True Love Never Dies Even After Death

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True Love Never Dies Even After Death

True Love Never Dies Even After Death

Kashif was a poor boy from a village. He was about 18 years old. Extremely polite and simple. His father used to run his house by doing labor. Kashif wanted to go to the city to study, but his father did not have enough money to afford the education of his beloved son. Still, he took a loan from someone and sent Kashif to the city.

Today was the explorer’s first day in an unknown city. He left for college. The college was really big. The college grounds spread over a wide area was also very beautiful.
He entered his class. All the students were strangers to him.

He went to his place and sat quietly. Today was the first day, so Sir asked me to introduce myself. Finally, Kashif introduced himself. His percentage was the highest in the entire class. And in second place was a girl, whose name was Saleha.
After 6 months, the semester exam started.

Since Kashif was a brilliant student, he topped the semester exam this time too. And Saleha was in second place this time too.
Saleha was also a very polite, serious and talented girl. His father was a big businessman of the city. Since Kashif and Saleha had the same temperament, Kashif began to like her. However, he lacked the courage to speak with Saleha. And the second fear was that he belonged to a poor family while Saleha was the daughter of a rich businessman.

Saleha’s father’s name was Muhammad Nazir who was a very big man of the city.
Time passed and the final exam came to the head. But in the final exam there was a subject in which Kashif was very weak and Saleha was proficient in this subject. Since Kashif did not want to fail, he bravely asked Saleha
“Saleh, I need your notes. I will return your notes later.”
Saleha gave notes.
Finally, the day came when the result of the final exam came, but this time Kashif was second and Saleha topped the entire class.

Kashif mustered up a lot of courage and approached Saleha and said “Congratulations, you have topped the class”.
Saleha just said “thank you” and left.
College studies were over. Saleha was never seen after that day. And Saleha’s notes were left with Kashif. He thought that he would return these notes sometime.
Time passed and Kashif’s innocent love grew.

Many questions kept circulating in the explorer’s mind. He kept thinking that he too belonged to a rich family and took his relationship to Saleha’s house for marriage. Finally, he decided that he will also become a big man.
Kashif got a job in a good company and due to continuous hard work, he became the highest position in this company within three years.

Kashif had become a big man. His house was transformed from a hut into a luxurious building. His parents said to him, son, when are you getting married?
Kashif told them that he likes a girl and he wants to go to this girl’s house for a relationship. His parents also agreed.
But suddenly a thought came in the mind of Kashif that Saleha’s marriage did not take place.

Then he himself started to comfort his heart and started thinking that Saleha was a very talented girl, so maybe she is getting more education and maybe she is not even married.
He thought that before taking the relationship, research should be done to see if Saleha’s marriage has not taken place. He left for the city of Saleha. His whole journey was very anxious.
When he reached near Saleha’s house, his heart beat faster and countless thoughts started bothering him.

He gathered all his courage and knocked on the outside gate. Opening the door, the security man asked.
“Who do you want to meet?”
Kashif said that I have to meet Mohammad Nazir Sir.
The watchman took him inside. It was a very beautiful house.
The watchman said, wait in this room, Sir will come in a little while.
After a while Muhammad Nazir came and smiled and shook hands and asked “What is your son’s name?”

Kashif replied, “Sir, my name is Kashif, I and your daughter Saleha used to study in the same college. Saleha’s notes were left with me and I have come to return them today.”
On hearing this, tears came to Nazir Sahib’s eyes and he said, “Son, you are too late to come, Saleha has already passed away two years ago.
Hearing this, Kashif’s eyes were filled with tears, but he managed himself and said, “Sir, how did this happen?”

Nazir Sahib said “Son, Saleha had blood cancer, we tried a lot but could not save her. Saleha had written a letter from the pharmacy and said that if any detective comes, give it to her. That letter is for you and we have never opened it.”

Kashif’s pulse quickened. Nazir brought that letter and gave it to Kashif. Kashif took the letter with trembling hands and asked, “Where is Saleha’s grave?” .
Nazir said that there is a grave of Saleha near a big neem tree in the nearby cemetery.

Kashif left Nazir Sahib’s house and went straight to the graveyard. It was very quiet there. He reached the neem tree with staggered steps, but huge bushes had grown there. He wiped with his hands and suddenly his eyes fell on a grave with an inscription
“The late Saleha Naz bint Muhammad Nazir”.
Kashif’s soul trembled and uncontrollable tears flowed from his eyes. He sat down on the ground and took out the letter from his pocket and read it.

True Love Never Dies Even After Death

“Kashif, when you are reading this letter, I will not live in this world. Kashif, I know that you love me very much. You never told me, but my heart felt it. .
Listen, Kashif, I also love you very much. But I am forced. I have blood cancer. I don’t have much time. Your silent and innocent love will always be with me.

Listen, Kashif, forgive me, I could never tell you how much I love you. Always pray for me.
Listen, I will die, but my love will live forever. Love never dies. Love lives on. Yes, it is still alive.
Take care of yourself. Goodbye.”
Kashif started crying and sat by the grave for a long time. And in the evening he returned home with Saleha’s innocent love in his heart and tears in his red eyes.


