A poor cleric and her daughter – Amazing story

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A poor cleric and her daughter - Amazing story

A poor cleric and her daughter – Amazing story

A poor cleric lived in a village. He was the imam of the only mosque in this small village and besides praying, he also taught Quran to the children of the village while his wife taught madrasa to the girls of the village. By which they lived.

He had only one daughter who was very beautiful. Talks of her beauty spread far and wide. And the same thing reached the son of Chaudhary Sahib of the village.
He started looking for an opportunity to somehow see this beautiful girl once.

One day he went to the Maulvi Sahib’s house on the pretext of giving some niaz etc. to visit the Maulvi’s daughter. And thus he succeeded in his goal.

When Imam Sahib was giving prayers in the mosque, he knocked on the door and the voice of Maulvi’s daughter was heard. Who??
He said that he has some goods which Chaudhary Sahib has sent, take them. The girl said that you put it in the door and I will pick it up.

He kept the stuff and waited there. When the girl understood that the luggage keeper had left, she opened the door to pick up the luggage and the boy saw her. He did not see it but fell in love with it. And there he gave his heart.
The boy came home and was stubborn that if he wanted to marry, he should do it with the daughter of the cleric.

Chaudhary was not in favor of this relationship. He said to his son that I will go and talk to Maulvi Sahib. Chaudhary Sahib came and said to the Maulvi that my son drinks alcohol, gambles and everything is bad in him. I have come to ask for your daughter’s relationship for my son. If you refuse, I will go away laughing. Don’t think that my displeasure will disturb your life.

Now it is obvious that Maulvi had to refuse.
Chaudhary Sahib went home and told his son that the Maulvi has refused and never to pass through this street again. But the boy was very angry that despite so much wealth, honor and fame, how the Maulvi rejected this relationship.

I will surely take revenge. And he took revenge in his heart.
Meanwhile, Maulvi Sahib’s daughter fell ill and started having stomach pain. At first, they continued to treat with home remedies, but when the daughter’s stomach began to swell, they went to the only doctor in the village.

At that time, ultrasound etc. and modern equipment were not there. Therefore, Hakeem Sahib, checking the pulse of the girl and checking the intensity of the stomach pain, said that your daughter is pregnant, so there was a commotion in the Maulvi’s house. An apocalypse ensued.

The Maulvi beat the daughter a lot to find out with whom she had blackened her face. Whose child is in your womb? A couple of times he wanted to kill me but I intervened. He believed that his daughter was innocent.

There his daughter also sat on this exam hoping from Allah that now only a miracle can get her out of this uncommitted sin.
On the other hand, Chaudhary’s son, when he saw the Maulvi with his daughter going to Hakeem two or three times, went to Hakeem.

When I paid a small amount, Hakim gave up on everything.
Chaudhary’s son came back and gave some money to the heir of the village and announced in the whole village that the Maulvi’s daughter had become pregnant out of wedlock.
The women of the village started coming to the Maulvi’s house and started asking what happened that made the daughter commit this sin. Why didn’t you get her married? Therefore, as many words as many words.

The village panchayat withdrew Imamate from Maulvi Sahib and gave him a month to arrange his residence in another village.

The villagers also stopped sending their girls to the cleric’s wife. Maulvi Sahib was surrounded by problems from all sides, he could not see any way out.
One day he was sitting in a state of worry when there was a knock at the door.

When he opened the door, there was a handsome young man standing in front of him. When he asked for permission to come inside, Maulvi Sahib started to think something in the presence of anxiety. The boy understood and introduced himself that I am your student, I read Quran from you in my childhood, I am the son of such and such a person and I come from the same village.

Maulvi recognized him and brought him inside. Explaining the purpose of his visit, he said that he has come to know that this incident has happened with your daughter.
Mazid said that he has come from the city to complete the Hekmat course and plans to build a Hekmatkhana in the village.
But as soon as he came to know about it, he did not believe that this incident was true. And he reached to find out about this, Maulvi Sahib also started to see some hope.

The boy saw the pulse of Maulvi Sahib’s daughter, asked for some details and then thinking about it, asked Maulvi Sahab to arrange a goat and a dog, while forbidding the girl to eat midday meal and asking her to stay hungry.

