The History of the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1

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The History of the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1

The History of the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1

Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1 the Ottoman Empire of was a beloved sultan. Once Turkey’s Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni was told that ants had become too much in the roots of trees, the Sultan called the experts and asked what was the solution.
Experts said that if such oil was sprayed on the roots of the trees, the ants would die, but it was Sultan’s habit that before doing any work, the Shariah orders were known, so he himself went to the state Mufti Jin Sheikh. Islam said that he went home but the Sheikh was not at home, so he wrote a message in a verse and kept it for him:

If an ant is trampled on a tree, is it harmful to kill it?

“If an ant is trampled on a tree, is it harmful to kill it?”
Is there any harm in killing them if trees have ants? The Sheikh responded to the message by writing, “If the balance of justice is established, the ant will take the truth without any explanation,” when he arrived and saw it.
“If the scales of justice are established, the ants only take their right”, the Sheikh pointed out what is more important!
The Sultan of Austria set out on a jihadi journey with the intention of conquering Vienna but died on the way, so your body Khaki was brought back to Istanbul, during your preparation and supplication, your will was found in which it was written that mine Bury the chest with me too, the scholars were surprised and thought that it would be full of diamonds and jewels and such valuable things cannot be buried in the soil, so I decided to open the chest when the chest was opened, seeing this Person were surprised that it contained all the fatwas that the Sultan took steps after taking from the scholars and the purpose of burying together was to present proof to Allah that I did not make any government decision against Islam but regular from the scholars After taking fatwa, Shaikh-ul-Islam Abu Saud, who was a state Mufti, started crying and said:
Sultan, you saved yourself, who will save us?

The History of the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1


The shadow of Allah, who bestows thrones on earth onto rulers, is known as the Sultan of Sultans, the King of Kings, and the Sultan. Suleiman I was the sole ruler of all lands from Anatolia to Bulgaria, and during his 46-year rule, he expanded the empire to its broadest extent ever, extending from the gates of Vienna to the Persian Gulf, earning him the European moniker “the Magnificent.” He also codified and standardised legal procedures throughout the empire. It is why he is referred to by Turks as “the Lawgiver.” Suleiman changed the law and produced a single legal system that was in effect for more than three centuries. Shari’ah, or Sacred Islamic Law, was the name of the legal system that prevailed throughout the Ottoman Empire. Islamic history includes a set of religious laws known as shari’ah, or Sacred Islamic Law.


Is The Magnificent century Based on a true story?

‘Turkish historical fiction television programme “Magnificent Century” It is based on the lives of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hürrem Sultan, a slave girl who rose to become the first Ottoman Haseki Sultan. It was written by Meral Okay and Ylmaz ahin.

Who was called Al Qanuni ‘?

The Ottoman Empire’s Suleiman was also known as Al Qanuni.
His native people referred to him as Kanuni, which means “lawgiver,” but the Europeans dubbed him the Magnificent. He saw himself as the second caliph of the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate.

Who was the best Ottoman sultan?

Sultan Suleiman I
Sultan Suleiman I (reigned 1520–66) rose to the throne in the year 500. Despite being the longest-reigning and probably best of all Ottoman sultans, his reign began under the shadow of his father, Selim “the Grim,” who had previously held the throne.

How many wives Sultan Suleiman had?

Wives and concubines

Suleiman had two recognized consorts, although while he was a shade, he had 17 ladies in his harem overall.

What illness did Sultan Suleiman have?

Death. Suleiman the Magnificent, who was 71 years old, led his army on one last campaign against the Hapsburgs in Hungary in 1566. On September 8, 1566, the Ottomans triumphed at the Battle of Szigetvar, although Suleiman had passed away the day before from a heart attack. Metabolic syndrome was the Sultans’ disease under the Ottoman monarchy. The Sultan’s heart and internal organs were taken, interred beneath the royal tent next to the castle, and his body was embalmed in order to preserve it. The body subsequently remained there for 48 days until Selim II, Suleiman’s son, arrived to take the throne and arrange for the remains to be transported back to Istanbul.Who was the most loved Sultan?Many historians view Suleiman as the most successful sultan of the Ottoman Empire. During his reign, which lasted from 1520 to 1566, the kingdom underwent audacious military battles as well as advancements in the realms of law, literature, art, and architecture.The History of the Ottoman Empire of Sultan Suleiman-ul-Qanuni 1


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