Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din And Qazi Siraj Ud Din Ka Insaaf

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Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din And Qazi Siraj Ud Din Ka Insaaf
Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din And Qazi Siraj Ud Din Ka Insaaf

Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din And Qazi Siraj Ud Din Ka Insaaf:

Sultan Ghiyas ud Din:

All the ministers were practicing archery in the field. Sultan Ghiyas ud Din was also with them. Suddenly the Sultan made a mistake and the arrow hit the child of a widow. That killed him. Sultan could not know. The woman reached the court of Qazi Sirajuddin.

Qazi Sirajuddin turned to the woman and asked: What’s the matter? Why are you crying?

The woman wept and wrote a complaint against Sultan Ghiyas ud Din. My child has been killed by the Sultan’s arrow. Qazi  Sirajuddin listened to the woman attentively and then wrote a letter to the Sultan at the same time. There is a complaint against you. Come to court immediately and respond to the complaint against you. He gave this order to a court pawn and instructed:

Take this order to the Sultan immediately! Giving this order to the pawn, Qazi Sirajuddin took out a whip and hid it under his mattress. When the court pawn reached the Sultan’s palace, they saw that the Sultan was surrounded by courtiers and it was difficult to convey the order of the Qazi to the Sultan. Seeing this, the court pawn began to Azan out loud.

Hearing the untimely call to prayer, the Sultan ordered:

Bring the caller before me. The court pawn was presented to the Sultan. The Sultan thundered and asked: Why were you giving the call to prayer untimely? Qazi Siraj- ud -Din has summoned you to the court. Come to the court with me immediately.

 May Allah grant us such just judges and good rulers.

The court pawn handed over Qazi Sahib’s order to the Sultan. The Sultan got up immediately. He hid a small sword in his sleeve. Then he reached the court on foot. Qazi Sahib sat down and listened to the statements of the victim’s mother and the Sultan in turn and then pronounced the verdict:

Accidental killing will bring atonement for the Sultan and blood for his community. Yes, if the victim’s mother agrees to some amount of wealth, then the Sultan can be released in return for this wealth.

The Sultan persuaded the boy’s mother of many possessions and then said to the Qazi: I have persuaded the boy’s mother for money, the judge asked the woman.

Do you agree?

Yes, I agree, the woman replied to the judge.

Now the judge rose from his seat to pay his respects to the Sultan and seated him in his place. The Sultan drew his sword from his armpit and looking at Qazi Sirajuddin said: If you were to make the slightest concession to me, I would blow your neck with this sword.

Qazi also took out a whip from under his mattress and showed it to Sultan Ghias-ud-Din and said: And if you were a little hesitant to obey the law, I would take notice of you with this whip. Of course, it was a test for both of us. There were such rulers and such just judges. May Allah grant us such just judges and good rulers.

Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din And Qazi Siraj Ud Din


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What was the role of Balban?

Balban ruled the empire with an iron hand which included crushing the Mewatis and disciplining the officers. He also reorganized the army and overtook the powers of Chihalgani. Moreover, he suppressed the revolt of Tughril Khan in Bengal and his second son Bugara Khan in place of him as the ruler of Bengal.

What was the religious policy of Balban?

Balban was a staunch Sunni Muslim. He was founded in the company of religious persons. He often talked with them on religious issues. He tried to pass his life according to the canons of Islam and always kept himself away from the luxuries of life.

Who are the two sons of Balban?

Nasiruddin Bughra Khan was the Governor and later an independent Sultan of Bengal. He was the son of Delhi Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban. Earlier Bughra Khan was the governor of Samana and Sanam.

ultan Ghiyas Ud Din


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