Maulvi Sahib had to follow his words and even if he was drowning, he would be supported by a straw.
The boy, Hakeem, made all the arrangements till night and called some respectable women of the village and asked them to cook goat meat. When the meat was cooked, the boy asked the girl to eat her fill.

The girl was also hungry since morning and ate meat to her heart’s content.
When the girl ate the meat, by that time some more people of the neighborhood also started gathering outside the Maulvi’s house.

What is going on here? The boy called Maulvi Sahib’s daughter and took her to another room where he had already slaughtered the dog.
Told the girl that the meat she had eaten was the meat of the same dog.

Then the girl started vomiting and whatever she had eaten came out. In no time, a frog also came out of his stomach through vomiting, which all the locals saw with their own eyes.
As soon as the frog came out, the girl felt some relief.

So the boy said that the girl had drunk some water from a stream or a river and at that time a small frog entered her stomach through her throat. When the baby frog grew up, it began to suffer and its stomach became bloated due to infection.

All the people of the village had seen the intelligence and wisdom of this boy and the chastity of this girl also became clear to everyone.
Maulvi Sahib got his daughter married to this young man on the mystery of this boy and thus he started living his life happily.

A poor cleric and her daughter - Amazing story

Chastity is a virtue

Chastity is often considered a virtue in many cultural and religious contexts. It generally refers to the practice of abstaining from sexual activity outside the bounds of marriage or a committed relationship. Historically, chastity has been upheld as a moral ideal in various religious teachings, including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, among others.

Advocates of chastity argue that it promotes self-discipline, emotional well-being, and respect for oneself and others. It can also be seen as a means of preventing unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and the emotional complications that can arise from casual sexual encounters.

However, perspectives on chastity vary widely across different cultures and belief systems. Some view it as outdated or overly restrictive, emphasizing instead the importance of sexual autonomy and personal choice. Critics may argue that promoting chastity can lead to feelings of guilt or shame surrounding natural sexual desires and behaviors.

Ultimately, whether chastity is considered a virtue depends on individual values, cultural norms, and religious beliefs. What’s important is to approach the topic with respect for diverse perspectives and to recognize that different people may hold different views on this issue.

Chastity holds significant importance in Islam and is considered a virtue for both men and women. In Islamic teachings, maintaining chastity involves preserving one’s modesty, purity, and avoiding any form of sexual activity outside of marriage. This concept is rooted in various verses of the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Key principles regarding chastity in Islam include:

Modesty in Dress: Both men and women are instructed to dress modestly to guard against immodesty and to protect their chastity. For women, this often involves wearing the hijab (headscarf) and modest clothing that covers the body except for the face and hands. For men, it involves covering the area between the navel and the knees.

Lowering the Gaze: Muslims are encouraged to lower their gaze and avoid staring at members of the opposite sex to prevent inappropriate thoughts or desires.

Avoidance of Extramarital Relationships: Islam strictly prohibits any form of sexual relations outside of marriage. Adultery and fornication are considered major sins, and severe consequences are outlined for those who engage in such behavior.

Respect for Marriage: Marriage is highly encouraged in Islam as a means to fulfill one’s sexual desires in a lawful and dignified manner. Faithfulness and loyalty to one’s spouse are emphasized.

Self-control and Discipline: Muslims are encouraged to exercise self-control and discipline over their desires. This includes controlling one’s thoughts, actions, and interactions with others to avoid any behavior that may lead to temptation or immodesty.

Repentance and Forgiveness: Islam emphasizes the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah for any lapses in chastity and repenting sincerely. Allah is portrayed as Merciful and Forgiving to those who seek His forgiveness with genuine remorse.

Overall, chastity in Islam is seen as a means to preserve dignity, honor, and purity, both individually and within society. It is considered a fundamental aspect of Islamic ethics and morality.


The story you’ve shared is one of trials, misunderstandings, and eventual redemption. Despite facing immense challenges and injustices, the characters find resolution and happiness through the intervention of a wise and knowledgeable young man.

