Once a person started worshiping Allah. Amazing story

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Once a person started worshiping Allah. Amazing story

Maulana Rum has written that once a person started worshiping Allah and became so engrossed in worshiping the Lord that he left everything in the world and forgot everything and with a sincere heart to be content with the pleasure of Allah. Walked on the path of humanity.

Maulana Rum says that there was a time when there was no food left in his house and sometimes there was a time when everything outside the house was gone and that person walked around the streets waiting for death. If there is nothing left, I can only wait, God will take care of it.

One day he was sitting when he saw horses passing by in a long line…
The seats of these horses were made of gold and silver and gold cloths were worn on their bellies.
The people who were sitting on these horses looked no less than a royal family with golden caps on their heads.
And it seemed that a king was going.

When this person inquired, he was told that there is a king in the nearby village, all of them are his slaves and they are going to the king’s court.
That person was surprised for some time that if this is the condition of the slaves then what will be the condition of the king.

He raised it from the sky and said, My king, my master, my God….! I don’t complain about you, but learn to take care of slaves from this king.
After saying so much, the man left. After some days, an old man came and took him by the arm and took him to a place where there were the same slaves and the same horses…

And do you see that the leg of a horse is cut off? The torso of a slave is lying on the back of a horse? Is…
That person was surprised and asked the elder who you are sir and what is all this happening.

At that time the elder said that these are the same slaves who were wrapped in gold that day and today they are returning from a war, that is why they are in this condition….
All I have been told in the dream is to tell him to learn to sacrifice for kings from these slaves…

In reality, we have not come to sacrifice…. Whether it is to straighten the matter of religion, relatives or the world, the day we will learn to sacrifice for religion, for ourselves and for the world.
And if you learn to rely on Him, Allah Almighty will grant you a kingdom that will never end.

Once a person started worshiping Allah. Amazing story


Maulana Rum’s story beautifully illustrates the concept of true devotion and sacrifice. The protagonist in the story reaches a level of spiritual enlightenment where material possessions hold no value compared to his devotion to God. Despite facing extreme hardships, he remains content with the pleasure of Allah.

The encounter with the procession of the king’s slaves, adorned in riches but ultimately facing the grim reality of war and sacrifice, serves as a profound lesson. It prompts the protagonist to reflect on his own devotion and sacrifices, realizing the depth of commitment required in the pursuit of spirituality.

The elder’s guidance further emphasizes the importance of sacrifice, not only in religious matters but also in all aspects of life. True fulfillment comes not from worldly possessions or status, but from selflessness and devotion to a higher purpose.

In essence, the story teaches us that by learning to sacrifice for our faith, for others, and for the greater good, we can attain a lasting kingdom of spiritual abundance, guided by the mercy and grace of Allah.


Which is correct worshipping or worshiping?

Both “worshiping” and “worshipping” are correct spellings; however, their usage depends on the English variant you’re following. In American English, “worshiping” is more commonly used, while in British English, “worshipping” is the preferred spelling. Both forms are considered standard and acceptable, so you can choose the one that aligns with the conventions of the English you’re writing in.

Does worshiping have one or two P’s?

“Worshiping” is the American English spelling, which has one “p.” However, in British English, it is spelled “worshipping” with two “p’s.” Both spellings are correct; it just depends on which English variant you are using.

What is the meaning of worshiping?

Worshiping typically refers to showing reverence, adoration, or devotion to a deity, spirit, or something considered sacred or divine. It often involves rituals, prayers, offerings, and other practices designed to honor and connect with the object of worship. Worship can take many forms depending on religious, cultural, or spiritual beliefs, but at its core, it’s about expressing reverence and devotion towards something considered greater than oneself.

What is worshiping God?

Worshiping God involves expressing reverence, adoration, and devotion to a divine being or supreme deity, as understood within a religious or spiritual context. Different religions and denominations have various practices and rituals associated with worshiping God, such as prayer, meditation, singing hymns or chants, reading sacred texts, participating in religious ceremonies or rituals, and making offerings.

The purpose of worshiping God is often to deepen one’s relationship with the divine, seek guidance, express gratitude, and align oneself with spiritual principles or teachings. It’s a central aspect of many religious traditions and plays a significant role in the lives of believers.Once a person started worshiping Allah. Amazing story


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