Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.

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Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.

Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.

The phrase “Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen” carries a deep and poignant meaning. It suggests an idealized notion of a place or state of being where sorrow, pain, or suffering has never existed or intruded. It evokes the concept of a sanctuary, a haven untouched by the trials and tribulations of life.

This imagery can represent a longing for peace, tranquility, and happiness, free from the burdens and hardships that characterize human existence. It reflects a universal human desire for a place or state of being where joy reigns eternal, and sorrow is an unknown concept.

A woman with her only son was living a happy life.

It is said that somewhere in China, a woman, with her only son, was living a happy life, unaware of the world and its world and engrossed in her own world, that one day her son’s death came and she realized that she was the real creator met with. For a woman, the total loss of her son was an unbearable shock.

His mind was not ready to accept the system of nature. Ruti Petti went to the Hakeem of the village and told him that she is ready to spend all her savings in exchange for him to tell her a recipe that will bring her son back.

Hakeem Sahib had seen the seriousness of this sad woman. After much thought, he said, Yes, there is a prescription. All that is needed for treatment is a tiny mustard seed be take from a home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.

The woman said that it is not a problem, I will go and find such a mustard seed and bring it. According to the woman, her village was the place where people’s homes did not suffer from grief. With this thought in his heart, he knocked on the door of the first house in the village, and a young woman came out.

The woman asked him; Has your house never seen sorrow before? A bitterness appeared on the young woman’s face and she said with a painful smile on her face; My home is where the sorrows of the ages have camped. Then she began to tell how her husband died a year ago, leaving behind four boys and girls, who did not have adequate livelihood or employment arrangements.

They have even now they don’t have much goods left to sell. The story of the young woman was so sad and sad that the woman sat next to her and continued to comfort her and ease the burden of her heart. And by the time he asked permission to leave, the two had become friends.

Both promised to meet each other again and the woman left her house on the condition of keeping in touch. Before sunset, this woman entered another woman’s house where another shock was waiting for her here. The husband of this woman was bedridden at home suffering from a dangerous disease.

Not only was there no food and drink for the children in the house, but these children were also hungry at that time. The woman ran to the market and bought some pulses, flour and ghee with the money she had in her pocket. Together with the housewife, he quickly cooked food and fed these children with his own hands.

After entertaining them for some time, they asked permission from all of them with the promise that she would come to meet them again tomorrow evening. And the next day again this woman wandered from one house to another and from one door to another with this hope.

She kept hoping that she would find a home where no shadow of sorrow had ever fallen and she could get a mustard seed from there, but everywhere failure was waiting to pounce on her face. This kind hearted woman became a part of the people affected by the problems, sufferings and sorrows of the people and tried to share some happiness in all of them.

She even forgot that she had left her home in search of a home that was never overshadowed by sorrows and she could cure her sorrows by asking those lucky people for a mustard seed. . But she was unconsciously participating in the sorrows of others and becoming a cure for their sorrows.

The Hakim of the village seemed to have suggested such an ideal recipe to overcome his sorrows, in which it was impossible to find mustard seeds, but the sorrows were not controlled at all. And the magic of overcoming her sorrows began the moment she entered the first house in the settlement.

This story is not a recipe for social reformation, rather it is an open invitation to anyone who wants to be lost and engrossed in their own worlds without caring about the sorrows and joys of others, locked in the shell of their ego.

However, by interacting with others and sharing in their sorrows and joys, happiness increases, not decreases. This story does not want to teach that if you come out of the shell of your ego, you will become a loved and admired person, rather this story wants to tell that this social behavior of yours will make you more at first. It will make a happy person.Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.

Sorrow synonym

Here are some synonyms for “sorrow”:











Sorrow drips into your heart

“Sorrow drips into your heart like raindrops falling into a pool of water, creating ripples that spread across the surface, stirring up emotions and memories. It weighs heavy, pulling at the strings of your soul, leaving you feeling submerged in a sea of sadness. Yet, just as rain eventually stops and clouds part to reveal the sun, hope shines through the darkness, offering solace and the promise of brighter days ahead.”

Sorrow for something done crossword clue

The crossword clue “sorrow for something done” might indicate a word or phrase that encapsulates the feeling of regret or remorse for a past action. Here’s a breakdown:

Sorrow: This refers to a deep feeling of sadness or regret.

Something done: This implies an action that has already taken place.

Putting these together, you’re looking for a term that describes the feeling of regret or sadness for something that has been done or happened.

One possible answer could be “remorse.” Remorse is a strong feeling of guilt or regret for a wrongdoing or the consequences of an action. It perfectly fits the description of feeling sorrow for something done.

In crossword puzzles, it’s common for clues to be concise and to the point, so “sorrow for something done” might be the clue for a word like “remorse.”


The story you’ve shared is a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of human experiences and the power of empathy and compassion in overcoming personal sorrows. It highlights the transformative journey of a woman who initially sought a magical cure for her grief but ultimately found solace and purpose in connecting with and alleviating the sufferings of others.

Through her encounters with individuals facing various hardships, she not only provided material assistance but also offered genuine empathy and companionship. In doing so, she not only eased the burdens of others but also found healing and fulfillment herself.

This narrative underscores the profound truth that genuine human connection and acts of kindness have the potential to bring about profound positive change, both for individuals and communities.

Moreover, the story serves as a powerful reminder of the limitations of seeking individual solutions to personal challenges without considering the broader context of human experiences. It emphasizes the importance of transcending self-centeredness and embracing a mindset of empathy and solidarity.

By doing so, one not only enriches the lives of others but also finds deeper meaning and fulfillment in their own journey.

Ultimately, the story encourages readers to break free from the confines of ego and self-absorption and to embrace a more interconnected and compassionate approach to life. It suggests that true happiness and fulfillment are found not in isolation but in genuine connection and service to others.


What is the meaning of the word sorrows?

“Sorrows” refers to feelings of deep distress, sadness, or grief caused by misfortune, loss, or disappointment. It is often used to describe emotional pain or suffering experienced due to various life circumstances such as the death of a loved one, failure, loneliness, or other difficult situations. The term can encompass a range of negative emotions and is often associated with profound sadness and melancholy.

What is this sorrow?

Sorrow is a deep feeling of sadness, grief, or regret typically caused by some form of loss, disappointment, or hardship. It’s a complex emotion that can be triggered by various experiences such as the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, failure, or even witnessing suffering in others.

Sorrow often involves a sense of heaviness, longing, and emotional pain. It’s a natural part of the human experience and can vary in intensity and duration depending on the individual and the circumstances surrounding it.

While sorrow can be overwhelming and difficult to endure, it’s also a profound aspect of our capacity for empathy, reflection, and growth.

What is the plural form of sorrow?

The plural form of “sorrow” is “sorrows.” For example, you might say, “She experienced many sorrows in her life.”

What does it mean to be full of sorrow?

To be full of sorrow means to experience a deep and profound sense of sadness, grief, or anguish. It’s a state of emotional pain or distress that can result from various sources such as loss, disappointment, regret, or suffering.

When someone is full of sorrow, they may feel heavy-hearted, overwhelmed by sadness, and may struggle to find comfort or solace. This state can affect a person’s mood, behavior, and overall outlook on life, often leading to introspection and a need for support from others.Home where no shadow of sorrow has ever fallen.


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