The poor cleric and his family are unfairly targeted due to the false accusation against his daughter. However, the arrival of the young man, who is not only a former student but also knowledgeable in medicine, brings hope. Through his clever deduction and practical solution, he clears the daughter’s name and restores her honor.

This tale emphasizes the importance of wisdom, intelligence, and compassion in resolving conflicts and overcoming adversity. It also highlights the dangers of jumping to conclusions and the significance of seeking truth and justice.

In the end, the cleric’s family finds peace and happiness, and justice prevails, thanks to the intervention of the wise young man. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for redemption and resolution.

A poor cleric and her daughter - Amazing story


What is the true meaning of chastity?

Chastity is a concept that typically refers to abstaining from sexual activity, particularly intercourse, outside of marriage or a committed relationship. However, its meaning can vary depending on cultural, religious, and personal beliefs. In some contexts, chastity may extend beyond physical purity to encompass purity of thoughts, intentions, and emotions.

Across different belief systems, chastity is often seen as a virtue associated with self-discipline, morality, and spiritual purity. It is valued for promoting fidelity, integrity, and respect within relationships. Chastity can also be interpreted as a form of self-respect and empowerment, as individuals choose to prioritize their values and maintain control over their bodies and desires.

It’s important to recognize that interpretations of chastity may differ widely based on cultural, religious, and individual perspectives. Some may view chastity as restrictive or outdated, while others see it as a valuable principle for fostering healthy relationships and personal growth. Ultimately, the true meaning of chastity can be deeply personal and subjective.

What are synonyms of chastity?

Synonyms of chastity include:

  1. Purity
  2. Virtue
  3. Celibacy
  4. Abstinence
  5. Innocence
  6. Modesty
  7. Decency
  8. Integrity
  9. Honor
  10. Temperance

What does it mean to take chastity?

Taking chastity typically refers to making a voluntary commitment to abstain from sexual activity, usually for a certain period or until a particular milestone or event, such as marriage. It’s often associated with religious or moral beliefs, but individuals may choose chastity for various personal reasons, including values, spiritual growth, or as a form of self-discipline. Chastity can also encompass broader aspects of purity, modesty, and self-control in thoughts and actions related to sexuality.

What is the other meaning of chastity?

Chastity can have a couple of different meanings, depending on the context:

Sexual Abstinence: This is perhaps the most common understanding of chastity. It refers to refraining from engaging in sexual activity, particularly outside of marriage or in accordance with certain religious or moral beliefs.

Purity or Integrity: Chastity can also refer more broadly to purity or integrity in thought, word, and deed. It can encompass concepts such as moral uprightness, modesty, and maintaining one’s virtue in various aspects of life beyond just sexual conduct.

In both senses, chastity often conveys the idea of self-discipline and the conscious choice to adhere to certain moral or ethical standards regarding sexual behavior and personal conduct.

What are the three forms of chastity?

The concept of chastity typically refers to the virtue of abstaining from sexual relations outside of marriage. In many religious and ethical traditions, chastity is considered a virtue, and there are often variations in how it is understood and practiced. Here are three common forms of chastity:

Physical Chastity: This form of chastity involves abstaining from sexual activity, including intercourse and other forms of physical intimacy, outside of marriage. It often implies refraining from engaging in sexual behaviors that are considered immoral or outside the bounds of one’s religious or cultural beliefs.

Emotional Chastity: Emotional chastity involves maintaining purity and integrity in emotional relationships, particularly in regards to romantic or intimate feelings. It may entail avoiding emotional entanglements or attachments that could lead to sexual temptation or compromise one’s commitment to chastity.

Spiritual Chastity: Spiritual chastity focuses on cultivating purity of heart, mind, and intention in relation to sexuality and intimate relationships. It involves aligning one’s spiritual beliefs and values with one’s actions and attitudes towards sexuality, viewing the body and sexuality as sacred and deserving of reverence and respect.

These forms of chastity can vary in emphasis and interpretation depending on cultural, religious, and personal beliefs. Some individuals may prioritize one form over the others, while others may strive to integrate all three into their lives.

A poor cleric and her daughter - Amazing story



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