20 Qualities of a good wife

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What are qualities of a good wife?

Qualities of a good wife

Their idea qualities of a good wife is a domesticated woman who understands how to take care of the house, accepts whatever little respect.

A good wife is full of qualities. Empathetic and caring. A good wife demonstrates both compassion and caring. Sensitive to the smallest details. Enjoys spending time with her hubby. She supports her hubby. Shows respect for her spouse.

Qualities of a good wife accarding In Islam as, a wife aids her husband in obeying Allah’s instructions, adding colour to his life, bearing his responsibilities, supporting him through his highs and lows, respecting his family, and engaging in activities that bring him joy.

Most importantly, show each other a great deal of respect, loyalty, and love.

The only person who can consider her husband’s safety as a mother is a wife. The only person a man can depend on except his mother is his wife.

Every successful guy is said to have Qualities of a good woman behind him, who may be his mother, wife, sister, or friend.

This article has a lot to learn for young girls and mothers.

I happened to visit the house of a Pakistani in Austria long time ago, he belonged to the construction department, was less educated than usual, had married two marriages, The other was from Morocco, and the one wife was from Pakistan.

Our Moroccan women imagine about these are beautiful slim and smart while most of our women have normal nain shape but there situation was totally different their moroccan wife was normal nain shape tall lady while Pakistani wife white Chatti was Kashmiri.

These two wives lived up and down in two separate flats.
It is illegal in Europe to have two marriages at the same time, so Muslims declare one wife in government papers and the other wife is limited to Nikah only.

These people usually But the declared wife is a government wife and the other is called a Nikah wife. This man had also made a similar arrangement.

The Pakistani wife was official while the Moroccan wife was Nikah. This story was common so far. There are hundreds of such people in Europe and their story almost similar to each other the real story will follow.

I was surprised to see a few things in this family. The Moroccan wife had the central status in the family. She was the head of the whole family. Her Pakistani wife and children all respected the Moroccan women immensely.

The Pakistani wife and the Moroccan women were apa and Pakistani children used to say that the youngest daughter of a Pakistani wife used to sit on the lap of a Moroccan wife and eat food from her hands. Older children used to go to university, but they also loved their stepmother and respected her from the heart.

Pakistani wife used to perform ablution with her own hands and used to offer prayers. She also used to sacrifice her second wife again and again.

It was a surprising scene for me. One evening I expressed this surprise in front of her. He laughed. He called both his wives and then began to narrate his story. He told that the Pakistani wife was his cousin.

She was fast-tempered and furious.

She was fast-tempered and furious. He brought his wife to Austria after marriage. Two children were born, but in their life there was no. There was peace and restlessness. They worked all day. When they came home in the evening, the wife started to chirp.

Wife’s demands and demands were also illogical, so their life became hell. They used to stop at a coffee shop on the way every day. Their second wife used to work in this coffee shop. They used to see the woman every day.

She had modesty in her eyes and decency in her tone it worked all the time in the coffee shop if there were no customers she would start cleaning chairs and tables or scrubbing counters and kitchen sink and it often took the stairs Kar used to clean the board of the coffee shop I had never seen this woman sitting in a chair I was so impressed by her hard work.

I was also surprised to see this lady started this job three years ago and She stuck with this coffee shop till the end meanwhile dozens of employees came and went two owners of the coffee shop also changed.
But the lady didn’t change the job she was doing the job of five people alone on a small remuneration slowly turning the master into a lady Interest has arisen

The woman also began to take interest in them. This series continued until both of them decided to marry. The woman put two strange conditions before marriage.

Her first condition was, I’ll live with your first wife and kids
Second condition was, I will not work, I will take care of the house.

He accepted both the conditions in fear. Got married and he returned home with the second wife. The first wife took her to the sky, but it was only one day’s cry.

The next day, I took the first wife fifty percent in my hands, and in two weeks, they became sisters. Time passed.

