Compromise is a necessary part of any successful.

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Compromise is a necessary part of any successful.

Compromise is a necessary part of any successful.

A black woman is always ugly no matter how much makeup she puts on  face. Compromise is a necessary part of any successful marriage.

Rumeesa just gets ready in ten minutes. Bilal instructed while looking at the clock. Yes, I will get ready now… Bilal’s voice came as soon as her hand reached towards the makeup box after changing her dress and making her hair. What do you think that you will look like a fairy descended from the sky??

No matter what you do Mrs. Romisa you can’t look beautiful because you are a “black woman”. A black woman is always ugly no matter how much makeup she puts on face.

Were there words or fire… Rumisa was burnt she looked in the mirror her face got darker and darker… She  carry her hands on the makeup box. The sweat that came on my forehead was wiped off. She woke up from the extinguished heart. Bilal had gone out of the room.

Everyone in her in-laws was very beautiful, they were made of milk… 

If you kept looking at me, my heart was not satisfied, but when the same milky faces opened their lips, thorns came out of their mouths instead of flowers. She was not beautiful, so she was not ugly either. Rumeesa  was a slow-tempered girl from a well-educated middle-class family. Her relationship was done by her father-in-law of his own will. She came to know this after marriage, which she was paying for.

Before marriage, she never realized her dark skin, no one convinced her, but now everything starts with her color and ends there. Sister-in-law, my friends have come. Let’s make 6 cups of tea. She was ironing Bilal’s clothes when Saba peeked through the door…

Okay, fine, I’ll give it away…

No, no, please don’t come. I’ll come myself after ten minutes to pick you up. While taking out the plug of the iron, she was surprised, but why don’t I come?

What will my friends think that my sister-in-law is black, she immediately turned back and Rumeesa remained sitting where she was. If this hot iron burns my hand it sure would ease the pain… Rumeesa thought of it.

If the person does not look good, at least talk good. Bilal used to say this after everything. Now she thinks about this sentence before speaking and the words remain in her mouth. There was a crime that he didn’t commit but the punishment was was getting… Ever since I got married, there was only one thing I heard in this house. All her manners were bitten by this blackness.

Rumeesa, your heart is very beautiful, her teachers often said. You are the master of all the arts. The very lucky family will be where you go… Wherever you go, don’t see how in two days everyone will be your captive. He had heard these sentences many times. You know how to keep others happy. It was Zainab who always said.

Yes Zainab, but I don’t know the art of changing my face.  No one here cares about my heart or my style I don’t serve anyone just white I would be acceptable. Bilal’s friend’s family suddenly came today. Despite the sudden visit, he managed so well. Everything was perfect and on time. He was sure that at least today Bilal would have been happy with his manners.

Everything went great today… He saw Bilal

I was very embarrassed if she had come after telling me, you would have gone to your mother. Cooking is not everything, they could have ordered from the hotel, I was ashamed of your small face and you say everything is perfect… You should look in the mirror sometimes… I don’t want to see your face. I don’t know how your family tolerates you. And Rumeesa kept staring at her charming face… This charming look at the wedding. She loved everything… I wish Bilal’s heart was also charming.

Peace be upon you dear uncle……

Making parathas for breakfast she was all wrapped up…

It was Manahil that came at night… Peace be upon you, she could not respond to her passionate greetings in the same way even if she wanted to.

Manahil was undoubtedly the most beautiful of her in-laws… Romita was scared in her heart, maybe another exam. You know Mami, the parathas you made have spread all over the house that’s why I woke up. Rumeesa looked shocked.

He smiled let’s make this quick then we have breakfast together… She went ahead while I sip tea, I would have felt ashamed she came for the first time in his presence, she didn’t even come to his wedding, she was having her exams, If Mami, I was so eager to meet you, to talk to you. Now I will annoy you a lot… Enthusiastic Manahil while placing the dishes of breakfast on the table…..

