10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

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10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

“10 little things that daughter-in-law does that turns mother-in-law against her”

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship is infamous all over the world but in Pakistan where there is a joint family system, this relationship is the most infamous relationship which never lets the war in the house end.

The world’s most valuable connection is that with a mother

She has raised her son and made him young, she has made sacrifices and she considers her right to her son and she considers it completely legitimate and she never allows that her son pays attention to another woman more than her. Give it

On the other hand, there is a daughter-in-law who has left her home, her parents, everything and married and she wants her husband not to be attracted to anyone but her.

In the joint family system, when two Eve’s daughters i.e. mother-in-law and daughter-in-law try to monopolize the same property i.e. man, then an endless war begins between them like India and Pakistan. In war, the whole family suffers.

10 such mistakes of the daughter-in-law that she makes carelessly

In this article we are mentioning 10 such mistakes of the daughter-in-law that she makes carelessly and starts to hide in the eyes of the mother-in-law, which if the newly married women pay a little attention to, the queen of the house i.e. the mother-in-law will be able to tell them. Relationships can be very strong and daughter-like.

No. 1 yes to mother-in-law’s yes

A daughter-in-law should understand that the house in which she has become a daughter-in-law has been made a house by her mother-in-law and the laws of that house have also been made by her mother-in-law.

Therefore, whether the mother-in-law is right or wrong, the daughter-in-law should not disagree with anything of the mother-in-law for the first 5 years. favor

A woman becomes a friend of a woman only when she listens to everything the other woman says and declares her completely right and shows sympathy with her.

If you manage to make a place in your mother-in-law’s heart by showing sympathy and saying yes to her and declaring everything she says right, then understand that the crown of the queen of the house is on your head after the mother-in-law. Will be kept

No. 2 Never cry on scolding

If the mother-in-law scolds the daughter-in-law for some housework, tears usually flow from the eyes of the daughter-in-law and this is a serious mistake, except in the relationship of a daughter, the heart of a woman never melts when she sees the tears of a woman. She will call it crocodile tears and daughter-in-law’s shedding of tears makes the mother-in-law doubt that now she will incite my son against me.

Therefore, if the mother-in-law scolds you, you should make an innocent face without putting a bill on your forehead and immediately admit your mistake and do as the mother-in-law says, and if you do this, after some time, the mother-in-law’s attitude will become softer. Ga and she will stop bugging your work.

Number 3 Mother and son meeting

When the husband comes home from work and is sitting next to the mother, do not ask him to do any work. Don’t sit next to your mother-in-law and don’t listen to her.

Number 4 mother-in-law’s permission

In the first 2 years of marriage, the daughter-in-law should understand that she is on military training and during the military training, she does not take leave to visit home, so the daughter-in-law should visit her parents’ house at least in the first two years. And take permission from the mother-in-law and it would be better to take the mother-in-law with her so that this matter does not take root in the heart of the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law goes to her house and does any gossip related to our house.

The daughter-in-law will not have to do this for a long time and this will increase the confidence of the mother-in-law in the daughter-in-law.

Number 5 Love for husband

A daughter-in-law should not express her love to her husband in any other place of the house except her closed room and if the husband tries to flirt, she should stop him with suitable words and concentrate on her work.

If the daughter-in-law does this, the mother-in-law’s heart will grow towards the daughter-in-law and she will start trusting her in the housework.

Number 6 Make stones

Before the son returns home, the mother-in-law looks at the daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law should finish the work before the husband comes home and make the ornaments. Cares.

Number 7 mother-in-law’s friends

When the mother-in-law’s relatives or friends are talking to the mother-in-law, unless the mother-in-law herself asks the daughter-in-law to sit next to her, the daughter-in-law should never sit next to the mother-in-law, otherwise the mother-in-law will doubt in her heart that she is listening to our words. She is hovering here and there and if the mother-in-law is also flirting with you, then be completely normal and don’t let it appear to the mother-in-law that you have heard.

Number 8 Relationship with father-in-law

The daughter-in-law’s relationship with her father-in-law is usually very good, but the daughter-in-law should never support the father-in-law if there is any problem between the mother-in-law and the father-in-law in this relationship and always support the mother-in-law. He should express sympathy with the mother-in-law and if he is afraid of spoiling the relationship with the father-in-law, then surely he will understand by apologizing to the father-in-law later alone, but remember that the mother-in-law will not understand such a thing.

