It is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships

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It is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships

It is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships

I want to divorce you.
Now regret what happened when the sparrows have eaten the field:
While placing the food on the table, he was completely focused on decorating the plates and my eyes were fixed on his face. I gently held her hand and she was shocked
“I want to talk to you about something important.”

After mustering enough courage, it finally came out of my mouth
She sat quietly on the chair, her eyes were focused on the table, but she could feel the pain welling up from them.

For a moment I was tongue-tied, but it was very important to tell what was going on in my mind.
“I want to divorce you.”
My eyes drooped
Contrary to my hope, he didn’t show any surprise or worry, just asked in a gentle tone
I ignored his question. This attitude of mine was appreciated by him. Throwing the spoon in her hand on the floor, she started shouting and got up from there saying that
“You are not a man.”

Both of us did not speak to each other throughout the night. She kept crying. I knew that it was important for him to know what happened to our marriage.

I had no satisfactory answer to give. What will tell him that someone else has taken his place in me? Now I no longer love him at all.
I felt very sorry for him and also had a regret.

But now I had to stick to what I had decided.
Before submitting the divorce papers to the court, I gave her a copy stating that she can own the house, car and 30% of my personal business after the divorce.

He glanced at the papers and the next moment tore them into pieces and threw them on the ground. The woman with whom I shared ten years of my life became a stranger in an instant. I was sorry that he had wasted his precious feelings and precious moments on me, but what would I have done?

Someone else had made a home in my heart to such an extent that the thought of losing him was impossible for me.
Finally, it broke apart and crumbled in front of me. There were tears in his eyes. Maybe that’s what I wanted to see after this divorce.

The next day, after spending the whole day with my new love, when I reached home tired, she was busy writing something on the table. I did not pay any attention to him and fell asleep on the bed. When I opened my eyes late at night, she was still writing something.

Even now I did not ask him any questions.

When I woke up in the morning, he laid before me some terms of divorce. He did not want any of my wealth and property. She just wanted to stay with me for one more month. In that one month we had to live like a good husband and wife.

The major reason for this condition was our son who was going to have his exams in a few days. I was ready to accept his condition that his parents’ divorce would not affect his education.

His second and stupid condition was that every morning I should carry him in my arms and leave him at the door of the house. As I used to do in the early days of marriage. When she used to go out for work, I used to carry her in my arms and leave her at the door.

Although I was not ready to accept this, but in these last days it did not seem appropriate to break his heart, so I accepted this condition.
When I mentioned these conditions to my new love, she laughed
“Whatever he wants to do, one day he will get divorced.”

My wife and I did not discuss our divorce with anyone else.
As per the condition, on the first day when I had to pick him up and leave him at the door, those moments were very strange for us.

Hesitantly I picked him up and he also closed his eyes. At that time, an echo of applause fell on both of our ears
“Papa has picked up Mimi. Haha.”

Our son was beaming with joy.

His words caused a pain in my heart and my wife’s condition was almost the same as mine.
“Please! Don’t tell him anything about the divorce,” she said softly
I nodded in response
After leaving her at the door, I left for my office and she walked towards the bus stop.
It was a little easier for me to pick him up the next morning, and he was less hesitant. He put his head on my breast. After a while, the scent of his body hit my senses.

I began to examine it carefully. The deep wrinkles on his face and the gray hair on his head were a testimony to the fact that he had lost a lot in this marriage.

After I held him in my arms for four more days, the intimacy that had been lost between us started to resurface.

Then those feelings of intimacy grew with each passing day.
Moments flew by and the month was completed.
That last morning I was getting ready to go and she was spread out on the bed and worried about what to wear today.

Because all the old clothes were starting to open on her thin body. It was then that I realized how weak she had become. Maybe that’s why I picked it up so easily. Unwilling to see the pain in his eyes, I went to him and put my hand on his shoulder.
“Daddy! Take Mummy out for a spin.”

Our son’s voice reached my ears.

In his opinion, at this moment it was important that I somehow entertain his mother.
My wife turned to her son and hugged him. Thinking that this moment should not weaken me, I turned away.
The last time I picked her up in my arms she also wrapped her arms around my neck. I held it tightly. The day of the wedding started rolling before my eyes when I first picked her up and brought her to my house and promised to keep her close to my chest like this every day until I die.

My footsteps went from the floor, probably from the gym, so I barely made it to the door. I whispered in his ear while taking it down
“Perhaps there was a lack of intimacy between us.”
She started looking into my eyes and I left her there and headed towards my car. While driving at a high speed, a fear kept creeping into my heart that I might not weaken, not change my decision.

I braked at the door of the house where the new destination was waiting for me. The door opened and she came in front of me smiling
“Forgive me. For him, the words “I can’t divorce my wife” were nothing short of an explosive one.

She came to me and put her hand on my forehead and said
“Perhaps you are not feeling well or you are joking.”
“No! I’m not kidding. Maybe our married life has faded, but my love for him is still alive in my heart. It’s just that we forgot everything that was important to him.