Rumeesa couldn’t believe now that she had seen it why she didn’t show any sarcasm or dislike like the others. According to Rumeesa, he should have won by now…

And then the rest of the time she spoke so lovingly and lovingly… After many days, Rumeesa heart felt slightly tired. After a few days, today she decorated herself with all her heart. Knowing that she could not look beautiful like the others, but still it was her right to decorate herself. Why should she listen to the taunts of others? Put guards on himself…

Nano mother… When I came out of the room in the morning, I thought by mistake I hadcome somewhere else. I looked twice, pinched myself, then I realized that this is the same house which looked more like a house than a junkyard. And then the smell of breakfast in the morning and that too so delicious…

Allah Allah.You just have to pay the Nafal of gratitude all your life. You got such a good daughter-in-law… Your maternal uncle has made you sit on the throne… Why uncle, am I right? He also included Bilal in the conversation. Mother and Bilal did not understand, but for the first time Bilal also thought that Manahil was right, Rumeesa is very bad. Otherwise, the condition of the house was very bad before she came. Lunch was always served at 4 o’clock, that to rascal…

Poor mother, she takes care of the house. Sisters dare to make a cup of tea.And on that day for the first time, Bilal had a lot of talks with Rumeesa. Rumeesa thanked Manahil wholeheartedly before going to bed. Mummy, aren’t you tired? There is one thing to do. She was about to iron when Manahil peeped.

No, don’t say no… My friends are here, my classmates. I did my matriculation from here, and I also explained. You just make some tea. Yes, right, I make it, come and take it after ten minutes. Should I take it? You won’t meet the guests who came home. Surprise spread on Manahil’s face. Rumeesa words got stuck. If I come what will your friends think that Manahil’s aunt is so dark… Romita said it softly. Mommy… What are you saying… The face is created by Allah. Not in our control, fair color is not a sign of beauty at least not in my eyes…

In my scale, the price of the good heart is calculated, and good character is priceless. There is no light thing like a face. Your heart is very sweet, that’s why you are the most beautiful in this house. More than Mamu, Rumeesa raised her face. Bilal, I don’t know when he came from the office.


Manahil says the truth, it is not the face that is beautiful, it is the character that makes us beautiful. Otherwise, Manahil does not like you but she has said that she likes you beautiful character.

Can you forget my words..?

Rumeesa shook her head in proof that she could forget, so smile then. Bilal showed innocence while scratching his ears. People like Manahil are like rain in the sun. Rumeesa thought and smiled…


The conclusion of a compromise in Islamic history, often referred to as a “waqia” (event or incident), can vary significantly depending on the specific incident in question. Islamic history is rich with various events, conflicts, and resolutions, each with its own unique outcome and significance. Here, I’ll provide a general overview of how compromises in Islamic history were typically concluded and their implications:

Negotiation and Mediation:

In many instances, compromises in Islamic history were concluded through negotiations and mediations. This typically involved representatives from opposing parties coming together to discuss their grievances and reach a mutually acceptable resolution. These negotiations were often guided by Islamic principles of justice and fairness, as well as the guidance provided in the Quran and Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Conflict Resolution:

Compromises in Islamic history often aimed to resolve conflicts and disputes that had arisen within the Muslim community or between Muslims and non-Muslims. The conclusion of a compromise was usually marked by the agreement of both parties to abide by the terms and conditions of the settlement.

Written Agreements:

In many cases, compromises were formalized through written agreements or treaties. These documents outlined the terms of the compromise, specifying the rights and responsibilities of each party. These agreements were often witnessed and documented to ensure that both parties honored their commitments.


The conclusion of a compromise often led to reconciliation between the parties involved. This was a crucial aspect, as Islam emphasizes the importance of maintaining good relations and resolving conflicts amicably whenever possible.

Preservation of Unity:

Compromises in Islamic history were frequently pursued to preserve the unity and harmony of the Muslim community (Ummah). The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his successors placed great importance on maintaining the cohesion of the Muslim Ummah and resolving internal conflicts to ensure its strength and stability.

Lessons and Guidance:

Many compromises in Islamic history provide valuable lessons and guidance for Muslims and others. They often illustrate the principles of justice, tolerance, forgiveness, and the importance of resolving disputes peacefully.

Examples of compromises in Islamic history include the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, which was a peace treaty between the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quraysh tribe of Mecca, and the Treaty of Medina, which established a constitution for the city of Medina and ensured the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and non-Muslims within the community.

In conclusion, compromises in Islamic history were typically concluded through negotiation, mediation, and the formalization of agreements. They aimed to resolve conflicts, preserve unity, and promote reconciliation while upholding Islamic principles of justice and fairness. These compromises continue to provide valuable lessons for Muslims and others on conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence.

