What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?

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What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?

What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?

Good deeds

  • “Do good things and follow the road that is right.”
  • When you have a dream, hold on to it tightly because nothing is impossibly difficult.
  • The bad news is that time flies…. Life has all those twists and turns.
  • “There is nothing difficult to those who would attempt.
  • “Always keep your back to the light, and shadows will follow you.”

Good Thoughts Quotes

  • Even the worst days have an end, and the best days have a beginning, thus every day is a wonderful day.
  • “My sympathies, you’re still alive,”
  • someone said. … “The finest sleeping medication is a clear conscience”…
  • “The most beautiful grin goes to those who make others smile.”

The king called his three ministers into the court

One day the king called his three ministers into the court and ordered all three to enter the garden with a bag each.
And from there came taking various good fruits for the king.
The ministers were astonished at this strange order of the king and all three entered the separate gardens holding a bag each.
The first minister tried to collect delicious and fresh fruits of his choice for the king and after a lot of hard work he filled the bag with the best and fresh fruits.
The other minister thought that the king would not examine each fruit himself, nor would he notice the difference between the fruits.
So he quickly filled his bag with all kinds of fresh and raw and rotten fruits without noticing the difference.
And the third minister thought that the King would only focus on filling the bag. What’s inside, the King will not see.
Thinking of this, the minister filled his bag with grass and leaves and escaped hard work and saved time.
On the next day, the king ordered the three ministers to appear in the court with their bags.
When the three appeared in the court, the king did not even open the bags and ordered that the three should be imprisoned for 1 month along with their bags.
Now the three had nothing to eat in this remote prison, except the bag they had collected.
Now the first minister who picked and collected good fruits, lived happily on his fruits.
And his1 month so far was passed easily.
And another minister who collected all the fresh rotten fruits without seeing it. He had a hard time eating fresh fruits for a few days but then had to eat raw and rotten fruits, which made him very ill and suffered a lot.
And the third minister who collected only grass in his bag.
He died of hunger a few days later because he had nothing to eat.
You better ask your self.
What are you collecting?
You are in this garden right now.
Collect good deeds for yourself from wherever you want. And if you want bad deeds?
But remember when the king’s order will be issued.
So you will be put in your jail grave.
You will be alone in that prison where you will only have the bag of your deeds with you. So what you have collected, will get you there.
So, by doing a little hard work, collect good things, i.e. good deeds and live a comfortable and easy life there.
We still have time and Allah has kept us away from all excuses. At least five times each day, think about Him. He will give you the ability to do great deeds.
May Allah make understanding possible for us. Ameen

A very sinful man lived near Basra

When he died, lifting his funeral was a far off thing, no one even tolerated to touch him. In such a situation, his wife hired a hired laborer, he picked up his funeral and took him to the cemetery. There was a pious man in the mountains near the cemetery.
He was very famous for his worship. He was waiting for the funeral prayer before the funeral prayer was held. When the news of this pious man leading the funeral procession, people began to gather in full swing. They offered the funeral prayer under the authority of this pious.
People were very surprised at this act of pious man.
They asked him about funeral prayers, he said that he received this order in a dream, go to that place, there is a funeral coming. There is only one woman with him whose funeral is going to be forgiven. People’s surprise increased on the sentence.
Upon finding out about his condition, the woman found out that it was true that he was a drunkard and spent all his life in the bar, but there was one quality in him that when he was not drunk in the morning, he would perform the Fajr prayer ablution.
He used to do. Second, there were orphaned children in his house whom he treated like his own children. Third, when he came to his senses at night, he would cry a lot and plead to Allah that which corner of Hell will he fill me with the wicked one. When this secret was revealed. So the pious departed.

You may direct your thoughts outward towards others by performing a good deed. It enables you to briefly move outside of your own reality. Doing good deeds can improve your health by lowering stress, for example.

According to research, being kind to others and performing other acts of kindness really makes a person more optimistic. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to do an act of compassion.

In essence, showing good behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour are achieved by incentives for good deeds and penalties for bad deeds.

An activity you perform to benefit another individual or society at large is referred to as a good deed. Even when performed with the greatest of intentions, good deeds must nevertheless be taken seriously. Otherwise, they may not be considered good deeds.

What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?

A few small but important points of good deeds.

This world is very good as if we do good deeds then we will get its fruits. World is bitter for those who are live their life with corruption or sins.

If you’re calling someone, no matter how early you to, don’t call more than twice. That person is not picking up the phone, so it’s obvious that he’s busy with something more important than him. When he’s free,then you will call again.

If something comes out of someone’s mouth while eating or something has fallen on the floor from someone’s hand, or there is a beggar like sitting in front of you who cannot eat with a knife and fork, So brother, don’t look at him. That poor guy will be able to eat more comfortably.
If you are sitting in a nice gathering, there is a gentleman sitting next to you, his stomach is upset, as a result a sound comes from his mouth or lower neck, it will result in laughing out loud. A The number is ridiculous, avoid him.

Poor guy was extremely compelled to do this. And if he did it unintentionally either way nothing new Poor guy should be given a chance to bury in the ground with shame.
If someone invites you for food and you are sitting next to him in hotel and the poor asks you brother order something it is better to either order a relatively cheap dish by looking at the price or else The good thing would be that the host should be given the right to select the food and he should be told to order what you think is better for him.

It is better not to ask these two or three questions to any person during conversation; Are you not married yet? Don’t you have a single child? Why haven’t you built your house yet? For gods sake dude that’s not your problem, that man better know what’s causing all this.
If you tease someone, teasing them in love or you want them to be teased a little as a joke and you feel that the person is not going to like the situation then you are very stupid. More better The word would be “ignorant”, that knowingly you intend to push all this action further. Only sounds good when both parties are enjoying equally.

