Top 10 Easy Beauty Tips and tricks to enhance your natural glow

Welcome to (International Stories) in this story we will discuss 10 major tips for Beauty. Top 10 Easy Beauty Tips and tricks to enhance your natural glow. Thoroughly reading these tips for beauty I hope you can be understood beauty.


Top 10 Easy Beauty Tips and tricks to enhance your natural glow. 10 major tips Beauty.

The Hands and Feet:

Usually, we pay special attention to the care of the face, but the hands and feet are neglected. Although beauty is not only related to the face, proper care of the hands and feet is also included in the requirements of beauty. Since hands are used more than other parts of the body, their care also requires special attention.

Although the skin on the hands is naturally smooth, repeated use of soap usually makes it dry and rough, so try to apply hand cream after each use of soap (especially in dry weather). Or definitely apply lotion.

This keeps the moisture of the hands. Then massaging the hands also makes them soft and smooth, for which first wash them well with lukewarm water and dry them with a towel, then apply a quality cream on the palm. Massage from the back to the wrist.

Tips for the Feets:

Then massage from the fingers to the nails and finally the palm for at least five minutes. Similarly, for the feet, take warm water in a tub and add a small amount of glycerin, and immerse both feet in the tub for ten minutes. Then take it out and dry it and apply petroleum jelly. Discard the water and take warm water again in the same tub, add a few drops of shampoo, Dettol, and alum, and dip your feet in it. After ten to fifteen minutes, wash the soles of your feet. Rub well and wash and dry. Finally, apply a cream or lotion.

Due to the lack of water, the muscles of the body begin to shrink, as a result of which lines and wrinkles appear on them. Therefore, the most attention should be paid to whether it is cold or hot, drink ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Also, keep the face and other parts of the body moisturized with the help of cold creams or lotions in winter.


Lips in the facial parts are severely affected by this dryness, due to dryness they start to crack and sometimes bleed. To keep the lips smooth and soft, apart from the chip stick, the scrub is also best. Compared to marketed scrubs. We are bringing you the recipes of easy homemade scrubs that are very beneficial for lips. These items can be easily found in your home kitchen.


Its some tips for lips beauty:

  • Sugar or sugar

Sugar or sugar found in every household can be beneficial for lip scrubs apart from body scrubs. Brown sugar is beneficial for this. If your lips are sensitive and swollen then it is better to use castor sugar. To make a lip scrub, mix a few drops of honey in a pinch of sugar and scrub the lips for one to two minutes, then wash them with warm water and then apply a lip balm to keep them moisturized. In another method, mix the three ingredients of sugar, lemon juice, and olive oil in one weight and use them as a scrub. This process can be done twice a week.

  • Honey

Honey is the best thing to keep the lips moist or moisturized. Applying honey on the painful lines that appear on the lips due to dryness gives relief. For this, prepare a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of honey with curd and flour. After scrubbing with this paste, leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off with water. Also, just applying honey on the lips before going to bed at night gives better results.

  • Almonds

Almonds are also beneficial for keeping lips soft and supple. Almonds not only beautify the lips but also changes the color of dark lips and make them pink. Mix one teaspoon of ground almonds with one teaspoon of refined sugar, honey, and almond oil and prepare the mixture for two minutes. Scrub your lips with this mixture and then wash it off with clean water, then apply almond oil on your lips.

  • Strawberry

Strawberry is the best natural fruit to enhance and maintain the attractiveness of beauty and also has numerous benefits for eating. There is also its external use. The main feature of this fruit is that it is brown or black. It changes the color of pigmented lips and makes them pink if used consistently, the desired results are definitely achieved as strawberry rich in minerals and vitamins is very beneficial for scrubbing. Mash it and apply it for ten minutes then wash it off with clean water. Strawberries mixed with honey can also be used as a scrub.

  • Rose petals or petals

These leaves are an elixir for dry and chapped lips. Make a paste of these petals equal to a teaspoon (grind the leaves finely for this). After 15 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. Can be used twice a week.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been used by women since ancient times to protect beauty. Especially aloe vera gel is very useful for skin and hair. To make a lip scrub, rice flour in one tablespoon of aloe vera. Add enough gel to make a smooth paste. Leave it on for five minutes after scrubbing it for two minutes. Then wash off with cold water. The gel can also be applied directly as a scrub.