The Moroccan wife was polite, diligent, ‘was full of love, was tireless, had a broad heart and was selfless So it captivated the whole family with its service, love and simplicity. It became the center of the whole family.
He, his children and his two wives were very happy. The owner also made tremendous progress after the second marriage. He was a wonderful joyful and interesting family in every way.

I asked the Moroccan wife at the end of the story. What magic did you do? How did this happen like this?

You make his house a paradise

The lady said in Morocco old women pray for their grandsons and granddaughters go may God give you an angel it means you marry an angelic person my grandmother used to pray for me one day my grandmother Asked mom, how will I get an angel?

So my grandmother replied, whoever you marry, you make his house a paradise. Even if that person becomes a devil, he will become an angel.
My grandmother told me that angels live in heaven and devils live in hell and the women of the world live in their homes. Angels come to their homes. I obeyed my grandmother’s words.

I made this house a paradise. So all the people in this house became angels. My pillar also became angels. You can now see the other story too. I know a gentleman from Lahore. He is a few hands ahead of me in ugliness. Black color, lizard stains on his face, small beard and when on his waist, he is ugly from all sides.

He is not rich, he barely lives, he is not even educated. Yes, but his wife is extremely beautiful, sophisticated and highly educated. She is a medical doctor. She loves her husband very much. She also takes care of him like a child.

I was surprised at this strange combination nation. I asked this man for prescription chemistry one day. He took me straight to his wife and put my question in front of her. Wife laughed and said, “three from man to woman.

” Things require care love and respect and this man is perfect in all three.
The amount of care, love and respect he gave me was not even given by my brothers, my mother and my father so I am devoted to him all the time.

Surprised to see this man and asked him where did he learn this prescription from? He smiled and said, every man in the world wants to see a fairy as his wife, but he forgets that devils don’t get fairies, humans get themselves.
Become a human being, you will find fairies in the world and you will live among fairies in the heavens. He became silent. I asked him and what are humans?

He replied with a laugh.

Angels are the holiest creatures of Allah Almighty

Angels are the holiest creatures of Allah Almighty, but why Allah make man prostrate from this sacred creature?
Because man had the essence of humanity and this is the essence that angels are deprived of. We humans, if we become humans once in a lifetime, we will get fairies and angels will prostrate again.

I awaken the humanity hidden in our existence.

I had started the process of becoming a human being, so Allah Almighty filled my house with the light of this Hoor. I challenge anyone in the world to awaken the humanity in him, no matter how old his wife is, illiterate or She will be ugly, she will become a Hoor, she will fill her house with light.

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I wish this thing would sink in your heart.

My only desire is to write some words that will stop someone while going on the path of misguide, but if they don’t, they will definitely think about it.

We pray to You and praise You.
Our Lord, forgive us our sins
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Pray for the forgiveness of the entire Muslim Ummah by reciting Surah Fatiha once and Surah Ikhlas three times. I ask Allah to pardon me as well as all of your relatives, grandparents, neighbours, and instructors.

Amen O Lord of the Worlds Amen for the sake of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
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O Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him And blessed May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him May Allah’s blessing and Allahu ta’ala, blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, his family, and associates

O Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him  And blessed May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him May Allah’s blessing and peace be upon  Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family and companions

What are qualities of a good wife?

Some style of life of wives

When choosing a working woman, you have to accept that she can’t run a house.

If you choose a housewife who can take care of you and manage your home completely, you have to accept that she is not making money.
If you select an obedient lady, you must recognise that she depends on you and that you are responsible for ensuring her safety.
If you decide to be with a strong woman, you have to accept that she’s tough and has her own opinions.
If you choose a beautiful woman, you have to accept big expenses.
You must realise that a successful lady has character and her own objectives and aspirations if you choose to be with her.
There is no such thing as perfect. We are distinctive because everyone has their own puzzle to solve. Take a pause and think.