If you are talking to someone and the person in front of you is trying to end the matter and he is giving you clear signs, it is better to leave his life. For example, he is not looking at you, he is in spaces. Staring, he’s answering you in very short sentences or he’s feeling lost somewhere while responding. In all cases it’s better to save the matter for next chance.
If you are going to travel for a long journey by train or bus, then brother take a bath first and apply some good body spray on your armpit. The passenger next to you will pray for you.

If a man gives his phone in your hand and he wants to show you a picture, then don’t thumb up after you see it. This is a great oppression to his privacy. With nobility, return the mobile immediately.
If a friend, friend or colleague tells you that he has to go to the doctor this evening, you should not ask him any questions unless he tells you his illness with his own mouth. He has to go to a doctor, he will tell the doctor his illness Ga. Maybe he doesn’t want to tell you his illness.

If a gentleman is talking to you, look into his eyes and make him realize that you are listening. In such a way, pointing your finger at your mobile phone is considered very rude.
If someone is wearing headphones/earphones on, it means he is currently listening to a song etc. or an important audio message. It may be something important is going on on the phone. So it means total Kar is that he doesn’t want to listen to you at this time. Even shaking his shoulder and you say something is proof of ignorance. Understand that the person is not here right now, don’t talk to him, don’t disturb him.

If someone is telling you about his disease, do not tell him about your disease in reply. Please sympathize with him a little. The person says I have a headache and the person in front of me replies, yes friend, today I also have a headache, so What was this talk about?
If you notice a sudden change in someone’s weight, physical structure or face, it’s not a good thing to ask him about it. The person in front may be upset and if there is really any disease, he will feel bad that you Notifying him of the change in it. Better to ignore and comment more on it when the person in front himself says it.

What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?


We have a moral obligation to lend a hand to others. The desire to receive good deeds in return is another motivation for doing good deeds. It is a conviction that drives us to be kind to other people. When we are kind to someone, that person is motivated to be kind and helpful to others because they felt appreciated.

You may direct your thoughts outward towards others by performing a good deed. It enables you to briefly move outside of your own reality. Doing good deeds can improve your health by lowering stress, for example.

In Islam, doing good deeds is very essential. Helping others and promoting Islam’s true image of peace and beauty are both strongly advised. Each person’s judgement on the Day of Judgment God has promised us paradise if our good deeds outweigh our evil deeds when our deeds are measured on a scale.

Try doing some random good deeds

  • Keep the door open in case someone is after you.
  • Offer to carry items for an older person as a gesture of kindness.
  • Give a pregnant woman, elderly passenger, or somebody with a physical disability your seat on the bus.
  • In the drive-through or at the coffee shop, pay for the person in front of you.

It enhances the welfare of others and benefits your health as well. Small deeds of goodwill are associated with greater levels of enjoyment, appreciation, and contentment.

The more good deeds individuals perform, the more chance they have of receiving good deeds in return. Performing good deeds just makes the society a better place.

What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?


What is meant by Good Deeds?

Anything completed, performed, or done; a deed: Do a nice deed each day. an accomplishment or adventure; feat: courageous deeds. frequent actions. an action or gesture, particularly one that is seen as indicative of motives, character, or the like: Her actions are self-evident.

Quran says about good deeds

In fact, according to a passage from the Quran, “Allah does not do unjustly, [even] to the weight of an atom; yet if there is a good deed, He increases it and grants from Himself a substantial recompense.”

What is the good deeds quote?

A good deed is never wasted; civility and good manners are the two seeds that yield friendship and love, respectively.

What lesson may good deeds teach us?

Ethical: Don’t waste the opportunity to help others while you have plenty. You will always be rewarded for your excellent acts.

What term is similar to “good deed”?

service                                                       accommodation

courtesy                                                           honour

 support                                                           goodwill

help                                                                   kind deed

generosity                                                        kindness

 What are 10 Good Deeds?

 Good Deed Ideas List

  • Happy Birthday
  • congrats on a job well done
  • congrats on a new achievement
  • Visit A Friend Who Has A Mental Illness
  • Send a special card of appreciation in the mail
  • For coffee, invite a lonely friend over
  • Provide Your Services for Free
  • Prepare Your Family’s Favorite Dish
  • Send your family members a note expressing your love
  • Without any interruptions, pray
  • reak a nasty habit
  • Fajr: Avoid missing it
  • After the fajr prayer, stay up late to read the Qur’an and athkar
  • increase your Qur’anic reading
  • Make the Umrah
  • Fajr prayer is coming soon, so wake up your pals
  • Volunteer in nursing facilities

What are some examples of Good Deeds?

Good deeds are extremely helpful to you.

  1. Give random acts of kindness a try.
  2. For those who are following you, hold the door.
  3. Participate in community service.
  4. Participate in a local soup kitchen or breakfast programme by volunteering.
  5. For the holidays, foster animals.
  6. Visit an assisted living facility.
  7. Make a big tip.
  8. Love one another.
  9.  Buy your mother or grandma a present.
  10. Give your neighbour a hand.
  11. Donate clothing or food.
  12. Give charity your first payment of the year.
  13. Aid a buddy who is in need.
  14. Give an hour of your time to a charity of your choice.
  15. While not in use, disconnect your electronics to save energy.
  16. Let a car ahead of you to enter your lane.

What are good deeds, good words and good thoughts?


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