  • Lip pencil

The production of lip pencils was started by Max Factor Cosmetic Company in 1932. The ingredients of lip pencils and lipstick pencils are more or less the same which include Grade Wax, Oil, Pigments, Mica, and Preservatives. Compared to sticks, they are relatively dry and firm so that the lipstick stays confined within the lip line and avoids spreading. Many types of lip pencils have also been introduced in the present era.

Natural Formula Lip Liner:

These lip liners incorporate botanical sources such as plant-derived ingredients along with mineral ingredients and beeswax to make them even safer to use. Lip liners that don’t look dull

These liners are the best way to enhance the appeal of the lips as they avoid the artificial impression of the lips and they can be easily used with any color of lipstick.

A few important guidelines:

While using lip pencils or lip liners, care should be taken that its color is not different from your lipstick color. At the time of purchase, both should be selected at the same time. However, if your lips are thin, you can use a slightly different shade of lip pencil than the lipstick to make them look fuller.

Now the pencil line is not defined. Lip pencils must be blended with lipstick to maintain their natural beauty. This way your lips do not look artificial. It is better if the lip pencil is used in the proper amounts, otherwise, the lips will look dull. It looks very ugly. Using a lip pencil before lipstick is definitely a better decision because this way your lips will show the right shape and even if you don’t want to apply lipstick, you can still enhance the beauty of your lips with lip pencil can increase For this, choose a color that matches the color of your lips.


Top 10 Easy Beauty Tips



The overall impression of any face is restored by the structure and attractiveness of the eyes and lips. If the eye and lip makeup is done correctly, the face becomes more attractive and attractive. Its use is limited to the lips only, but no longer, there are pencils available in the market that are equally suitable for both the purposes of eyeliner and lip pencils.

Its some tips for eye beauty.

Eye pencil:

The beauty of the eyes is highlighted with the help of eyeliner and now slowly eye pencils are gaining popularity along with eyeliner. If you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter by using eye pencils, try it. Focus on the outer edges of the eyes, while if your eyes are larger, it would be a better decision to start the eye pencil from the inner part of the eyes.

Matte and Shimmery:

Eye pencils are now available in many different colors apart from black, which there are two types, Matte and Shimmery. You can choose them according to your taste and personality. Nowadays, neon-colored eye pencils are very popular among young girls. Another feature of eye pencils is that you can use them inside the eyes as well. The use of an eye pencil makes the eyes smaller, with the help of a white eye pencil they are larger and the use of colored eye pencils on the inner part of the eyes gives them a natural impression.

Everyone knows that the fashion of matte lipstick is no more. Now glossy lipsticks and glosses are springing on every face. Pink and red colors are really popular right now. Now lip glosses with lipsticks. are also available so that the lip gloss can be used immediately after the lipstick at the same time. The most interesting thing is that two different colors from the same family like pink and red are being used together on the lips which have never been done before.

 Different eye problems and their solutions:

Beautiful and bright eyes are an essential part of your facial beauty. It is a great wealth. It is essential to make your face look beautiful. The beauty of the eyes is actually hidden in their health. Healthy eyes are self-sustaining. And then the eyes are the main means of communication. Looking directly into someone’s eyes tells a lot about the character’s mood and reactions. The first thing that is needed for bright eyes is that they are clean and healthy. If the eyes are persistently bad or are suffering from it, then definitely consult an eye doctor for proper treatment. There are some problems with the eyes if they were more do not allow the eyes to remain noticeable. Wrinkles suffer from these ailments and their natural remedies are given below:

(1) Dark circles around the eyes: 

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. It is very thin.  These are many wrinkles due to the victim.

Dark circles under the eyes are associated with bad health like anemia, heavy menstruation, and liver.

In such a situation, a doctor should be consulted.  But sometimes as a result of minor and temporary reasons. These dark circles are part of one’s blood. Circles appear when these include a lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet. If these circles are hereditary or solar and they have other causes, the following plan will be helpful.

Exercise for dark circles around the eyes:

Lie down on a bed that is slightly higher than the lower part of the bed.  For this, something can be kept under the top part.  A slatted bed is ideal for this purpose.  Now keep the cold cucumber slices on the closed eyes.  Keep yourself in a relaxed state for ten to fifteen minutes.  Cucumber tea bags are also stored in the freezer.

 (2) Eye wash:

If your eyes are tired and red with dark circles, use Eye Dash.  To make an eye wash, add one tablespoon of Epsom salt to one cup of warm water.  After washing your eyes with this water, use a few drops of eye drops.  Do not use Epsom salt on the eyes without consulting a doctor. So, it is not possible for you. Rose extract is also a good eye wash.  Its use also makes the eyes fresh and bright.