But I have remembered everything and I also remember the promise I made to him on the first day of marriage.
After breaking each new bond I returned to reattach the old bond. I had a bouquet of flowers in my hand with a note written on it
“I shall pick you up in my arms and drop you off at the door every day. Only death can stop me from doing that.”

I entered my house and started running up the stairs. I had the greatest gift of life to give my wife.
When I was a few moments away from him, the rope of life slipped from his hands.
She had lost her battle with cancer for several months.

She never mentioned her pain to me nor did her busy life give me an opportunity to ask her.

It is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships

I was looking for love for myself in someone else’s heart when he needed me the most.
She knew she didn’t have much time. Lest the effect of divorce before his death sow the seed of hatred for me in our son’s heart.

Therefore, in the past one month, he portrayed me as a very loving husband in front of his son. Which was not real but definitely permanent.
This story is for those who try to run away from their colorless relationships instead of adding color to them.

Many times we are late in understanding that it is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships. Its decision is definitely in your hands, but lest you cannot decide in time and your hands remain empty forever in this delay.

So don’t be late.


The story you shared is quite poignant, reflecting the complexities of relationships and the profound impact of choices made within them. It’s a reminder of how easily we can overlook the value of what we have until it’s almost too late.

The protagonist’s journey from the brink of divorce to a realization of the depth of his love and commitment is a powerful narrative arc. It illustrates the importance of communication, understanding, and the willingness to work through difficulties rather than hastily giving up.

The twist at the end, revealing the wife’s terminal illness and her selfless efforts to preserve her husband’s relationship with their son, adds another layer of depth and emotion to the story. It underscores the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Ultimately, the story serves as a reminder to prioritize and nurture the relationships that truly matter, rather than seeking fulfillment elsewhere. It encourages readers to reflect on their own relationships and consider whether they’re investing enough time and effort into them.

It’s a touching tale that prompts introspection and appreciation for the precious bonds we have in our lives.


What is the definition of a relationship?

A relationship typically refers to the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected or related. In a social context, it often specifically denotes the connection or bond between individuals, whether it’s romantic, familial, platonic, or professional.

Relationships involve various aspects such as emotional attachment, mutual understanding, communication, shared experiences, and sometimes commitment or obligations. They can range from casual acquaintanceships to deeply intimate partnerships, and they play a crucial role in human interaction and personal development.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

Relationships can be categorized into various types based on different criteria. Four common types of relationships often referred to are:

1. Friendship:

This type of relationship is characterized by mutual affection, trust, and support between individuals. Friends share common interests, activities, and often provide emotional and social support to each other.

2. Romantic Relationship:

These relationships involve intimacy, passion, and commitment between partners. Romantic relationships typically involve physical attraction, emotional connection, and the desire to build a future together.

3. Familial Relationship:

Family relationships are based on blood ties, marriage, or adoption. They include relationships between parents and children, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. These relationships are often characterized by love, care, and support, though they can also involve conflict and tension at times.

4. Professional Relationship:

These relationships are formed in the context of work or business. They include relationships between colleagues, supervisors and subordinates, clients and service providers, and other professional connections. Professional relationships are typically based on mutual respect, cooperation, and shared goals related to work or career advancement.

These categories can overlap, and individuals may experience different types of relationships simultaneously in their lives.

What defines a good relationship?

A good relationship is defined by several key elements:

Communication: Open, honest communication is vital. Partners should feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and needs, and they should actively listen to each other.

Trust: Trust forms the foundation of any healthy relationship. Both partners should trust each other implicitly and feel secure in the relationship.

Respect: Mutual respect is essential. This means valuing each other’s opinions, boundaries, and individuality.

Empathy: Understanding and empathizing with each other’s feelings is crucial for connection and support in a relationship.

Support: Partners should be each other’s biggest supporters, offering encouragement, assistance, and comfort during both good times and challenges.

Equality: A good relationship is built on equality, with both partners sharing responsibilities, decision-making, and power.

Shared Values: While differences can enrich a relationship, sharing core values and goals can create a strong bond and sense of unity.

Quality Time: Spending quality time together strengthens the connection between partners and reinforces their bond.

Healthy Conflict Resolution: Disagreements are natural in any relationship, but it’s how partners handle them that matters. Constructive conflict resolution involves listening, compromising, and finding solutions together.

Personal Growth: A good relationship should support the personal growth and development of both partners, allowing them to pursue their individual goals while also growing together as a couple.

Ultimately, a good relationship is one where both partners feel loved, supported, and valued, and where they can grow and thrive together.

A relationship between husband and wife typically involves a deep emotional bond, mutual respect, trust, and commitment. It’s a partnership where both individuals support each other emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Communication, understanding, and compromise are essential elements for a healthy marriage. Moreover, it often involves shared responsibilities, goals, and aspirations, as well as the ability to navigate challenges together. Ultimately, it’s about building a life together based on love, companionship, and shared values.It is more correct to establish new relationships or to fill old relationships


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