Number 9 mother-in-law’s talk and husband

Don’t share any of your mother-in-law’s secrets with anyone except your husband, otherwise the ritual of confidentiality will be broken and after the mother-in-law finds out, she will lose trust in you.

Number 10 Appreciation of mother-in-law’s beauty

Every sensible daughter-in-law knows how important it is to appreciate her mother-in-law’s beauty even if she doesn’t look beautiful, compliment your mother-in-law’s beauty and tell her how your father-in-law still sees her and Never, ever, say anything that mother-in-law likes.

10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Islam forbids a mother or mother-in-law from having them

To deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law frequently suffers from stubbornness and a refusal to listen to others, which causes unneeded arguments with her daughter-in-law and rips every thread of tranquilly from the fabric of the family. The daughter-in-law frequently annoys her in-laws because she is also obstinate, sarcastic, self-centered, and blind to everything save her own demands.

It is unacceptable for the mother-in-law to love her daughter while treating the daughter-in-law with hatred and disdain, and it is equally inappropriate for the daughter-in-law to respect her own mother while behaving badly towards the mother of her husband. Such double standards are the height of injustice, and Islam forbids a mother or mother-in-law from having them.

These women ought to be treated fairly, and it shouldn’t be the case that they ignore significant errors made by their own daughters yet criticise and mistreat their daughters-in-law over the minor errors. We now examine some concrete instances of injustice that are frequently encountered:

* A mother begs her daughter’s in-laws to take good care of their daughter after she gives birth because she has been through a lot of agony. She will, however, quickly minimise the problem when her own daughter-in-law is in a comparable predicament by claiming, “I also had numerous children, but I did not relax for more than two days; the females of today have grown weak and worthless!”

* A daughter is encouraged if she returns to live with her parents after having a disagreement with her spouse or in-laws. But, as soon as the daughter-in-law returns to her parents’ house following a dispute, she is assumed to be guilty. Why does the mother-in-law not believe that my son should take care of my daughter-in-law in these situations the same way I would want my daughter to be taken care of?

The daughter-in-law should not cut relations with her mother-in-law or sister-in-law for trivial domestic disputes. No matter how they behave, they have a fundamental right to be valued because they are Muslims. Allah, the Most High, is aware of all things, and He will reward us for our good deeds both here on Earth and in the Hereafter.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you is the age-old golden rule, and it is the secret to harmony in the family.

* Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law must continue to respect one another in theory and deed.

* Daughters-in-law ought to treat their mothers-in-law with the same respect, decency, and consideration that they do their own mothers. In return, mothers-in-law ought to treat their sons’ brides the same way they do their daughters.

* Both sides must exercise restraint and self-control when things get hot.

They ought to be tolerant, patient, and forgiving.

* They must never disparage or expose one another in public; gossip and backbiting devastate families.

* With regard to each other’s rights, they should both dread Allah Almighty.

They ought to offer prayers for one another.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will succeed in this world and the hereafter and win Allah Almighty’s approval if they heed these pearls and form a clear purpose to spend their lives in accordance with these principles. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه !

10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law


Asking your mother-in-law what the underlying problem is will help you communicate with her. Invite your mother-in-law out for lunch or coffee and let her know you appreciate her and don’t want any animosity between the two of you. Ask what you can do to assist settle the situation and then calmly express that you feel like she argues with you a lot.

The key to a great connection between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law is how we see one another and whether we are willing to give one another the benefit of the doubt. To pick a benevolent thinking over a simple negative one doesn’t cost us anything.

Muslim daughter-in-laws are viewed as advocates for sacrifice, reform, and obligations from the time they marry. This is one of the main causes of the strain and worry that Muslim brides-to-be experience before to their Nikah.

A particular tie exists between a mother and daughter. The unending, indescribable love a mother has for her daughter is difficult to put into words. There is love, warmth, compassion, and caring in the connection. Each mother-daughter relationships may differ, but they are all special and precious.

Note: Big and powerful families are made with patience and to become a king, you have to wait patiently for your time and the fruit of patience will surely come one day.

Daughter-in-law must think once that mother-in-law is a mother

And this house belongs to the mother, which has been built by the mother-in-law with great difficulty

And today I want to learn from her how she did all this, tomorrow she too has to become a mother and mother-in-law, whatever she will do with her mother-in-law today, she will do the same with him tomorrow.

It will happen that the world is a mockery.