The use of all kinds of colors is now common:

Greens, purples, and pinks are all colors that are being used on lips and nails, but never black and blue. These colors are no longer used or favored.

Another experiment was done that the glitter used for the eyes was also used on the lips and this experiment is going very well.

Highlight one part of your face and pay special attention to its makeup.

In this way, you will be able to give yourself a unique look for the evening event, but keep in mind that natural eye makeup is best for a strong face. Use either concealer to tone down the natural color of your lips or don’t apply lipstick. Use only lip gloss.


This is an age where photos shared on social media seem to owe their lives to filters and cosmetic surgery. Most faces look flawless and glowing. Many of them are the result of the aesthetics industry.

Cosmetic surgeries are no longer limited to Botox, but facial injections, ultrasound, and laser treatments are also becoming popular.

Some of the more popular surgical treatments in the aesthetic industry include body augmentation and live sectioning (a procedure to reduce excess body fat), rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and facelifts.

In terms of popularity, Botox is still the number one cosmetic surgery. Apart from this, IPL, Resurfacing, Dermal Fillers, Eyebrow Lunt, and Hi-No are also popular.


What are dermal fillers?

It is a gel-like substance that is injected directly onto specific areas of the face. Applied directly onto specific areas of the face where the effects of aging begin to show on the skin.

What is Botox?

It is an injectable that is used to remove facial wrinkles and forehead wrinkles while the natural elasticity of the skin can be regained through dermal fillers.

Cosmetic treatments:

Cosmetic treatments are now getting a lot of acceptance in Pakistan. In this regard, Dr. Shaista Lodhi and Darisha Javed Khan said, “There was a time when fake beauty standard was established in our society due to actresses on social media, but gradually girls are beginning to understand that there should be no shame or hesitation in the form that nature has made.

There should be no ban on the aesthetic industry. It is good if the age limit for treatment is fixed. Both Shaista and Darisha are doctors and both are running aesthetic clinics, but a decision should be made looking at choice and pocket. Whether or not you need cosmetic surgery.


Skincare is a crucial practice for preserving the good health of the skin on your body and face. You may keep up a youthful appearance with a regular skincare regimen.
Skincare might help you avoid wrinkles as well. Here are a few more advantages of maintaining beautiful skin: Reduced visible pores, wrinkles, and under-eye circles are all results of effective skin care practices. Sun damage, blemishes, and hyper-pigmentation may all be avoided by using sunscreen.

Additionally, skincare can help you increase your serotonin levels. It’s all about the ritual and investing time and effort into making yourself feel good, thus having a habit might make you happier. It also aids in preparing you for anything at the beginning and conclusion of the day, which is recognized to have positive effects on mood.


Why is skincare so important?

It maintains the health of your skin: Because you lose skin cells continuously throughout the day, it’s critical to maintain healthy, radiant skin. An efficient regimen may repair wrinkles, prevent acne, and keep your skin looking great.
Dermatologists concur that applying sunscreen is the most crucial component in any skincare regimen, regardless of skin type or age. “You might as well skip the other stages if you don’t use sunscreen,”
You will ultimately save money if you take everyday care of the health of your skin. A regular skin care regimen can avoid the occurrence of skin concerns including deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and other skin disorders, saving money on visits to the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in the future.

What is the best beauty skincare?

The best beauty skincare is given below.

  • Ideal facial cleanser. Skin Ceuticals …
  • The Best Value Face Cleanser from Cetaphil…
  • Best Face Moisturizer Overall
  • The best face moisturizer for dry skin is Olay.
  • Best Face Moisturizer for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin from Clinique.
  • Best Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin at No. 7.
  • The best face moisturizer with sunscreen is Aveeno.
  • The best anti-aging day cream is Olay. RoC.

Why are beauty and personal care important?

Personal care products are advantageous in two ways when included in daily routine. These items help you avoid the spread of germs and diseases because they encourage good hygiene. Second, they make you feel good about yourself and your physique by improving attractiveness. Beyond only maintaining physical health, cosmetics may make us feel better, look better, and have higher self-esteem. As significant tools for social expression, they may also aid in expressing personal style.

The aesthetics and general health of one’s skin, hair, and nails are covered in the art of beauty and personal care.
Physical beauty does have a strong effect on the mind, so strong that we could easily start making assumptions about a person’s prosperity, position, parenting ability, and intellect, even if those beliefs turn out not to be accurate.




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