Then he leaves it for those weaker than him.

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Then he leaves it for those weaker than him.

Then he leaves it for those weaker than him.

One day the girl asked her mother for permission to sleep with her boyfriend.
The wise mother thought something and asked her daughter for a week’s respite on one condition.
The condition is that
They halted in front of the king’s palace, and when the king came out of the palace with his caravan, she threw herself before him like a fainting man.

And tell your mother what happened.
When the girl did so, the king himself got down from his horse and corrected her condition himself and then ordered her to be brought home in good condition.
Mom asked to do the same the other day! So the girl did the same.

This time the king did not pay any attention to him and left him to his own devices. The minister ran and took care of the girl, corrected her condition and moved on.
On the third day, the girl prostrated herself in front of the minister, but this time the minister also paid no attention.

The troop commander went ahead and helped him.
On the fourth day, one of the soldiers managed to do this because the commander did not pay any attention to him today.
On the fifth day, a common passer-by picked it up.

On the sixth day, people kicked him and removed him from the path. A beggar took care of him on the way.
On the seventh day, instead of humans, a dog started licking his face.
The mother explained to her daughter, that in the same way, when someone falls in the society, first of all, a rich person or a spoiled rich person steals his respect.

Then he leaves it for those weaker than him. In the same way, one day he becomes a cheap commodity for street dogs.

“Weaker” and “more weak” are both comparative forms of the adjective “weak,” but they are used in different contexts.

“Weaker” is the standard comparative form of “weak.” It’s used when comparing two things or people, indicating that one has less strength or power than the other.

Example: “The second bridge is weaker than the first one.”

“More weak” is also a comparative form of “weak,” but it’s used less frequently and might sound awkward to some native English speakers. It’s formed by adding “more” before the adjective “weak.”

Example: “Her argument is more weakly supported than his.”

In most cases, “weaker” is the preferred and more natural choice. However, “more weak” can be used when you want to emphasize the weakness even further or when “weaker” doesn’t sound right in the context.

What things that person make weaker?

There are many factors that can contribute to a person feeling weak, whether it’s physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Here are some common factors:

Physical Health: Illnesses, injuries, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, or chronic conditions can weaken a person physically.

Emotional Stress: High levels of stress, anxiety, depression, or unresolved emotional issues can drain a person’s energy and make them feel weak.

Mental Fatigue: Overworking, lack of sleep, cognitive overload, or constant worrying can lead to mental exhaustion and feelings of weakness.

Poor Self-Care: Neglecting basic self-care activities such as proper hygiene, relaxation, and leisure time can contribute to overall weakness.

Lack of Support: Feeling isolated or lacking a support system can weaken a person’s resolve and emotional well-being.

Unhealthy Habits: Substance abuse, excessive drinking, smoking, or other addictive behaviors can have detrimental effects on physical and mental health, leading to weakness.

Negative Thought Patterns: Persistent negative thinking, self-doubt, or low self-esteem can weaken a person’s confidence and resilience.

Lack of Purpose: Not having clear goals, aspirations, or a sense of purpose in life can make a person feel aimless and weak.

Unresolved Trauma: Past traumas or unresolved issues from childhood or previous experiences can weaken a person’s ability to cope with present challenges.

Environmental Factors: Living in a toxic or unsupportive environment, whether it’s at home, work, or in the community, can drain a person’s energy and make them feel weak.

It’s important for individuals to identify the factors contributing to their feelings of weakness and take steps to address them, whether through seeking professional help, making lifestyle changes, or building a support network.

weaker or more weak unscramble

The correct unscrambled word is “weaker.

feeling weak synonym

Here are some synonyms for “feeling weak”:












The story you’ve shared illustrates a powerful lesson about societal dynamics and the treatment of individuals based on their perceived status or worth. Here’s a summary and conclusion based on the events described:

Initial Respect:

When the girl feigned distress in front of the king, the highest authority, he immediately attended to her needs and ensured her well-being. This reflects how society often respects and assists those who appear to be in need or distress, especially when they are in the presence of those in power.

Gradual Decline:

As the girl repeated her actions with decreasing levels of authority figures, starting from the king to the minister, troop commander, and eventually a common passer-by, the level of attention and assistance she received decreased. This decline signifies how society tends to prioritize helping those in need based on their perceived importance or status. Those with power or influence are often attended to first, while those perceived as lower in status may receive less assistance or even be neglected.

Final Treatment:

The story concludes with the girl being ignored by humans altogether, with only a dog showing her any form of care. This stark contrast highlights the degradation of one’s status and dignity when they fall out of favor or are no longer deemed worthy of attention by society. It serves as a poignant reminder of how quickly one’s fortunes can change based on societal perceptions and norms.

Conclusion: Through this narrative, the wise mother teaches her daughter a sobering lesson about the harsh realities of societal hierarchy and the treatment of individuals based on their perceived worth. It underscores the importance of empathy, compassion, and the recognition of inherent human dignity regardless of one’s social standing.

The story serves as a cautionary tale, urging us to reflect on our own attitudes and behaviors towards others, and to strive for a society where every individual is treated with respect and dignity, irrespective of their status or circumstances.

Then he leaves it for those weaker than him.


What is a word for weaker?

A synonym for “weaker” could be “inferior,” “frailer,” “less powerful,” “less robust,” or “less strong.” These words convey the idea of something being less strong or effective compared to something else.

What is the definition of weaker?

“Weaker” typically refers to something that possesses less strength, power, effectiveness, or capability compared to something else. It can be used in various contexts, such as physical strength, mental capacity, authority, influence, or performance. For instance, in a physical sense, a weaker person may lack muscle strength compared to someone stronger.

In a metaphorical sense, a weaker argument might have less evidence or logical coherence compared to a stronger argument. Overall, “weaker” implies a comparative lack of ability, potency, or vigor in comparison to something else.

What does make weaker mean?

“Make weaker” typically refers to the act of diminishing or reducing the strength, power, effectiveness, or intensity of something. This can apply to various contexts, such as physical strength, influence, arguments, substances, etc.

For example, if you “make a case weaker,” you’re presenting evidence or arguments that undermine its strength or persuasiveness. Similarly, if you “make a solution weaker,” you dilute its concentration or potency. Overall, making something weaker involves reducing its overall capacity or impact.

What is a synonym for getting weaker?

A synonym for getting weaker could be “deteriorating,” “declining,” “weakening,” “fading,” or “diminishing.”

What does made weaker mean?

“Made weaker” refers to the act of causing something to become less strong, less effective, or less capable than it was previously. This could involve a reduction in physical strength, durability, resilience, effectiveness, or any other relevant quality. It indicates a decrease in ability, power, or vigor.

Then he leaves it for those weaker than him.


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