Husband should advised 4 things his wife in the first meeting.

That four things should be taken care of:
First of all, I love you so much. That’s why I liked you as a wife. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have brought you home through Nikah.
Making you a wife and bringing you home is the proof Is that I love you because we are human not angel if I ever make mistake you ignore it. Ignore the small fat shortcomings.
And secondly, don’t play me like a drum.
The wife said, what do you mean? She said when, suppose if I am angry, do not answer in front of me at that time. When a man is saying something in anger and a woman is also running her tongue, it is very dangerous. If a man is angry.
Then a woman If a woman is angry, then a man should avoid. If anger comes from both sides at the same time, it is like pulling the rope from both sides. Pull the rope from one side and let loose on the other side, then he It does not break if pulled from both sides, then that rope breaks if it falls.
The third advice is to see, talk to me about every secret and need, but do not complain about people. Because most of the time husband and wife spend a very good time with each other.
But talk about Nand, talk of mother-in-law, talk of such things, these are life. Inside dissolves poison. Therefore, complaints should be avoided to the maximum extent possible.
And the fourth thing, see that the heart is one, either there can be love in it or hatred in it. Two things can not stay in the heart at the same time. If you feel bad about anything I say against the principle, do not keep it in your heart, talk to me in a legitimate way.
Because by keeping things in the heart, a person becomes a victim of Satan’s whispers and dissolves hatred in the heart and changes the direction of life by deteriorating relationships.


Qualities of a good wife transforms a man for the better.
She leads him in the correct direction and is there for him through good times and bad. She conducts the household duties and takes care of the kids all by herself. She is a skilled multitasker who balances her time between work and home.

In Islam, a good woman is one who is believed to diligently uphold her honour and virginity both when her husband is present and while he is not.

The Qur’an advises wives to submit to their husbands and be flexible. Also, wives should maintain their integrity and dignity by keeping their husbands’ secrets. This is significant in the eyes of Islamic scholars for maintaining a healthy family system.

“A woman is typically married for one of the three reasons: she is married for her riches, she is married for her beauty, or she is married for her faith,”

stated Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Therefore select the one of faith and manners- may your right hand then be wealthy.”

Qualities of a good wife is her husband’s jewel, but a woman who humiliates him is like rottenness to his bones. A man and a woman enter into a lifelong commitment to live as one flesh for their mutual benefit and in order to have children.

A husband and wife’s relationship is a lovely, contented, and peaceful thing. That is a relationship for which Allah Himself has infused a desire in every human heart. We may see the significance of this connection from the Quran, which praises it.

What are qualities of a good wife?


What is the full meaning of a wife?

A married lady, particularly when viewed in the context of her spouse.

A wife is a female partner in a union. Unless their marriage is formally ended by a divorce decree, a woman who has split from her spouse is still considered to be his or her wife. A wife is referred to be a widow once her lover passes away.

What does a wife mean to a husband?

A wife should show love and respect to her spouse. A good woman serves as her husband’s closest friend, mentor, adviser, and supporter. Thus, express your affection once more and your concern for him by your deeds.

Men desire a life mate who will be dependable, faithful, and trustworthy, just like women do. Men want a partner who would support them, and given the high rate of divorce, it’s not surprising that reliability would remain alluring.

What is wife called?

The female spouse of a couple that regard one another on an equal footing in their union

A married lady is compared to her husband. husband, missus, helpmate, and helpmeet.

Who is a perfect wife?

A good wife demonstrates compassion and concern. She is considerate of the family’s requirements and makes an effort to offer a solution. She tries to cheer up her spouse and can relate to his frustrations. Her concern for others ensures that the family never lacks in any way.

Their idea qualities of a good wife is a domesticated woman who knows how to take care of the house, who should be meek and accept whatever little respect she receives while elevating her husband and in-laws, who is only concerned with taking care of the house and is not ambitious, and who is aware of how to make adjustments.

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