The story of Kashif and Saleha is a poignant tale of love, sacrifice, and the unpredictability of life. Kashif, a poor boy with dreams of education, meets Saleha, a talented and polite girl from a wealthy family, during their college days. Despite their different backgrounds, they form a silent bond, with Kashif harboring feelings for Saleha.

As the story unfolds, Kashif’s life takes a successful turn, but he remains haunted by the absence of Saleha. When he finally decides to visit her home, hoping to pursue a relationship, he discovers the heartbreaking truth of Saleha’s demise due to blood cancer.

Saleha’s letter reveals the depth of her feelings for Kashif and the tragic circumstances that prevented them from expressing their love openly. Her message emphasizes the enduring nature of love, even beyond the boundaries of life and death. Kashif, left with Saleha’s innocent love and a profound sense of loss, returns home with tears in his eyes.

The story serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of expressing one’s feelings before it’s too late. It also highlights the enduring power of love, which transcends physical existence. Kashif’s journey becomes a tribute to the memory of Saleha and a testament to the profound impact love can have on a person’s life.


What is the definition of love?

Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that encompasses a wide range of feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. It is often described as a deep affection or strong emotional attachment to someone or something. Love can manifest in various forms, including romantic love, platonic love, familial love, and self-love. Different cultures, philosophies, and individuals may have their own interpretations and expressions of love.

Key components of love include:

Emotional Attachment: Love involves a strong emotional connection and attachment to someone or something. It is characterized by feelings of warmth, care, and concern.

Caring and Support: Love often involves a genuine concern for the well-being of the loved one. This may manifest through acts of kindness, support, and a willingness to help and comfort.

Acceptance: True love involves accepting someone for who they are, with their strengths and weaknesses. It embraces the imperfections and uniqueness of the loved one.

Intimacy: In romantic relationships, love often includes a sense of intimacy, both emotional and physical. This can involve deep emotional sharing and a strong desire for closeness.

Commitment: Love can involve a commitment to the well-being and happiness of the loved one. This commitment may be expressed through loyalty, dedication, and a willingness to work through challenges together.

Altruism: Love is often associated with selflessness and a desire to contribute to the happiness and fulfillment of the loved one, even at the expense of personal sacrifices.

Passion: Romantic love often includes a passionate and intense emotional connection, involving physical attraction, desire, and a sense of excitement.

It’s important to note that love is a subjective experience, and individuals may have unique interpretations and expressions of it. Additionally, love can evolve and change over time, taking on different forms and depths in various relationships and life stages.

What does love lives on mean?

“Love lives on” is a phrase often used to convey the idea that the enduring and powerful nature of love persists even after someone has passed away or in the face of challenges. It suggests that love transcends physical existence and continues to exist or have an impact in some way. This expression is commonly used to provide comfort and solace to those who have lost a loved one, emphasizing that the memories, emotions, and connections formed through love continue to endure and shape the lives of those left behind.

True Love Never Dies Even After Death

What does Love never dies mean?

“Love never dies” is a phrase that conveys the idea that genuine love is eternal and enduring. It suggests that true love transcends the boundaries of time and persists beyond physical separation or even death. The concept implies that the emotional and spiritual connection between individuals, characterized by love, remains alive and powerful despite external circumstances.

People often use this phrase to express the belief that the impact of love is everlasting and that the bond formed through love can continue to influence and shape lives, even in the absence of a person or the end of a relationship. It can be a source of comfort and hope, emphasizing the enduring nature of deep, meaningful connections. The phrase is commonly found in literature, poetry, and romantic expressions to capture the profound and timeless essence of love.

What are True love never dies its lyrics?

“True Love Never Dies” is a song by American rock band Flipside. It gained popularity after being featured in the movie “The Break-Up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Here are the lyrics to “True Love Never Dies” by Flipside:

I’ll be the church, you be the steeple You be the king, I’ll be the people Well, I was feeling such a mess I thought you’d leave me behind But now I know that I’m broke but you’re shatterproof and I’m blind

Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away

I’ve been down to the bottom of every bottle Despite words in my head, Scream “Are we having fun yet?” Yet a lesson well learned, but a couple things missed One more turned to five, turned to ten, turned to this

Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away

True love never dies The heart isn’t bound by foolish pride So hard to find, it slips through your hands Palms open wide

I’ll be the sunrise, you be the moonlight You be the clock, I’ll be the time We’ll be the road that never ends The rollin’ hills, the river bends

Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away Like a stone on the water, I’ll ripple away

True love never dies The heart isn’t bound by foolish pride So hard to find, it slips through your hands Palms open wide

True love never dies The heart isn’t bound by foolish pride So hard to find, it slips through your hands Palms open wide

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong Keep your mind set, keep your hair long Oh my my darlin’, keep your head up, keep your heart strong Keep your mind set in your ways

Keep your heart strong

Please note that these lyrics are provided for educational and informational purposes only. All rights to the lyrics and music are owned by their respective copyright holders.

True Love Never Dies Even After Death

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