them medicines while walking. The village also has coffee shops, barbershops, shopping stores, restaurants and grocery stores. Patients continue to receive treatment while living a normal life.

Hayure Bazaar

Hayure Bazaar is another village in the neighboring country of Maharashtra in India. This village was suffering from drought and famine, every house in the village had a local wine kiln. The average age of the village was 45 years due to alcoholism, diseases and hostility. Village Water There was also a severe shortage, there was no rain, there was no school and hospital in the village.
The village chief’s son Popat Rao mastered Commerce and he returned to the village. Popat did three jobs in the village! First, he banned alcohol,second, he started construction of mud and stone dams,he also built 52 dams of clay and 32 stone dams and also built two large water tanks,and third, Popat Rao made groups of three families in the village and The lands were divided into different units and each unit was handed over to one group.
As he, The fate of the whole village has changed, there are currently 236 families in the village. All these people are happy and healthy. 60 families are writers, who have Own tractors, own vehicles and personal paved houses. All the families in the village own personal houses, personal animals and personal grain year round. The village has schools, hospitals, paved roads, sewerage system, parks and markets and per person income is $450 USD. Popat Rao’s village has been awarded the title of India’s richest village, and this village became famous all over the world after this award.

Badhela village

Similarly, VP Sharma, a resident of Badhela village in another Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, read in a magazine. That former President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad knew the art of writing with both hands. VP Sharma went home and started practicing writing with his left hand. He kept practicing until he became an expert in writing with both the hands.
He was happy on his success. To celebrate this success he decided to set up a school in his village where every child is expert in writing with both hands. VP Sharma raised a little bit of money and world’s unique schools in the village Laid foundation. The school is located in village Badhela in Sangrali district of Madhya Pradesh. There are three hundred students in the school and all these students can not only write with both hands but also write two different languages with two hands. All the students of the school also know four languages.
These children can speak and write these languages as well. Experts all over the world are surprised how a common middle educated person built a school in the village, brought together three hundred tribal children and How these kids mastered writing two different languages with both hands.

If this can do it, then why can’t you…?

My beloved, if someone asks me what we can do alone, I will tell them all these examples that if these people can change the fate of their territories alone, what can you not do! You also look to your right and left, if your village people are tall, you make your village a factory of security guards, if there are more women, you teach them sewing and embroidery and make the whole village a boutique, if there are many pot makers in the village.

If there are people, you make the village a ceramic factory. If there are more mochi in the village, you make the Village a show factory and if there is no merit in your village, you turn the whole village into an expert in one sport, youngsters If you can’t teach football, volleyball, wrestling and nothing else, you can make a whole village of waiters, nurses, masseurs, drivers, security guards, cooks, clerks, administrators and accountants, you can just take a swimmer and turn the whole village into a swimmer.

You can make them an expert in cards, chess or ludo and if that’s not even possible, you can at least paint your village in one color and make it Santo Renee of Greece, Ostoni of Italy, Chef Shaun of Morocco and the Rainbow family. As same, You can make a village. You can attract the whole country, the whole world to you, from Vijay Tanwar to VP Sharma, these people are also people like you, if this can do it, then why can’t you…?

What is the life of village And what they can work its for own


The simplicity and tranquilly of village life are abundant. Villages are endowed with vegetation, clean air and water, as well as inhabitants. In the communities, residents coexist in peace and harmony. They put in a lot of effort and favour a modest lifestyle over one that is lavish.

The village is significant since it is where the majority of any nation’s agricultural products is produced. The foundation of India’s economy is the village. It is crucial for preserving the ecological harmony of the ecosystem. Most villages are covered in vegetation, including trees.

There is simple of rooms, which is great for kids. They have a lot of activities they may engage in that are good for their health and education. A village’s inhabitants live in a large region. They love their lives and spend time with one other in a very original way. They may play and spend time with each other.

In fact, we don’t even assist them in their daily lives, and when they become older, we just ignore or distance ourselves from them. However, in a community, children are aware of what their parents are going through and frequently provide a hand to relieve some of their stress.

Villages are modest, peaceful places with a natural charm all their own. Most villagers labour in the fields to make a livelihood; they are often hardworking individuals whose days begin much earlier than those of most city or town dwellers.

What is the life of village And what they can work its for own


Is village life still a game?

Making the game Village Life even more entertaining and addicting! What’s new: There are over 150 additional villagers to acquire in the brand-new Villager Compendium! But, we can say:

Village life is not still a game.Many villagers can be changed their lives own. First, they should get education.Second, Government also supports them.
Because, Farmer is the honor of any country. Because, they lack many facilities.
The communities’ hospitals and schools are understaffed and underequipped. Many communities lack access to electricity or frequently experience power outages. Due to the inadequate telecom infrastructure in these places, communication with residents in other areas can also become rather challenging for the locals.

What is the life of village?

While city life is fast-paced, village life is serene and peaceful. This way of life entails residing in welcoming, easygoing rural communities. It is a life that is the most natural to humans. Homes in rural regions are constructed from mud, straw, and bamboo.

The simplicity and tranquilly of village life are abundant. Villages are endowed with vegetation, clean air and water, as well as inhabitants. In the communities, residents coexist in peace and harmony. They put in a lot of effort and favour a modest lifestyle over one that is lavish.

How is village life different from city life?

As a result of noise, water, and air pollution, city living is quite harmful. The population does not have access to clean air to breathe or a clear sky to enjoy the sun. In addition, the food in cities is contaminated, unhealthy, and adulterated. The settlements are located far from these problems.

My village’s tranquil atmosphere always makes me feel really happy whenever I visit. Here, I may eat some organic fruits and veggies that are fresh. My village’s residents are kind and cooperative, and they don’t have any resentments. They behave as though they are one huge family that constantly look out for one another.

What are the villagers’ core values?

Community Values
Caring. To be compassionate, one must show kindness to others, cultivate empathy to see things from their perspective, and show charity of heart and soul.
Fairness, respect, responsibility, responsibility, courage, and trust.

What is the life of village And what they can work its for own


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