3 True Natural Laws of the Universe

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3 True Natural Laws of the Universe

There are three unpleasant yet true natural laws.

1–First Law of Nature:

In the absence of “grain,” nature will replace the land with “grass.”

Its mean, when we not dwarfing seed in the land then the empty land fill with grass.

In the same way, if the “mind” is not filled with “good thoughts”, then “thoughts” make it its abode.

If the thoughts “pleasant” then the man fill with good deeds.

If the thoughts “unpleasant” then the man fill with bad minor.

That is, only “upside-down” thoughts come into it and it becomes the “house of Satan”.

2–Second Law of Nature:

He who has “whatever” shares “whatever”.

A cheerful person shares “happiness”.

A grieving person shares “sorrow”.

A scholar shares “knowledge”.

The exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences among employees is referred to as knowledge sharing. It guarantees that workers have access to internal information whenever they need it, and its advantages include maintaining intellectual assets and boosting production.

A peaceful person shares “peace and tranquility”.

Peace is the absence of discrimination based on one’s gender, sexual orientation, nationality, immigration status, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, or place in society. Moreover, having a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and adoring family and friends may bring you peace.

A religious person shares “religion“.

A fearful person shares “fear”.

We may say that someone feels apprehensive if they are just a little bit worried of anything that is likely to happen in the future. A timid person is reserved and uneasy, whereas the more derogatory term for someone who lacks courage is coward, which typically conveys the idea that the individual was too afraid to act morally.

A positive and constructive person gives motivation

A person with a dark heart and bigotry shares “prejudice and hatred” in a similar way.

3 True Natural Laws of the Universe

3–Third Law of Nature:

Learn to “digest” what life has to offer you, since

“Diseases” occur when food is not digested.

Undigested food particles may occasionally be seen in your stool. This is often high-fiber plant material that your digestive tract doesn’t normally break down and absorb. Undigested food can occasionally be an indication of hurried eating and inadequate chewing. Be sure to thoroughly chew your meal.

“Hypocrisy” increases when wealth is not digested.

Hypocrisy stems from fear and low self-esteem. We employ hypocrisy to avoid examining our flaws and determining how we contributed to them. Most of the time, it results from the true conviction that we shouldn’t be held to the same standards as others because we have greater intentions.

Without proper digestion, “chagba” and “backbiting” become more prevalent.

“Pride” increases when praise is not digested.

Because of our pride, we judge our life based on our achievements rather than the unique identity that God has given us. Pride, or as Holiday refers to it, “ego,” separates us from God’s intention for us to live in community with one another. Our self-confidence, which pushes us to believe the falsehood that life is better alone, is what drives us into solitude.

Because the censure is not absorbed, “animosity” increases.
“Despair” grows when grief is not digested.

If authority and power are not assimilated, “tyranny” spreads across society.

Simplify your life and live a “Purposeful” and “Ethical” life, make things easier for people…..!!

3 True Natural Laws of the Universe


It basically comes to the conclusion that natural law is not something that humans are taught; rather, they start it by making morally upright actions. As a result, it is considered to be discoverable by using reason.

Natural law is a term used to describe moral laws that may be determined by human reason. According to moral philosophers, these principles predate and exist independently of positive, man-made law.

A judge’s ruling on a legal issue is referred to as a conclusion of law. A legal conclusion establishes the laws that apply to a certain instance and how they do so. These judgements frequently decide a case’s result, and they are frequently the subject of an appeal.

The Natural Theory of Law’s benefits

It is founded on logic rather than revelation, making it feasible for anybody to uphold the ideals. It is always relevant since it is absolute and universal. It makes morals more definite and provides uniform standards.

The Law of Divine Oneness, which emphasises the interdependence of all things, is the earliest and most fundamental rule of the cosmos. It asserts that everything, including our thoughts, actions, and events, is interconnected with everything else.


Define a natural law.

All persons possess inherent rights that are bestowed by “God, nature, or reason,” rather than by an act of government, according to the natural law view (also known as jusnaturalism). The phrase “theories of ethics, theories of politics, theories of civil law, and theories of religious morality” can also be used to describe natural law theory.

What are the 12 natural laws of the universe?

The12 Universal Laws and Their Application
12 laws of the universe.

  • Divine unity.
  • Vibration.
  • Correspondence.
  • Attraction.
  • inspired behaviour.
  • perpetual energy transformation.
  • causality and effect.

3 True Natural Laws of the Universe

What are the 4 natural laws of the universe?

The four kinds of law that make up Aquinas’ Natural Law Theory are:

  • Eternal Law
  • Natural Law
  • Human Law
  •  Divine Law

The four foundational principles of the universe:

Because they are the only forces in nature that can be observed, these four fundamental forces are referred to as such.

  • Gravitation
  • electromagnetism
  • weak nuclear force
  •  strong nuclear force

What are the 7 laws?

The prohibitions listed in the “Seven Laws of Noah” include eating meat ripped from live animals, eating idols, cursing God, killing, adultery, and other sexual vices. They also require the establishment of courts of justice.

The law of attraction is commonly regarded as pseudoscience since it is not supported by actual research. The other seven laws are also given below:

  1. The Law of Vibration
  2. The Law of Relativity
  3. The Law of Cause and Effect
  4. The Law of Polarity
  5. The Law of Gestation
  6. The Law of Rhythm
  7. The Law of Gender

What are the three laws of nature?

We are commanded to pursue peace by the fundamental rule of nature. The three laws of nature are given below:

  1. In order to achieve peace, we must give up our rights.
  2. According to the second rule of nature, provided that doing so is safe.
  3. The third rule of nature commands us to uphold our covenants, which are the most significant means of establishing rights.

3 True Natural Laws of the Universe


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