Compromise is a necessary part of any successful.


What does that compromise mean?

A compromise is a settlement or agreement reached between two or more parties who have different opinions, needs, or goals. It typically involves each party making concessions or giving up something in order to find a middle ground that is acceptable to all involved.

Compromises can occur in various contexts, such as:

Political Compromise:

In politics, compromises often involve lawmakers from different parties or factions working together to pass legislation. They may have to modify their original proposals to gain enough support to pass a bill.

Relationship Compromise:

In personal relationships, compromise is essential for maintaining harmony. It means finding ways to meet each other’s needs and resolve differences without one party dominating or always getting their way.

Business Compromise:

In the business world, compromises can involve negotiations between employers and employees, business partners, or suppliers and customers. These negotiations aim to find mutually beneficial terms for all parties.

International Compromise:

On a global scale, compromises can be reached between countries to resolve conflicts, trade disputes, or international treaties. Diplomats and leaders often engage in negotiations to find common ground.

Family Compromise:

Within families, compromise helps manage daily decisions and conflicts. Parents may compromise on rules and disciplinary measures to create a balanced and fair environment for their children.

The key aspect of a compromise is that all parties involved are willing to give up something in order to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. Compromises are often seen as a way to avoid conflict, build cooperation, and find solutions that, while not perfect for any one party, are satisfactory for all.

Which is an example of compromise?

An example of compromise is when two or more parties with differing opinions or interests reach an agreement by making concessions to find a middle ground that is acceptable to all involved. Here’s an example:

Imagine two friends, Alice and Bob, are planning a road trip together. Alice wants to take a scenic route, while Bob prefers a faster, more direct route to their destination. After discussing their preferences and considering their time constraints, they compromise by choosing a route that combines some scenic drives with efficiency. This compromise allows both Alice and Bob to have some aspects of their preferences met and ensures a more enjoyable road trip for both of them.

What is a compromise in a relationship?

A compromise in a relationship is a mutual agreement or settlement reached between two or more individuals who have differing needs, preferences, or viewpoints. It involves finding a middle ground or balance that both parties can accept and be satisfied with, even if it means making concessions or sacrifices. Compromises are an essential aspect of healthy and functional relationships because they help navigate conflicts and differences, foster understanding, and promote cooperation.

Key aspects of compromises in relationships include:


Effective communication is crucial when discussing and negotiating compromises. It involves openly and honestly expressing one’s needs, concerns, and desires while also actively listening to the other person’s perspective.


Both individuals in the relationship must be willing to adapt and adjust their positions to find common ground. This may require a degree of flexibility and an openness to change.


Compromises often involve trade-offs, where each person gives up something in exchange for something else. It’s essential to weigh the importance of various issues and be willing to prioritize what matters most.


Empathizing with your partner’s feelings, needs, and desires can make it easier to reach compromises. Understanding their perspective and showing empathy can help build trust and strengthen the relationship.

Win-Win Solutions:

Ideally, compromises should result in solutions that benefit both parties to some extent. This fosters a sense of fairness and equality in the relationship.


While compromises are important, it’s also crucial to establish and maintain healthy boundaries within a relationship. Some things may not be up for negotiation, and it’s essential to respect each other’s boundaries and limits.


Finding the right compromise may take time and patience. Rushed decisions can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes, so it’s often better to take the necessary time to explore options and discuss solutions.

It’s important to note that compromise should not mean sacrificing one’s core values, self-respect, or well-being. Healthy compromises enhance a relationship’s strength and longevity, while unhealthy compromises that undermine personal integrity or happiness can be detrimental. Therefore, striking a balance between compromise and self-care is essential in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

What is a synonym for the word compromise?

A synonym for the word “compromise” is “conciliation.” Other synonyms include:

  1. Settlement
  2. Agreement
  3. Arrangement
  4. Resolution
  5. Understanding
  6. Concession
  7. Bargain
  8. Trade-off
  9. Adjustment
  10. Accord

These words can be used interchangeably with “compromise” in various contexts to convey the idea of finding a middle ground or reaching an agreement through mutual concessions.

Compromise is a necessary part of any successful.


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