What can I do to strengthen the bond between my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

10 Tips for Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law

  • Keep your manners at all times.
  • Keep your etiquette in mind.
  • Be kind when talking about her son.
  • Congratulate her.
  • Ask her for life guidance.
  • Bring presents sometimes.
  • Always be helpful, and exude confidence.

How can issues between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law be resolved?

Asking your mother-in-law what the underlying problem is will help you communicate with her. Invite your mother-in-law out for lunch or coffee and let her know you appreciate her and don’t want any animosity between the two of you. Ask what you can do to assist settle the situation and then calmly express that you feel like she argues with you a lot.

10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Why are daughter-in-laws such a trouble?

The unpleasant daughter-in-law could have come from a distant family, so if her husband’s family is more outgoing, she might find their closeness uncomfortable. She may also feel overburdened due to the demands placed on her to work, maintain a home, and be an ideal mother to her children.

What mother-in-law means?

A person’s mother-in-law is their spouse’s mother.

Moder-in-laue, “mother of one’s husband,” is a late 14c. borrowing from mother (n. 1) + in-law. “Stepmother” was also used in the past. Mother-in-law was defined as “a blend of ales ancient and bitter” in British slang about 1884.

Do we say mothers in law?

Noun, plural moth·ers-in-law. the mother of one’s spouse.
A first-name relationship with your mother-in-law is wonderful. A common practices among most daughters-in-law and sons-in-law is to address your mother-in-law by her first name. I think we can say only mother.

Using her last name may be ideal if your connection is more official. Your mother-in-law would like it if you refer to her as Grandma, Gams, GiGi, MawMaw, or Grams if you have children. A first-name relationship with your mother-in-law is wonderful.

Women are required by some societies to live with their in-laws, mostly in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But does Islam require women to live with and serve their in-laws? NO is the answer! The idea that Islam opposes homosexuality is a major fallacy; it is instead a cultural ideal.

When speaking to your own mother-in-law, you would say, pronounced Hamaatee, which is Japanese for “my mother in law.”

Is mother-in-law hyphenated?

Mother-in-law, father-in-law, and sister-in-law are all hyphenated, much like the rest of the in-laws.

To be sure a term is hyphenated, simply check it up in the dictionary. Check-in, father/mother-in-law, student-athlete, and great-grandmother are examples of common compound nouns.

What you mean by daughter-in-law?

Daughters-in-law, plural dtrzinl, are the wives of one’s sons or daughters.

wife’s daughter (plural wives’ daughters or (colloquial, nonstandard) A daughter-in-law is a parent’s child’s spouse.

One of someone’s children is married to their daughter-in-law.

Her daughter-in-law looked after mom and got used to seeing her as she did her regular duties. This scenario appears to represent the daughter-in-upcoming law’s ascension to the role of ie bride. His daughter-in-law characterised him as a guy with strong beliefs in all he accomplished after his passing.

How do you spell daughter-in-law?

The open form, which includes words like post office, real estate, middle class, full moon, half sister, and attorney general; and the hyphenated form, which includes words like daughter-in-law, master-at-arms, over-the-counter, six-pack, and mass-produced.
noun; daughters-in-law, plural.

The proper plural is daughters in law. The same holds true for the son-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and in-law father. The term “daughters-in-law” is plural. The plural form of the term daughter gives us the phrase daughters-in-law.

What makes a perfect daughter-in-law?

Don’t think twice to heed her counsel. You may disagree with her and choose not to heed any of her advise, but you should be receptive to other viewpoints, at the at least, listen to her, show her respect, and avoid seeing any counsel she offers as a personal jab. She only wants to be helpful. Give your mother-in-law custody of your kids.

In order to be a good daughter-in-law, you should ask your mother-in-law for guidance when you run into problems, pay attention to her worries, be able to share in her joys and sorrows, and lastly, you should think that a mother-in-law may be the best friend to her daughter-in-law. Respect is reciprocal, therefore show respect.

What rights does an Islamic daughter-in-law have?

Muslim daughters-in-law are not required to care for their husbands’ entire family. She is being kind and giving if she takes care of them and prepares food for them. It is utterly improper to put pressure on a married woman and hold her responsible if she is unable to do the same.

Qualities of a decent daughter-in-law

Be kind and considerate. Be really kind to her. Like her own children do, address her as “mom” or by a nickname. If you accept her as your own mother and don’t get in the way of her and her son too much, she will be more inclined to accept you as her daughter.

10 ways to deal problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law


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